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1 . First Meeting

Athrun Zala smiled to himself as he inhaled the fresh and new air of Sweden. He was taking his last few steps off the plane and he was extremely happy to be here at last. He went to the baggage counter to check out his luggage and afterwards, headed to his new apartment in Stockholm, Sweden. Definitely, Athrun is experiencing jet lag for the travel from Tokyo to Stockholm took 8 to 9 hours.

As he stepped out of the taxi, Athrun saw the two storey apartment that he'll be staying at for the next four years. The atmosphere is indeed very new to him. He took out his keys from his pocket and opened the door. The apartment is quite big for a single man to live. However, Athrun still finds this small compared to his house back in Japan. 'Damn. Why did I even have that thought of being a commoner here?' He thought.

The house is fully equipped with new appliances and furniture. At the back was a small studio built especially for him to do pottery. The whole second floor was his own bedroom, having no rooms at all but a bed right in front of him. Upon seeing the bed, Athrun dived on it. His bed was extremely soft and the pillows were cuddly. He even has a small teddy bear to accompany him. Because he was extremely tired, Athrun closed his eyes and tried to get some sleep before he settles his things. He really needs a nap. He has already dozed off to sleep when he heard the doorbell rang. At first, he tried o ignore it and just sleep but then, the doorbell continued to ring and ring. Completely irritated, he rushed downstairs to open the door. As he opened it, he saw a beautiful girl holding an apple pie and smiling.

"Who are you?" He asked.

"Konnichiwa!" The girl greeted him with a smile. "I'm Cagalli Yula and I live right next door." She pointed to the brown door right beside Athrun's black door. "You're a Japanese right? I heard that you'll be arriving today so I made an apple pie for you. Just a sign of welcome to the neighborhood."

Athrun stared at her while she was talking. Definitely, this girl is gorgeous! But then, the idea didn't sink to him as he was completely irritated for being bothered. He glared at her, "I don't like apple pies and I don't like welcomes." He slammed the door shut and left the nice girl with extreme awe.

Cagalli was shocked at how Athrun reacted. "What the? How dare he shut the door? I was trying to befriend him since there are only two of us who are Japanese here and he… Ughh! Never try to talk to me again!" She was so irritated so that Cagalli slammed the apple pie she was holding to Athrun's elegant door.

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