Chapter One

Demerits: 4

Game Suspensions: 0

Doos clothing acquired: 2

Sort of dates with Steffi: 2

Shots blocked: lots =D

I don't miss my parking fairy. Rochelles' fairy still hates me (except for the occasional day every four months or so), Fiorenze seems to like smelling faintly of petrol and Steffi is as pulchy as ever. So you would expect me to be happy because my life is so perfect right?

WRONG! How dare I even think that my life is allowed to be perfect! Sandra decided to go and change schools. So unfair, I barely see her anymore! With only Sundays off, I sometimes wish I went with her, but that would mean leaving Steffi and Rochelle.

One friend is enough to lose, but my crush and my best friend? No way. That's why I settled on staying at New Avalon sporting High, the best in New Avalon, not the best in the world, as Steffi made clear; New Avalon is not the centre of the universe (I still think it's the best place though, I mean, why would my whole family stay here otherwise?).

Ok so, back to the matter at hand... What am I going to wear for the school dance this year? Rochelles shopping fairy has decided to go on holiday or something, Rochelle blames the rain and Dad for taking us shopping again (non believer that he is, he brings every ones fairies down... except for my old doxhead parking fairy of course).

Steffi asked me as soon as we were told about the dance, even if he thinks it's injured to have a dance where you can't touch anyone. Yes, infractions still apply at the school dance. Maybe Steffi's fairy can keep us out of trouble for dancing at the dance...

"Charlie, Charlie? CHARLIE!" Rochelle really has no tact when it comes to pulling someone down from the clouds.


"Well what do you think?" She was wearing an absolutely doos red satin floor length dress with that looked as though it was made for her... As usual.

"You look excellent" Rochelle giggled at this; I think Steffi's strange way of talking was starting to rub off on me!

"How much is it? Wait, no, don't tell me. Ummmm, twenty five dollars?" Rochelle searched in the pleats of the dress for the tag.

"Close guess, but its $15! How did you go with your dress?"

I'd forgotten about the blue clingy dress that Rochelle had insisted I try on. I'd taken it off as soon as I saw myself in it.

"Your fairy hates me"

"That's not true! She's not working that well for me either today!"

I gave her the 'you've got to be kidding me!' Look. Rochelle was drop dead gorgeous and telling me that her fairy wasn't working for her. As if!

"I think I need some new shoes,"

"No. Now way, I draw the line here, three hours, one dress. I'm not spending another four hours or so on shoes! Besides, I have to be home soon, tomorrow I have a cricket match and I need to be well rested" I do have a cricket match on tomorrow, that much is true, but it's already five o'clock and I'm meeting up with Steffi at six.

Rochelle looked a little pained at this, I know she really wants to look nice for the dance, but we have three months until the night! Talk about planning ahead.

"Fine, do you want something to eat?" Despite her sulking voice, I replied as though I didn't notice.

"No thanks, I've already gone over my sugar limit and I still need to eat dinner, thanks anyway though". This didn't seem to please Rochelle. Never the less, she put her own clothes on and payed for the dress, wearily eyeing the pair of shoes it was on display with in 'fancy night out dresses' shop window.

"Come on," Dragging someone two times your height away from a pair of doos shoes is not easy.