A.N. Tune in Anytime by Caroline Cooney is one of my all time favourite books. Such depth! Here is a little drabble for Ted and Sophie.

Disclaimer: I do not have Ms. Cooney's genius and so do not own those complex people in Tune in Anytime.


No one, it seemed, was particularly shocked by the recent events, Ted Larkman thought as he stood in the stone circle sipping punch in a tuxedo. There were Sophie's incredulous friends, clueless mother, and jolly brother-in-law. Marley pretended to be shocked, but under it all, not even she was all that surprised. Some of the other guests, and people who weren't there by design were a little more surprised. And there was the girl herself that could tip him crazy. Just ask her. She was looking around as if looking for someone. When he caught her eye and raised his glass to her, she smiled.

Not much had changed about Ted Larkman in the last 10 years, Sophie thought as she caught sight of the man she was looking for. At 26, he stood as solid as he ever had, perhaps looking a bit more like stone then before, having picked up the business with his father. When she'd asked him why he'd decided to expand into the demolition business, he smiled and said it was an idea that came to him a while back. As he raised his glass to her in acknowledgment of her search, he reminded her of an old photo that sat in a frame on her dresser. The boy in the picture had also been carefree, joyful in victory of his accomplishment. The picture also showed his love of rock, heavy machinery, his family, and her. He never even knew the existence of the picture until he saw it during a visit a few hears ago. He had blushed and stammered in embarrassment for her to have it framed and in the open. Sophie smiled and picked up the edge of her wedding gown as she hurried over to her new husband.

"Lovely spot, don't you think?" They settled on a seat by the stones.

"Yes, kinda glad for old number five these days." They leaned back against it and watched their party in the place that started it all with numbers 6-8 darkening with the setting sun.