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Chapter 1: Face it!

"Face it, you like Deidara!"

"No, I don't."

"Yes you do."

"I don't"

"You do."

Hidan had been bugging Sasori about the same subject all day, It was getting really annoying.

"Would you just shut up already!"

"Not unless you admit it"

"Admit what!..?"

"That you like Deidara"

"I don't!"


"Admit it"

Hidan had hit Sasori's boiling point.

"Damn it you immortal bastard! I have nothing to admit!"

"Fine then.." Hidan smirked.

"Thank goodne-, Hey what's with that smirk!..?"

"It's for your own good Sasori-san…" Hidan said in a teasing tone.

"What is?"

By then Hidan had left the room.

'That bastard. Tsk.' Sasori cursed in his mind.


"Waaah…Konan-sama that smells great!" Tobi stated.

"Thanks Tobi" Konan says "but you'll have to wait a while 'till it's finished"

"Yeah, Yeah we'll wait, just shut up already" Hidan interrupted.

"I wasn't talking to you" Konan said, insulted by his rudeness.

"Tsk. Whatever" Hidan said in a bored tone.

Hidan lit up when he saw Sasori walking in.

"Hey there puppet" Hidan greeted.

Sasori just glared at him.

Just then Kakuzu walked in. He glanced at Sasori, Then stared at Hidan.

"What did you do this time?"

"What the fu-? Me!..? " Hidan exclaimed "Kakuzu stop assuming that I'm at fault of everything you selfish money bit-"

"Then who's fault is it?" Kakuzu asked, cutting off Hidan.

"I don't know! that idiot just walked in and started glaring at me like a complete freak!"

"Whatever, Hidan" Kakuzu ended the conversation and sat infront of Tobi. Sasori followed but sat across Hidan.


Sasori looked up.

"Now's your last chance" Hidan said.

"What the hell are you talking about?" Sasori questioned.

Before Hidan could answer, Itachi,Kisame and Pain came in.

"Konan-chan" Pain said "That smells great".

"There's no fish in there right?" Kisame asked, fearing that the delicious aroma was coming from one of his cooked sea friends.

"Thanks Pain-sama, and no Kisame, there is no fish or any sort of seafood here." Konan replied.

"Thank heavens" Kisame sighed in relief.

"Itachi-san, where is Zetsu and Dei-chan?" Tobi asked.

"Zetsu said something about finding food that's 'his taste' and Deidara said he'd be a bit late so.." Itachi replied.

"I see!" Tobi exclaimed.

'Great.' Hidan thought 'I was getting excited to start my scheme but he just had to come late, the fuck, stupid Deidara'.


The other members of the Akatsuki had already finished eating. Only Hidan,Sasori,Tobi and Kisame was left at the table...still eating. But all actions stopped when a young blonde went through the doorway.

"Dei-chan!" Tobi exclaimed "Why are you so late!"

"I had to clean up the mess in my room, yeah."

"Ok , but you should eat up already, foods almost finished! It's really good! and the best part is there's no seafood in it!" Kisame joyfully stated.

Deidara just looked at him weird.

"Deidara" Hidan called out "sit with me"

Deidara gave him a No-Way-In-Hell look, but decided to sit with him since that seat was the furthest from Tobi. Deidara started to eat, but paused when he felt a subtle pat on his back. Yup, Hidan's arm was around him.

"What the hell do you think your doing,un!" Deidara exclaimed.

"Just doing what people normally do with they're buddies" Hidan noted.

"We're not buddies,un." Deidara pointed out.

Deidara glanced at Sasori who was giving them weird stares.

"Whats up with you danna?, un"

"Nothing, It's just that Hidan is acting weird today"

"You got that right, yeah"

"But Dei-chan!" Hidan put both his arms around Deidara's neck.

"Dei-chan!..?" Before Deidara could say another word he was pulled into Hidan's chest.

"Hidan! What the hell are you doing!, un" Deidara exclaimed while trying to escape Hidan's grip.

"Yeah Hidan, get your hands off him" Sasori sentenced.

Hidan and Deidara stared at him for a second. Deidara then proceeded to escape Hidan's grip.

"But why Sasori-san? Are you jealous?" Hidan said, obviously pleased.

Sasori turned slightly red. "N-no! Why would I be!" He denied.

"Oh i don't know...maybe it's cause your in love with Deidara?" Hidan said with a smirk on.

"I-I'm not!" Sasori denied again, this time with his face fully red.

"Well in that case...Dei-chan, wanna go on a date with me?" Hidan turned to Deidara who was still trying to escape his grip, No...he didn't hear Hidan and Sasori's conversation.

"Date? with you? no-way. un." Deidara rejected bluntly.

"But Dei-chan!" Hidan pulled him even tighter, almost suffocating him.

"Fine fine! just let go of me already! un." Deidara exclaimed

Hidan smirked and glanced at Sasori who was giving him an evil glare, then let Deidara go.

"So Dei-chan.." Hidan looked at Deidara "Tomorrow kay?"

"Yeah yeah whatever... un." Deidara said

Sasori wasn't happy, at all.


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