When the doors of the elevator shaft opened, Hotch became immediately on guard when he noticed papers and pieces of equipment covering the entire floor. Drawing his gun, he entered the floor slowly, his gaze taking in the destruction. He stepped over broken glass from a lightbulb. Hotch kneeled down beside a desk lamp near the broken lamp and noticed the blood upon it. The screens and monitors lost their contacts with their cable outlets, causing a painful rattling sounds to escape the sound system. Aaron fought lifting his hands to his ears to protect him from the excruciating sound, due to his sensitive ears. But he needed to find the UNSUB.

"Michelle?" he yelled out, wondering where she could be.

Moving down the second corridor, his pace quickened as he found her body on the floor. He grew anxious when he noticed a steady puddle of blood gathering from beneath her head. "Stay with me," he muttered, as he checked for her pulse. Relieved to find some life within her, he immediately called for an ambulance.

"Aaron?" she moaned, her eyes scrunching in pain.

"It's going to be okay," Aaron said, wanting to calm the Technician.

"I know," she choked out, her hand reaching for his, wanting to find comfort in his strength.

"Just rest, an ambulance is on its way."

"No!" she cried, the sound of her own voice sending daggers of pain down her spine.

"Stay calm," Hotch ordered, looking around him for any signs of help.

"No, Aaron. I know who the UNSUB is. I saw him." Michelle tightened her grip on his hand as a wave of pain washed over her.

While he kneeled beside her with a face that combined concerned and eager emotions, Hotch moved the hair out of her face and said, "Michelle, I need you to think clearly. Did you get a positive ID."

Michelle tried to nod, but the pain was too much. Releasing a moan, she looked up at Aaron with panicked eyes. "I had just IDed him, through the image enhancement software."

"Who is it, Michelle?" Hotch asked.

As Michelle opened her mouth and eyes to answer, the ambulance service entered from the elevator shaft, causing a reaction of relief and frustration to flow through Hotch. Stepping away from her body, the medical personnel were quick to temporarily seal her head wound and make her stable for the journey to the hospital. Insistent that he would go with her, Hotch followed the medical team in silence, wanting nothing more than for this nightmare to be over.


Their clothes were discarded across the room, their lips having constant contact with different parts of each other's bodies. Their hands eagerly traveled the territory lost to them for weeks. Derek growled as her lips and teeth nipped across his chest, her hands quick to remove his belt buckle in the process. His hands moved up to grab her black hair within his hands, his firm grip as he tore the wig from her. He smiled in satisfaction was her blonde hair fell once released from their confines, falling in wicked waves.

"That was naughty," she said, a smirk gracing her lips. Moving them back toward his bed, her kiss allowed her the control to turn him so his knees teased the end of the bed. Removing her lips from his, which was awarded with a groan of displeasure from Derek, she whispered hotly, "Naughty men don't get control."

Derek felt suspended in time as her mouth traveled his form. Never had he allowed a woman such control and dominance. He prided himself on being a dedicated and thorough lover, especially to Penelope. However, his heart was still in shock with her being before him, his greatest fear being that she would disappear and all of this had been an illusion. "Are you real?" he asked.

She responded with a playful nip upon his hip bone. "I am very real, Derek," she replied, her own heart racing from the sight of his throbbing cock beside her, still trapped in the confines of his boxer briefs. "Now, we can't have this, can we?" she asked, positioning herself in front of him, her hands slowly removing him of his cotton prison.

The sight of his large and longing cock caused her to salivate in want and her pussy to drip in desire. The coolness of the air caused his body to contract and stretch. Penelope studied every aspect of the man she loved before her. Never had she longed for him more. Looking up, her heart stopped in awe as his piercing onyx gaze looked down at her, his hands moving to cup her face within them.

She quickly lost her vixen persona as his love and devotion overwhelmed her. Never had feelings of his magnitude shuddered through her veins. Her only desire from this point was to demonstrate to her lover how much she had missed him, how he was the captor of her thoughts and desires through this hell which had consumed their lives. She wanted to pay homage to God for giving her the blessing of his man before her, whose love radiated from his form.

"Penelope?" he asked, looking down at her with slight concern and humor.

His voice, rough and controlled, removed her from her thoughts as she glanced back at her task at hand. Giving him a gentle smile, her head leaned forward as she ran the side of her nose up his shaft. She took in the smell of his masculinity and she fought her selfish desires to pull him within her. Instead, she allowed her tongue to lick up his shaft at a dangerously slow pace, causing moans of hunger and desire to escape Derek's lips. Her hands moved behind his thighs to scratch him softly to provide more intense sensations within him.

As her gaze met the head of his manhood, she felt her nipples tighten in wanton desire. Looking up, her gaze traveled his masculine form. She prided herself in the fact that his breathing was no irregular and control was quickly leaving her man. His teeth were clenched as his eyes became clouded with heat and desire.

"I've miss you so much," she whispered against his shaft with sincerity. In that moment, she took him within her mouth, a groan of pleasure escaping his lips as his hands moved down to grab her hair. She moaned in desire as she played with him, her suction and pressure intensifying with each passing moment.

Derek had never been comfortable with women performing oral sex, which seemed outlandish with his dominant personality. After hundreds of cases that he worked where he saw women performing that act out of survival or force, Derek lost his passion and respect for the act.

However, as he studied the woman before him, he watched her eyes fill with unwavering love and devotion. Her gaze as she studied him had been one of detailed account and memory. Penelope had acted with purpose and control, which sent all thoughts and predispositions of degradation from his mind. She worshiped him as he had desired to worship her, his understanding growing along with his eager cock.

He thrust into her mouth slowly, wanting her to take more of him in. Penelope's hand traveled to cup his balls with her hands, her smirk profound as he moaned above her. She continued to squeeze him tightly within her mouth as her body developed a pattern between her hand and mouth's suction. Penelope could sense Derek's control slipping quickly as pride washed over her form.

Derek felt foolish that her actions were sending him to completion so quickly. "Penelope," he groaned, wanting her to stop quickly.

"Lose control," she whispered against him. She pressed kisses along the outside of his member with a loving smile. "Come for me, Derek," she whispered against him as she took him into her mouth once more.

Her command and suction sent him out of control as he released himself within her. Penelope marveled at his loss of control, only finding it beautiful and intoxicating. She wanted nothing more than to provide him that element of pleasure every day of their lives together. She marveled at his sex and grace as took him within her, his salty taste warming her to her core.

As he felt his body lose complete control, Penelope's mouth traveled up his body, her tongue paying particular attention to each of his abs up to the firm planes of his chest. Once Derek noticed that she returned to a complete standing position, he stole her lips in a passion filled kiss that made her weak in the knees. He pivoted their bodies and gently tossed her body to the bed, her body bouncing upon the mattress with laughter.

He kneeled over her body, pressing kissed up her curvy legs, his tongue tasting while his teeth playfully nipped. As he devised a plan within his mind to award her with the ultimate pleasures, his phone went off, causing feelings of anxiety and fear to shake within them both.

They pulled apart and Penelope felt tears gather within her eyes as she wrapped herself in a blanket. Derek moved to his pocket and pulled out the phone to find Hotch's name flashing across it. "It's Hotch," he said, looking at her eyes with sadness that reality had interrupted their reunion.

"Answer it," she ordered, concern consuming her.

"Hotch," Derek said after a couple rings to regain control.

"Morgan, we've IDed him."