Into The Hands of the Damon Volturi

Summary :
I didn't know who I was , All I was known as Anthony Mason Swan, Me and my mother moved when I was born.
Now In Chicago is where I grew up , Now I am 16 and I am in a gang "Volturi's Vipers". Now I am in danger, some how I learned that I have a Father that the Volturi wants, they have me and now they are after My unknown Father. Can he ever save me on time before I become a Volturi on time...

One :
I walked quickly out the doors as I looked around , there I saw Edward as I smiled as I walked over quickly,
"Edward !" I called out.
I saw him turn as he gave me a smile that melted my knees.
"Hello Love' I smiled as I moved into his arms as I bent to lay on his chest .
"Edward I have something to tell you " I whispered..
"what... What's wrong?"
I looked up into his eyes as I sighed. "I'm...I'm pregnant" I whispered.

I felt his hands drop to his side as I looked up again to see his face change.
"I... We gotta go now"
"O...oh.. okay.." i said.
"No... not you,..."
I looked shocked at his words as I just stood there as I watched Edward and his brother's and sisters leave me alone in the parking lot.
Right then and their I realized I was alone to raise our baby...