Fix You


Summary: A terrible accident takes a certain crimson-eyed boy's precious memories away from him. "And I'll try to fix you" she said, tears pouring.

Disclaimer: I do not own Gakuen Alice or any of its characters.

This was inspired by the song "Fix You" by Coldplay. That doesn't mean that it's a songfic.

Lights will guide you home

And ignite your bones

And I will try to fix you

Shock. Silence.

The atmosphere at the spacious hospital room was tense. No one spoke for a very long time.

The only thing you could hear was the beeping of the machinery. It was a depressing sound.

It was very obvious that everybody in the room was lamenting something.

Or someone.

Sobs broke the silence for the millionth time in a week. Nobody else uttered a word or did anything to comfort her. They were all still taking in what had happened to Natsume Hyuuga.

Well, part of it. The sobbing girl hadn't told them exactly what happened.

For the first time after sitting down on the leather couch, Ruka Nogi opened his eyes and unclenched his fists. He took a deep breath and stood up from the sofa, where Hotaru, Tsubasa and other close friends of Natsume were seated.

He strode over to where Mikan was seated. She was right beside Natsume's bed. Her petite body was shaking. She had her hands covering her face.

Ruka bent down and sat on his knees. He gently pulled Mikan's hands away from her face and held it dearly in his hands.

"Mikan, are you okay?" he said.

She didn't answer. The blond boy looked around for reinforcement from Natsume's other friends. They all had their heads bent down.

"Mikan, what happened to Natsume?" he whispered quietly.

"It's all my fault!" she said, bursting into more sobs hysterically.

At that, everybody's head snapped up as they waited for her or Ruka to say something.

"What do you mean? It can't have been your fault, Mikan." Tsubasa said, standing up and walking to the foot of Natsume's bed.

"But it is." she said, her sobs dying down.

"What happened?" Ruka said intently, squeezing both of Mikan's hands.

"Well, I was still imprisoned a week ago, right?" They all nodded at that.

"Natsume," she said, swallowing before continuing ,"was trying to help me escape. He fought the Elementary School Principal and injured him fatally. Shiki-san and Uncle helped him by stalling the remaining allies of the ESP. We were almost going to escape when-" she suddenly stopped and pulled her hands away from Ruka's, despite his strong grip. She was shaking with tears and her face was full of anguish.

Everybody except Mikan looked at each other. They clearly weren't able to feel the pain Mikan was suffering.

Someone cleared her throat. It was Hotaru.

"Please continue, Mikan. I know that it's painful to recall it, but please do tell us." she said, pity sounding in her voice.

With Hotaru's request (rather, command) , Mikan wiped away her tears and prepared herself to talk.

"There was one who escaped. Uncle and Shiki-san weren't able to stop him. It was a High school student." she said in a whisper.

Mikan looked at Natsume dearly, then talked again, her voice getting quieter and quieter.

"As far as I could tell, he had some "Body Damage" alice. I was off guard. I wasn't able to use my Nullification. He was about to strike me when… Natsume took the hit."

Dead silence. They only noticed now much Natsume really loved Mikan.

After a few seconds, Koko entered the room. Everybody looked at him, then at Mikan, then back at him.

"Koko, can you continue for Mikan? I don't want her to relive the pain even more by telling us about it. It's enough that she thinks about it. Read her mind." Tsubasa said firmly, taking his place beside Mikan.

"Ready , Mikan?" Koko said, his voice uneasy at the mental tension he was receiving from her. He kept smiling, though.

Yup, ready Koko. Anyway…

"This guy with the Body Damage Alice hit Natsume directly on his head. Natsume collapsed beside me and suddenly burned hotter as if he had a fever. Then, he started, writhing in pain and… Mikan? Are you sure you want to continue?" he said.

Mikan was already clutching Tsubasa's polo shirt.

"Continue." Hotaru said emotionlessly. She put another of her inventions on Mikan's head. "This is meant to block out all sounds from the outside."

Koko nodded.

"Well, he was writhing on the ground a lot and was groaning. I was desperately trying to steal the alice from Natsume's body. I used my Nullification against the guy's alice because he was throwing himself on me while I was trying to save Natsume. After a while of trying to fend him off, Jin-jin came and hit the guy with lightning. He dropped instantly. I turned to Natsume again and found out that he was hardly breathing. Sakurano-san came and he teleported Natsume in the hospital. Subaru-san has used his alice on him many times, but Natsume hasn't woken up since then. " Koko said, finishing abruptly as he saw how devastated Mikan was in the previous week.

"So that's what happened." Ruka breathed, horror written all over his face.

After that, no one spoke. Koko sat down in one of the single-person chairs available and kept his watch on Natsume. He was trying to read the thoughts of the crimson-eyed boy but his whole mind was blank.

Koko beckoned Tsubasa towards him. Tsubasa, though confused, walked immediately towards the other room.

"There's something wrong with Natsume. Even though I know that he's… in a coma of some sort, he should still have subconscious thoughts. Dreams." Koko said in a whisper, not wanting Mikan to hear.

"Well, we can't do much about it. The best we can hope for is that he wakes up soo-" Tsubasa replied, being cut off by the gasps of everyone in the room.

"Natsume! Natsume!" Mikan shouted, standing up from her chair and flinging her arms around the stirring body on the bed.

Natsume groaned.

"Mikan! Be careful! He's still recovering." Hotaru said threateningly, pointing her Baka gun to Mikan's torso.

But Mikan didn't care if Hotaru hit her a thousand times with the Baka gun. Well, maybe she would care a little bit and whine about how it hurt, but now all she was thinking of was that Natsume's okay and that they would be together soon.

"Natsume! You're okay! Natsume, Natsume, Natsume!" she crooned, nuzzling her head against his neck gently.

"Uhm. Excuse me."

Hotaru glared at Mikan. The "give-him/her-personal-space-or-I'll-hit-you-with-an-invention" look was starting to appear on her face every other day. Getting the message, Mikan backed off.

"I'm sorry Natsume! Your body should be hurting . Do you need anything?" Mikan said, giving off a radiating smile. She got his hand.

"No, it's not that." he said quietly, quickly pulling his hand away from Mikan's and sitting up. He averted his eyes away from theirs.

Everyone was shocked by this. He hugged her and consoled her in the time-portal made by Nodacchi in front of everybody, but no one expected him to pull away from Mikan and talk in such a gentle manner. I mean, he's talked gently and kindly before, but now it's as if he was a different person.

Mikan's eyes widened. Tsubasa stood up and glared at Natsume. Ruka's jaw dropped. Hotaru's left hand twitched toward her other Baka gun. The others' eyes simply widened like Mikan's.

"I was just uncomfortable by how you were treating me, even though we didn't know each other. You were very nice." he said with a small smile. He looked at them.

"What the-"

"Hello there. Nice to meet you. Can you please tell me my name?"

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