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Chapter 6: Best Actress

"Athrun Zala!" Cagalli rang the doorbell of his apartment at early morning. Unlike yesterday, Athrun opened the door faster this time.

"What do you want?" a sleepy Athrun asked Cagalli. "Our date's not until 10 AM."

It took a while for Cagalli to answer. Stuttering, she said, "I… I… I just thought you'd want to have breakfast with… Aish. Never mind." She waved her hand in front of her, bowed down and left Athrun. Before she even reached her apartment, though, she heard Athrun say, "I'll be there in a bit."

Cagalli was sipping a cup of hot choco when she heard her doorbell. Waiting outside was the man she invited a while ago to have breakfast with her. The two settled on Cagalli's small dining table. "Coffee or hot choco?" Cagalli asked him.

"Coffee." Athrun answered with that dazzling smile of his. He put a piece of pancake on his plate and buttered it while Cagalli prepared his coffee.

"Here you go." She handed the cup to him.

As soon as Athrun held the cup, he took a sip of coffee that Cagalli prepared for him. "It's good. You make delicious coffee."

"It's just instant coffee." Cagalli answered. She took a bit of her pancake. "So, do I need to know anything?"

"What kind of things?"

"Hmmm. Reminders for the date later." She gestured quotation marks when she said the word date.

"Just don't bicker with me. That's all." Athrun said.


"Your pancakes are good too." Athrun complimented.

"Thank you." Cagalli stood up from her seat. "Once you're done, clear the table and wash the dishes, okay? Lock the door when you leave." She went upstairs, leaving Athrun eating on her dining table.

Athrun smiled to himself once he was alone downstairs. "I thought she's being nice to me. She invited me for breakfast to wash the dishes for her. Aish. Woman."

Athrun was waiting outside, leaning against his car. After a few moments of waiting, Cagalli finally came out of her apartment.

"Ready?" Athrun asked her as he opened the car door for Cagalli. Before entering, she responded with a nod and smile.

Athrun drove a few minutes until they reached the city proper. Mr. and Mrs. Zala were waiting outside the art museum in Stockholm. Just like earlier, Athrun opened the car door for Cagalli. Once outside, he took her hand and walked towards his parents.

"Athrun! Cagalli!" Mrs. Zala greeted them.

"Good morning Mr. Zala, Mrs. Zala." Cagalli replied as she bowed down to the two adults.

"No need to be too formal, dear. Just call us Father and Mother." Mrs. Zala said.

"Mother." Athrun tried to contradict his mother but Mr. Zala told his son, "Athrun, you know that your mother want to have a daughter. It's time for her to be called Mother by a girl, now that you have a stable girlfriend."

"It's okay Athrun." Cagalli interrupted. She looked straight into his eyes, smiling. "I miss saying Father and Mother."

"Let's go inside now." Mrs. Zala announced.

Inside the museum, the Zalas together with Cagalli explored the whole building and examined different art works- painting, statues, and of course, pottery. Throughout their tour, Athrun held Cagalli's hand. They did not bicker with each other. Rather, they just kept smiling and close to one another.

"You know a lot about the arts." Athrun whispered to her. They were walking behind his parents.

"My grandfather used to bring me to Arts Museum when I was young." Cagalli replied.

"Ohh." Athrun replied. Just at that moment, Cagalli's stomach growled. Mr. and Mrs. Zala looked back at the youngsters.

"Your girlfriend's already hungry Athrun. Let's eat." Mr. Zala said.

Cagalli merely smiled at the attention given to her. She was of course, embarrassed.

"You should have said that you're already hungry." Athrun said to her.

They were waiting for their orders to come. Mr. Zala chose a local restaurant, just a few blocks away from the art museum they toured a while ago. They took a table outside, to enjoy the sunshine and fresh air.

"Cagalli, how long have you two been together?" Mr. Zala questioned.

"Just a couple of weeks." Athrun answered.

"I'm asking Cagalli, not you Athrun." Mr. Zala replied. "My son's just been here for a month but he already has a girlfriend like you, Cagalli. My son's lucky."

Cagalli smiled at Athrun's parents at that. Athrun, on the other hand, kept quiet. Is his father implying something? He was about to answer when he heard Cagalli's voice. "Who wouldn't fall for someone like Athrun? He's handsome, nice, sweet, thoughtful, gentleman. What else? Athrun's almost perfect." Cagalli looked at Athrun and flashed a smile to him. "He's pretty popular with the girls in our university, but here I am- his girlfriend. I should say that I'm the lucky one." She finished.

Athrun was dumbstruck from the compliments he heard from Cagalli. He never thought she'd say that. Even if she's his fake girlfriend, he never imagined Cagalli to be saying those kind of things.

Mr. Zala, on the other hand, eyed Cagalli as she was saying those words. He was trying to find a hole that can say that Cagalli's not really Athrun's girlfriend but he wasn't able to find one. Her eyes were sparkling and her smile was different when she was saying those things about Athrun. It's as if, she meant every word she said about him.

The waiter arrived after a few minutes. Each one of them was served with steak. Athrun started to cut off his and when finished, he tapped Cagalli's arm to stop her from cutting her steak. Athrun lifted his plate and exchanged it with Cagalli's. "That should be easier to eat." He said.


At that, Mr. and Mrs. Zala looked at each other. They both very well know how great a Casanova Athrun is but that look he gave Cagalli meant something else. At least, that's what they thought. After lunch, they headed to a park. They were taking pictures everywhere. Cagalli, a self- proclaimed vain woman, would always drag Athrun to have pictures with her.

"Athrun! Wrap your arms around her shoulder." Mrs. Zala told her son. Athrun followed. Cagalli, on the other hand, hugged Athrun by the waist. She leaned against his chest and smiled as Mrs. Zala took their picture. Athrun's heart started to thump loud and fast as Cagalli did that. He felt his lips forming to a wide grin as well at that interaction between the two of them.

After taking pictures, Mr. and Mrs. Zala decided to stroll the park on their own. They said that they'd want to have their own date as they were jealous of Athrun and Cagalli. The youngsters were left at the fountain found in the middle of the park. Cagalli was feeding some ducks, and Athrun was watching his fake girlfriend act like a child.

"You're a good actress, aren't you?" Athrun said.

Cagalli stopped tossing bread crumbs as she turned to face Athrun. "I am, right?" she let out a chuckle at that. "I used to do some theater plays when I was in high school."

"Really? You're what? The great extra character?" Athrun teased her.

Cagalli pouted at that comment. "For your information, Mr. Athrun Zala, I portrayed Juliet. And everyone gave me a standing ovation at that performance."

"You must be joking."

"Don't believe if you don't want to." Cagalli stood up and left Athrun sitting on the fountain.

"Yah! I'm just kidding!" Athrun chased her. As soon as Athrun caught up to Cagalli, he grabbed her hand and started walking together. "Where'd you want to go?"

"Huh?" Cagalli asked as she tried to loosen her hand from his but Athrun's grip is just too tight.

"My parents can go by themselves now. So, is there any place you'd want to visit?"

Cagalli thought for a while as they were walking towards his car. "Ah! Let's go to the mall."

"I thought you don't have your allowance yet? There are many other places to go to."

"I didn't say I'm going to buy something. Just window shopping. I already went to all the places I can go when I arrived here." Cagalli said.

"Let's go there Athrun!" Cagalli grabbed his arm and dragged him towards a stuffed toys shop. As soon as they entered the shop, Cagalli's eyes glowed as she stared at those cuddly teddy bears and other stuffed animals in front of her.

"Maybe you'd want to buy a teddy bear for your girlfriend, sir." The saleslady told Athrun as he was staring at Cagalli, fascinated.

He just smiled and shook his head. But then, seeing Cagalli on how much she was attracted to those cuddly bears, Athrun had a second thought. He went up to the saleslady and said, "I'll go back later, okay?"

After the stuffed toys shop, Cagalli dragged Athrun to a bookstore. She started to walk from one stand to another, trying to find a certain book.

"What are you looking for?" Athrun asked. He feels very dizzy just by looking at Cagalli.

"Dear John by Nicholas Sparks." Cagalli answered.

"What's that?" Athrun asked, confused.

"A novel. I put that book somewhere here last week. That's the last copy I saw. Aish. Someone must have bought it already."

Athrun smiled at what he just heard. He knows what he'll give Cagalli as thank you gifts. She will surely love those.

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