Fix You

By: Misa-chan46

Summary: A terrible accident takes a certain crimson-eyed boy's precious memories away from him. "And I'll try to fix you" she said, tears pouring.

Disclaimer: I do not own Gakuen Alice or any of it's characters.

This was inspired by the song "Fix You" by Coldplay. That doesn't mean it's a songfic.

Lights will guide you home

And ignite you bones

And I will try to fix you

"Natsume, you idiot. Stop playing, you know your name perfectly." Mikan said, forcing herself to laugh.

Natsume, bewildered, just stared at Mikan with a confused look on his face.

"Natsume, eh? I like that name. Is it just my nickname or is it really my name?" he said, smiling a little. He looked as though he was thoroughly enjoying knowing his name.

Mikan trembled. "No…. please….." she moaned, her knees giving way. She dangled over the railing of his bed.

Everybody felt sorry for Natsume and Mikan. Especially Mikan.

"What's wrong, erm… Mikan-chan, am I right?" Natsume said gently, leaning over the side of the bed to pat her head.

She looked up and he saw that her eyes were full of tears.

Natsume suddenly felt like he was spiraling downwards. He felt some obligation to comfort the pitiful girl, but not even knowing what was wrong, he did nothing. Except smooth her hair and kiss her forehead.

Mikan whimpered and covered her face with her eyes. She shook her head and Natsume took his hand away from her hair.

"I'm sorry. I'm so sorry Natsume. It's all my fault." she whispered.

Natsume just became even more confused.

"Natsume-san, can you excuse us for a moment? We'll be just a moment." Ruka said, a pleading look on his face.

"I understand. Take as long as you want." Natsume said seriously, glancing at Mikan again. He wanted her to stop crying, wanted the guilt to stop clawing at his insides.

"Ruka-" Tsubasa said, only to be cut off by the blond boy.

"We have to take care of her first." he said firmly, standing up and going to Mikan's side. He put his arms around her and gently towed her up. Tsubasa and Hotaru following, they left the room.


Mikan was hysterically sobbing. The moment they were out of the room, she forcefully pushed Ruka away and sat down on the floor. She curled up into a ball and hid her face between her knees. They all just stood there, staring at Mikan , until someone spoke.

"I wish it could have been me."


"Stop talking Ruka."

"But Hotaru-"

"She needs to have her time by herself. Let her be. We'll request for a visitor room near 'his' so that if he needs anything, we'll be there." Hotaru said.

"I wish it could have been me." Mikan said in a small voice.

"Stop talking like that Mikan!" Tsubasa said fiercely. He grabbed one of the arms holding her knees together and forcefully pulled her up. He didn't want to do this but surprising Mikan with sudden movements might snap her out of it. He was wrong.

He stared in horror at how Mikan changed in mere minutes.

She had a blank, staring look on her face. Her eyes were empty; search them and you'll see nothing. She kept muttering the same thing over. She looked like a newly bought ragged doll, looking physically fine but dangling under the arm which Tsubasa was holding. It was like her soul was sucked out of her, and a hollow shell was left.

"Mikan, please snap out of it. Let go of her shadow guy! You're hurting her!" Hotaru said, her voice echoing all over the empty corridor where the special rooms were.

"I-I'm sorry." he said, gently steadying Mikan so she could stand by herself.

Suddenly, life returned to Mikan. Her eyes weren't staring anymore; instead, they were wildly darting, as if she was looking for something. Tears were forming in her eyes again.

"He's lost his memory. He doesn't know anyone anymore. He doesn't even know his own name! It's all my fault!" she wailed.

"Mikan! What is wrong with you, naïve girl! Of course it's not your fault, it's the ESP's fault! You're fooling yourself into thinking that so you can pity yourself. Talk to us again when you start growing up!" Hotaru yelled, shaking Mikan's shoulders with tears slowly dropping on her cheeks. She shook Mikan one last time with a particularly forceful shake, then wiped her tears and walked away.

Ruka only stared at Hotaru's figure walking towards the nurses' office until Tsubasa put a hand on his shoulder.

"Don't worry. She's just going to get that room for Mikan." he said, hoping himself that he was saying the truth.

~ A few hours later~

"Is Mikan alright?" Narumi asked uncertainly, peeking through the crack of the door.

Jinno shook his head sadly. He had been watching Mikan wail for a long time before she finally fell asleep.

"Do you have any news on Natsume Hyuuga?" Jinno asked.

"Yeah. Turns out that the guy who hit him had a Body Damaging Alice. The alice is powerful, but can only be used once on each individual. The effect is like a very powerful physical force, even though it's a very light touch. He didn't use the full power of his alice when Natsume took the hit, because it was really intended for Mikan. The ESP didn't want her to be injured much. When his hand hit Natsume's head, the storage areas in his cortex were severely damaged. His lack of sleep and deteriorating life span also contributed to the force of the alice, that's why the severe memory loss is there." Narumi said, stoically.

Jinno just raised his eyebrow. "And how did you know all of this?"

"Subaru Imai."

He understood everything.

"And he can't do anything about the condition of Hyuuga?"

Narumi shook his head.

"What about Miss Sakura?" Narumi asked worriedly.

Jinno sighed, then glanced at Mikan through the small crack of the door.

"She's been crying all day. She's had a breakdown. Now she has to stay in the hospital too."

"Do you think that the other friends of Mikan and Natsume will be able to handle this?"

"I could only hope."

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