Here's one that the anime beat me too, but I'm doing it anyway.

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NPC: bald(ish) guy in route 3 pokemon center.

NPC dialogue: Hello, there! Have I got a deal just for you! I'll let you have a swell MAGIKARP for just $500! What do you say?

-if you say no: No? I'm only doing this as a favour to you!

-if you say yes the conversion ends and you get the magikarp at a rip-off price…

-(actually, it's not the [$], but instead the sign for yen, but I can't do that, so…. Ya)

My thoughts: I just love the scams, don't I :) Honestly though, I know the anime already did this, and there's no way I could be as hilarious, or as offensive as that was, so cut me some slack on this one.


"Hey! You! You with the face!" I called in my usual polite manor across the pokemon center. "Look, I got a pokemon for ya! Just slip me some cash and I'll hand this dang awesome magikarp over to yeh!"

The kid I was conversing with stumbled a bit; must have had a balance issue or something; then just ran out the door. "Eh? Guess he didn't hear me or something!"

I dropped onto a couch; my prized magikarp in its pokeball, being juggled between my palms. "Every day it's the same thing. I try to offer people a chance at a great pokemon, and they turn it down. I mean, this thing has splash attack you know. SPLASH for Mew's sake!" I sighed. "And I just want magikarp to have a good trainer. And I'm too busy, I'm an entrepreneur! I got… I don't know, plans to make or something; I haven't really thought about it yet; and I don't have time to train this pokemon! Sorry poor guy… I really want you to grow big and strong, we just need to find you a trainer".

As if on cue, a boy stepped into the center. He was completely silent as he went up to the counter and dropped his pokéballs to be healed. It's quite the relive he was so quiet; any noise beyond footsteps and he would have just been another passer-by that I wouldn't have even bothered talking to. But a kid that quiet… rose my interest a little.

I walked over to him as he took his now healed pokemon back, and clipped them to his belt. "Hey kid! I got a great offer for ya, here!" I took out magikarp's pokeball and showed the raven haired boy. He stared at it in utter silence for a second, then nodded his head.

"Okay! Now I wish I could just give you this great pokemon, but for something of such value, a price must be established, see", I bartered a litte. "Now might we say… five-hundred will be acceptable?"

He just nodded again, and took out the money, then snatching the pokemon away. I had no complaints, I was just happy to see the little guy get his adventure.


I slept one more night in that pokemon center, just rest up before taking those five-hundred smackers and putting them into investments! That's the way of the businessman, invest! I hear the demand for shorts has recently sky rocketed!

Anyways, I woke up the next morning, and headed out, but that kid was still in front of mount moon. I would have expected him to be at least on the second level of it by now; maybe even in Cerulean. But nope, that chump hardly made it ten feet out of the center.

"Hey kid", I called him over, "Wha'cha doing still here? Ya training or something?"

He shook his head 'no'.

"Well is it too tough for ya in there? Ha! Common, you gotta get used to some tough stuff if ya wanna succeed as a trainer!"

He nodded, and then pointed into the cave.

"Ah, common. Is there a geodude or something in yer way? Why don't ya use that magikarp I gave ya?"

He just pointed at the cave entrance.

"Oh, fine, I'll take a looky-see fer ya!" I offered, smacking my knee. He really seemed like a nice kid, but couldn't hold his own against some wild pokemon… eh, maybe he wasn't destined to be a master or anything.

Anyway, I walked by him, and stepped into the cave and came face to face with a pokemon I'd never seen! Some kinda water dragon er som'in. And it wadn't happy.

"Hey kid! What the heck is this thing!" I looked back to the tunnel exit.

The last thing I saw was the kid point to the pokeball that magikarp had been in; before the water dragon pokemon grabbed me, and started tossin' me about. It acted like it had some kinda grudge; like it had been an abused animal or something!

Well it wasn't long before I was out cold, and next thing I knew I woke up here, in Viridian hospital.


Okay, I really have some writer's block. Well, trust me, the early attempts at this were even worse, so I think I'm just gonna be happy with this one.

It's actually ironic; one of the things that's distracted me from writing lately, has been thinking about becoming a fantasy novelist. Granted, the chances of that are slim; and years upon years away. Just a little dream of mine I guess.

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