"Jett for the last time, I am not going to tell you if those jeans make your ass look good!" Kendall Knight groaned, covering his eyes with his forearm in a sad attempt to block the actor out.

"But you're gay. You would know." Jett exclaimed while turning around in front of the mirror to get a good look at his backside.

"The only guy who I think looks good is Carlos so please just go ask some random girl." Kendall replied before turning his body so his face was buried in the hotel pillow.

"Good idea Kendall." Jett said in that obnoxious voice that just made Kendall want to punch him.

As soon as Kendall heard the hotel door close, he opened his mouth and let out a frustrated yell. Of course it was muffled by the pillow but it helped nonetheless. This week couldn't be going by any slower for the singer. It was only halfway through the "vacation from school" and he already wanted to pull his hair out. Jett never shut up, not even in his sleep. He was an extreme pain in Kendall's ass and he just wanted to go home. Kendall didn't know how he was going to get through 3 more days in the same room as Jett.

Jett did all the talking at the capital and all Kendall had to do was smile and nod in all the right places. It was so pointless for him to be here when he could be at home kissing Carlos, having Logan drive him to random places, and trying to convince James that he was in love with Logan. All of that was much better that this.

His morbid thoughts were interrupted by the ring of his cell phone. Kendall practically dived off the bed to get to it just praying that it was Carlos. Sure he talked to the teen everyday but he just missed him, a lot more than he'd like to admit.

Not checking the I.D, Kendall answered with a simple, "Hello?"

"Hey Kendall." The familiar voice of Logan Mitchell replied through the phone. Kendall tried to stem the disappointment of hearing Logan's voice instead of Carlos' but it didn't work to well.

"Hey Loge, what's up?" Kendall asked, flipping on the bed to lie on his back. Kendall heard the genius sigh and it immediately set off his best friend alarms, because lets be honest with friends like Carlos, Logan and James one had to have alarms like that.

"It's Carlos." Logan answered and Kendall shot up. His heart stopped and the claws of panic started to rip at his chest as he went through every possible thing that could have happened to his boyfriend.

"Kendall, stop I can practically see you panicking from here. He's okay, physically that is." Logan's voice yelled putting Kendall more at ease.

The blond took a deep breath and focused back on the phone call. "Then what's up?" Kendall questioned bringing his nails to his mouth to nervously bite on them.

"He's acting weird, weirder than normal. He's not sleeping, he's not eating, and he's acting mature. It's like he is trying to be you while you're not there or something but its scaring James and I. We don't know what to do." Logan explained sounding overly frustrated at not having the answers.

Kendall groaned and let his eyes fall shut. He knew exactly why Carlos was acting like that and it was his entire fault. "Hold the fort down for me okay?" Damn he was stupid.

"I'm coming home." Kendall replied and ignored Logan's quick protests before ending the call and rushing around for his stuff.

Carlos needed him and that was all that mattered.


Kendall's plane touched down in LAX around three a.m. It had taken a good 20 minutes to convince Gustavo to fly him home and a few lies to Ms. Collins just so he could leave. He knew he should feel bad for leaving Jett but he could take care of himself. There was something wrong with his little Latino and nothing was stopping him from getting to him.

Once he was off the plane, Kendall rushed to baggage claim and looked around for his ride. He smirked when he spotted a tired looking Logan in an oversized sweatshirt that Kendall knew was James'. At least that little thing didn't change while he was gone.

After grabbing his bag he walked to Logan and pulled his best friend into a quick hug. "Thanks for getting me Logan." Kendall said as he pulled away from the genius.

Logan shrugged in James' sweatshirt and replied, "I should have known that if one thing was wrong with him that you would be on the first plane home."

"Of course. So what up with wearing James's sweatshirt?"

Logan furrowed his eyebrows and looked down before blushing immensely. "Well you know I was tired and grabbed the first piece of clothing I could find in the room you know…" Logan trailed off laughing nervously.

Kendall chuckled and threw an arm around his shoulders as they walked out of the airport. "Oh Logan you have it bad."

Logan decided to ignore the blonds' comment and proceed to explain everything that had been happening since he had been gone. By the time Logan pulled up in front of the Palm Woods, Kendall was shaking with need to just get to Carlos.

As soon as the car stopped, Kendall was rushing out and into the lobby. "Kendall slow down." Logan hissed trying to catch up with the blond.

"No time to be slow Logan." Kendall called behind him and strided to the stairs, refusing to use the elevator. He heard Logan mutter something but ignored it and ran up the stairs.

When he stepped into 2J it was dark except the dull light of the TV. Kendall smirked when he saw James watching it looking barely awake. Kendall knew the pretty one didn't stay up for him but his rouge roommate who was now stumbling down the hallway.

When James noticed him they both opened their mouths and asked relatively the same thing.

"Where's Carlos?" "Where's Logan?"

Kendall chuckled and replied, "Stumbling down the hallway."

James nodded and said, "Carlos is in your room."

Kendall nodded and gave James a quick hug letting him know he did miss him; he just wanted to get to Carlos. The blond walked silently to his and Carlos' room and opened the door as quietly as possible.

The blond couldn't help but smile at the sight he was met with. Carlos was curled up on Kendall's bed holding onto the blond's pillow like a lifeline. His entire face was buried in the pillow and soft snores were falling from his form. It was one of the most adorable things Kendall had ever seen Carlos do.

Kendall took off his shoes and padded toward the bed and his boyfriend. The need to be near Carlos arose again and he quickly crawled in bed being careful not to wake the Latino. As soon as he settled down he carefully took the pillow from Carlos and pulled the smaller teen into his arms.

Kendall relished in the feel of him in his arms once again and silently promised himself he would never go anywhere without Carlos again. This feeling of being with the Latino was too much to stay away from.

"K-Kendall?" A soft voice said pulling the blond from his thoughts. He looked down at the boy in his arms and was met with those heart melting chocolate eyes.

"Hey babe." Kendall breathed, smiling down at his boyfriend.

Carlos's eyes widened when his mind registered the fact that Kendall was really there. That's when he wrapped his smaller arms around the blonds' torso and hugged him close to his chest. Kendall didn't know whether to laugh or be worried that Carlos was now holding onto him tighter than he had held onto Carlos.

Kendall decided for worry and ran his fingers through the Latino's dark hair. "Carlos, what's wrong with you?" Kendall questioned softly.

"How are you here?" Carlos replied ignoring Kendall's questioned further worrying the blond.

"Logan called and said something was wrong with my little Latino so I came home. Jett can survive without me. Now tell me what has been going on." Kendall explained and moved a hand under his boyfriends chin before dragging his head up.

Carlos averted his eyes before speaking softly, "I wanted to keep everything under control. I didn't want you to come home and be disappointed because someone or something wasn't taken care of."

"Carlos, I appreciate that but I need you to think of yourself too. I need you to be taken care of because I can't lose you. When Logan said something was wrong with you and it scared him, I freaked. I wouldn't be able to take having something happen to you so always remember to take care of yourself too." Kendall said in a low tone and running his hand through Carlos's hair.

Kendall truly didn't know what he would do if he lost this teen. He wouldn't be able to function and he definitely wouldn't be able to survive. That's why Kendall was never going to leave Carlos alone ever again. Someone had to keep an eye on him so he wouldn't lose himself one of these days. He wouldn't ever lose Carlos.

Carlos nodded and turned away from Kendall for a couple seconds to grab something and slap it on his head before turning back into Kendall's arms. "Now I have two things to take care of me." Carlos giggled slapping his black helmet.

Kendall chuckled then furrowed his eyebrows and asked, "What's the other thing?"

Carlos rolled his eyes before placing his lips over Kendall's. Kendall was slightly surprised but placed his hands on the back of Carlos's neck and pulled him justalittlebitcloser. If there was one thing in Kendall's life that would never get old it was definitely kissing Carlos.

As soon as air was needed Carlos broke the kiss and smiled at Kendall. "Its you."

That warm feeling flooded Kendall's stomach and he immediately pulled his boyfriend into another breathless kiss.

Yeah, nothing would ever happen to Carlos with Kendall around.

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