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This is from Len's POV, I thought I'd tell you, since I have left over pineapple in my easy way tea cup... and yeah...


- Autumn -

I am jostled out of my sleep by the sound of my alarm clock. JAHLDFHDHDS!

I swing my hand out of the bed at my bedside table, and feel around for the stupid device.

I seriously hate alarm clocks, but it is the only thing that can make me get my big butt off my resting-table.

I knock something off, groan, and roll over to face the bedside table, squinting, to try and see what I was doing. I just knocked my cup of water on the ground.

The alarm keeps ringing. It's annoying, shrill BEEP-BEEP-BEEP is giving me a migraine.

"Where the fudge is that god damn clock?" I grumble, and bend over the edge of my bed to search the floor. It turns out it was under my bed. I don't know how it got there, though. I must've been having a dream about waking up and having to turn my alarm clock off, then threw it on the floor when I was asleep.

Anyway, how was that so loud? It was underneath my bed. Bah, nevermind, it's probably a loud alarm anyway.

I switched the stupid thing off and slammed it down on the bedside table. It falls over; I sigh, and put it back up. Then I throw my covers off me and exclaim sarcastically, "I LOVE MONDAYS!" Because I don't, I hate Mondays.

Monday is basically the day you're sentenced to jail or something. It's the start of 'a new week' and you have to go to that dungeon-of-a-place called School, which is full of strange aliens from the planet Llama (excluding myself).

I pad across the grey carpet in my bedroom, towards the cupboard that holds my school uniform and other things that are wearable. I yank the door open, and dig through the crowded wardrobe, hunting for a school uniform that isn't wrinkled. I find the disgusting thing - navy blue pants, white blouse, yellow tie and navy blue and yellow blazer with white knee high socks (they're seriously trying to make me gay here) - yank it out, and stalk towards my bedroom door, heading for the bathroom.

I stop at the door and look over my shoulder at the somewhat clean room - which isn't all that normal for a teenage boy like me - sigh and then step out into the long hallway.

Once I reach the bathroom, I shut the door, lock it because I don't want mum walking in when I'm naked (I do need privacy too, y'know) and rip off my yellow-and-white banana pyjamas. Yeah, that's right, banana pyjamas. They're the coolest thing on Earth right now, besides video games. To me, though, not the rest of the teenage population (I'm unique).

I look at the skinny, non-manly body in the mirror and grunt in disapproval. Why can't I get bigger muscles? I work out quite often.

I look at my shoulder length hair, which I almost never get cut, and sigh. I could cross-dress as a nine year old girl due to my unluckiness of inheriting my mum's femininity, and not my non-existing dad's good-looks. (My mum was widowed, my dad died when I was 3 months-old in the war. I don't like to make a big deal out of it, though.)

I jump in the shower, letting the hot water warm me up from the nippy air. It was just the beginning of autumn, and the cool air was already coming. I don't mind cool air - it feels fresher.

I wash myself off, humming as quietly as possible, a tune from a song I heard. I heard it on the radio yesterday, and I really liked it, although it was sung by a girl (not that I have anything against girls… I just don't like some of the songs they sing). I can't help myself if it was catchy.

As I finished humming the song, I turned the shower taps off and jump out, quickly wrapping my towel around me to avoid freezing my butt off. It was yellow and black and really soft. Okay, I sound like a girl now.

I try to quickly put my school uniform on, getting goose-bumps as soon as I drop my towel down to get changed. When I finish getting changed, I comb my hair up into a ponytail, brushing my bangs neatly to the sides. I didn't look as girly now.

I put on my glasses which had blue frames, and examined myself in the mirror.

Bah, I am still girly, though.

I walk into the kitchen and rummage the fridge for bananas - or anything banana related, but find nothing. ARGH FLARGLEBLARBLE. How can I live through Monday without eating a banana?

I sigh, and find a flimsy orange in the crisper. That'd have to do. Eh, at least oranges taste half as decent as a banana. I peel the orange and eat it while packing my bento. I bet my onigiri and sushi rolls will probably turn out orange-flavoured, but anyway, I guess it was better than nothing.

Mum appears in the kitchen and says "Len, you're going to be late for school."

I look at the clock and curse. School starts at 8:25 and it's currently 8:20. I take 10 minutes to walk to school. And so I run upstairs, grab my toothbrush, put some toothpaste on it and run downstairs whilst brushing my teeth. I throw my bento into my bag and swing the bag over my shoulder. "NNNGGBGUURHR!" I shout, which was actually supposed to be "bye" but it sounded more like I was regurgitating my breakfast due to the fact my mouth was full of toothpaste.

I run out the door and spit the toothpaste-saliva mixture into the garden and sprint for my life.

I reached school, had a pit-stop at the water-bubblers (well, that's what I call them) to wash my mouth out and ran to my homeroom classroom.

I yank the door open and scream "I'M HERE!" without thinking and everyone stares at me. It takes a moment or two before the classroom is in hysterics. Kamui-sensei, our homeroom teacher, stares at me for a few moments before clearing his throat and saying, "Kagamine-kun, you will get a detention for being late and there is some white crap on the side of your face." I turn bright red as the class began to laugh again and I put my hands up to my cheeks. I find the 'white crap' (I guess it is okay for a teacher to swear nowadays?) and sniff it.

"Sensei," I say, "it is toothpaste." And the class falls silent when I lick it off my finger.

It was the middle of English. I swear that this lesson was the most boring thing I've ever lived through, excluding the two weeks when I got banned off all electric appliances. Half the class was asleep, and the teacher just kept droning and droning and droning and droning on and on about… I don't even know. I think it was something about particles.

I let my eyes wander around the room and they fall on Rin-chan. Rin Kagamine, the girl hunched over her book, scribbling, sitting at the far front desk at the corner of the room, closest to the door.

Rin Kagamine and I happened to share the same last name and we happened to look similar. When we were freshmen in middle school, she and I used to get asked the same question over and over again.

"Are you related?"

"Are you twins?"

"Did your parents split when you were babies and you just met each other now?"

"Do you like bacon?"

And it… was really annoying. I mean, Rin-chan and I weren't related. I even asked my mum. I even compared myself to Rin. We were different.

Her hair was a honey-blonde; it was soft-looking and flicks up at the ends, giving her the cute look of a pixie. Her eyes were wide, the colour of rich electric blue. Her skin was pale, soft ivory and it was beautifully clear, her lips the colour of melon. She had a small, fragile build, not very taller than me.

My hair was a dull sand colour, messy and stubborn; it was bristly and thick, definitely not attractive at all. My eyes were plain-oval shapes, the colour of dark electric blue. My skin was a gross colour of wheat, porous, my lips the colour of pale pink. I wasn't very tall and unnaturally skinny and lanky.

Of course, when we both went to high-school, we suffered again with the same stupid questions. Until, Miku Hatsune came along.

Hatsune-san was like a tart. She was the princess of our grade, her looks made of candy and her great acting skills stealing everyone's heart. She could get anything she wanted, with the single lift of her finger. Her skirt shouldn't even be labelled as a skirt. When she bends over, you're literally scarred for life.

Hatsune-san was evil. She hypnotized Rin-chan into becoming her servant. But she hypnotizes everyone. She told everyone that we weren't related just to befriend Rin-chan because Hatsune-san knew that Rin-chan was nicer and prettier than her. And of course, everyone believed Hatsune-san and Rin-chan fell into her trap.

Hatsune-san acted all sweet and sucked up to Rin-chan at first, and then when she saw Rin-chan's weakness, she struck. Like a snake hunting a spider. (Okay, not literally.)

I hate to watch Rin-chan run around after Hatsune-san every day, carrying her books and tending to her care, lending her lunch money and getting nothing in return, taking the blame and getting in trouble. It was like watching a horror-gore movie.

Hatsune-san bossed her around, getting angry if Rin-chan does one single mistake. And silly Rin-chan just can't see it. Nobody can - because they're all hypnotized.

I watched her scribble, her delicate hand flitting across the paper. I wonder what she is writing. Rin-chan looks up, and turns her head around, and looks at me.



She stares at me, but her cheeks turn pink and she ducks her head back around.

"LEN KAGAMINE!" I jump in my seat and realise the teacher was staring at me. It was Megurine-sensei.

I blink at her and she presses her lips firmly together in frustration.

"Kagamine-kun, I can highly assure you that Rin-chan will not be leaving Tokyo straight after class, so you can ogle at her in Recess today and pay attention in class." She snaps, folding her arms over her chest and the class giggles. Ah, crap, was I staring at her for that long? Fudge-bananas, that is why she turned so red…, I face-palm mentally. How embarrassing, now everyone thinks I've got something for Rin-chan.

I sigh, and I opened my mouth to say something but was cut off by the bell. JKGSLGHSKLHD! What is this, bush week?

It was recess, and I watched Rin-chan jump up at the bell and run out the door as soon as the teacher, Hiyama-sensei, dismissed us. Rin-chan ran off, probably to be a slave to Hatsune-san once more.

As I packed up my books, some people flittered over to me and said, "Wow, Kagamine-kun, I never knew you had a crush on Kagamine-chan; isn't that like, incest?"

"For Lord's sake," I sighed in frustration, rubbing my temples, "Kagamine-chan and I aren't related. It's just a coincidence. And I don't like her, er… in that way, I was daydreaming, and staring at the door behind her. Oh crap, 2 detentions already? My mum is going to kill me. See ya." And I ran for my life.

I got into the hallway and already half the grade thinks I like her. This is one example why I hate Mondays. They're always bad. I bet sooner or later I'll get called to the office and they'll tell me my mum died from a stroke or something. Not that I want her to die.

I yank my locker open, in a bad mood, and find my orange-flavoured bento I packed this morning. And then I heard Satan's cry.

"Oh, hi Len-kun!" Her voice says in a sickly sweet tone. I turn my head and it is Hatsune-san and Rin-chan.

"Yeah, hi," I say, purposely lacking in enthusiasm, and feeling unexpectedly nervous. Of course, Rin-chan… yeah.

Hatsune-san bats her eyelids like she has saw-dust in her eyes, and drops a… pencil? Why does she have a pencil? Onto the floor.

She looks at me, and then kicks it so it's directly beside my feet.

I just look at it. And she looks at me as if she is waiting for something.

I kick it back to her, and she kicks it back to me. Now she looks a bit frustrated.

LOL, her face is priceless.

"Um," she says, changing her position, "Can you pick that up?"

I look at her, then at Rin-chan; who looks slightly worried, then at the pencil, and then her again.

"Why?" I ask, "You dropped it and purposely kicked it at me."

She blinks, her mouth going small. Hatsune-san clears her throat, combs her hair back with her fingers and looks at me, smiling in irritation.

"Len-kun, pick it up." She growls, but she's still smiling. This scares me a bit, but I don't pick up the pencil. I don't move at all. I just stare at her, and then sigh in exasperation.

"FYI," I declare, holding my finger up in front of me, "you are not the boss of me. What'd your last slave die of?"

I look at Rin-chan, and clear my throat awkwardly.

"You have two feet and a heartbeat, why don't you do it yourself? Burn those calories, Hatsune-san, go, burn them and get anorexic."

I bow, as if just finishing an important speech.

"Now," I exhale noisily, "if you may excuse me, but I have an important eating session to do." And I walk off.

Hatsune-san shot glares at me for the rest of the day.

I pushed my books into my locker, sighing because Monday was over. And then I remembered that I still had 24 hours of school left for the rest of the week and sighed even louder in anger.

I pulled my bag out, swung it over my shoulder and closed my locker when suddenly Rin-chan appeared beside me. Her white bow on her head was huge, hanging over onto her forehead.

Of course, Rin-chan wasn't wearing the white bow around Hatsune-san, because Hatsune-san was practically the "queen" of her wardrobe and told Rin-chan what to wear and what not to wear (which meant Hatsune-san chose completely ugly/geeky clothes for Rin-chan and told her to wear them because it would make Hatsune-san look better) - and obviously Hatsune-san found the white bow too cute on Rin-chan and banned her from wearing it.

And the white bow is Rin-chan's trademark accessory, seriously, so Rin-chan applies it whenever Hatsune-san is not around. God, I don't see what Rin-chan sees in Hatsune-san.

"Kagamine-kun," she says, her voice small and fragile, she was basically whispering. I guess she spoke that way a lot since Hatsune-san shunned Rin-chan a lot and told her not to speak (or possibly told Rin-chan her voice sounded really bad). But I personally think Rin-chan's voice is like a millennium of beautiful melodies being played on a flute… and now this is sounding really gay, but yeah, Rin-chan's voice was really pretty.

"Mmm?" I mumble, raising my eyebrow at her as we began to shuffle together down the corridor. The corridor was practically empty, because I got kept behind for detention (which was 90 minutes, because one detention slip is 45 minutes, and I got two). Rin-chan must've waited behind to speak to me.

"Why were you staring at me in class today? D-do you like me?" She asks in a sudden outburst.

"Whoa, Rin-chan," I say, glancing at her and seeing her cheeks were red, "I was day-dreaming, I didn't realise I was looking at you. And I only like you as a friend,"

I laugh sheepishly, scratching the back of my head.

"Oh," she says, sounding slightly relieved, "thank God. If you did like me, Miku-sama would've killed me. She likes you; didn't you know that, Kagamine-kun?"

I groan, hooray, 'Miku-sama' has the hots for me. Happy ending, ponies jumping over rainbows, big whoop.

"Great," I mutter under my breath, and Rin-chan looks at me.

"What's wrong? Aren't you happy? Miku-sama is really pretty." She says, her eyebrows furrowing.

SKDHLJDKLDHJK! What's wrong? I'll tell you what's wrong! She is donkey's ass, smells like onion and the fur is teal. I'm not happy, I'd rather be shoving burnt muffins up my nose and jabbing poisonous arrows into my eyes. And what the heck, all Rin-chan sees is the beauty? HOLY MOLY, am I the only intelligent being who can see past her candy-fied face?

I don't say this all though, I stay silent.

"Kagamine-kun?" Rin-chan asks, after a few seconds of silence.

"Uh," I murmur, "a bazillion trillion other guys like her, why pick me?"

"Miku-sama says you're just playing hard to get, but she knows you like her."

"Oh really?"


"Nothing, look, I've got to go, Rin- uh, Kagamine-chan, I'll see you tomorrow, okay?" I murmur, and walk off really fast. I hear her call "bye" but I don't look back.


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