I Do Not Own Sister Princess

Chapter Two: Check it out, Clover Returns!

Yotsuba giggled while she dashed away from Brother Dearest's room and back to her own. She madly opened her door and made sure to put her chain on. Her plan could not be interrupted. With the lock secure Yotsuba rushed over to her clothes closet and reached into the very back retrieving Clover's mask and red cloak.

"Do I dare become the beautiful, mysterious thief girl, again?" Yotsuba blurted out in an overly dramatic tone. She looked at her Brother Dearest's dress coat and then back to the cloak.

"Yep, let the conquering of my curiosity and boredom prevail!" She declared as she donned her alter ego's costume… and with that she had become the beautiful mysterious thief once again. Yotsuba tipped her wide brimmed hat and left a single note upon the foot of her bed. With that she was off, her plan diabolical, her hair perfect… her idea of fun slightly off its rocker!

"Brother Dearest, Come quickly!" Yotsuba called down the hallway. Within moments she heard her brother making his way down the hallway to her room. Yotsuba made sure to close her closet and to unchain her door. As her brother entered, Yotsuba let herself out the window that overlooked the Welcome House gardens.

Yotsuba quickly found a perch from where she could over see Wataru. The clue was simple enough. It would lead him to far side of the garden. From there she would spring down upon him and give him his ultimatum: tell her what he was planning or never see the fancy dress coat again. Yotsuba laughed and then frowned…I think I need new hobbies… She mused somberly. However she quickly perked up as Wataru got in position. In one great bound Yotsuba landed across from her brother.

"Wataru Minakami! We meet again." She stated levelly. Wataru met her gaze with steel in his eyes.

"Yes, we do." He replied with this calm in his voice that shivered Yotsuba to her core. She eyed him over for a second, proud that he was playing along. Yotsuba let out a small breath and shifted her gaze from her brother.

"Keeping secrets from Yotsuba, tsk tsk, Minakami. You should know better. It hurts your sweet, lovable sister so much when you do or perhaps you'd wish for me to take her away again!"

"I already told you, she is my sister and I will not let that happen!" Wataru remarked with that rarely used steel in his voice. Yotsuba felt herself begin to blush. She quickly straightened her posture and met her brother's gaze.

"Simply, Bro…Wataru Minakami, I wish to know what you are planning. I have been watching you! New clothes, tickets to the theatre… something is not adding up! Tell me, I demand to know what you have planned." Yotsuba declared with a fire in her voice.

"I can't tell you…" Wataru replied hesitantly. Yotsuba's curiosity now piqued moved closer to her brother and eyed him suspiciously. In turn Wataru turned his view away from her.

"Then you shall never see this, again!" Yotsuba declared as she indicated to her brother's dress coat that she had hung on the clothes line. Wataru looked over his sister for a brief moment and uttered quietly.

"Please, Clover, I need that coat for something special." Yotsuba placed her finger to her chin and thought before answering.

"Anything?" She asked with pure energetic glee.

"Anything." Wataru replied without missing a bit.

"Than Wataru Minakami, you must… spend your time with Yotsuba. She's ever so lonely." Wataru instantly agreed. Yotsuba let herself smile, victory!

"You must devote these next four days to your sister, her birthday is coming up. Make sure to make her feel special! I'll be keeping an eye on you, Minakami." And with that Yotsuba was off running into the metaphorical sunset…to hide behind a tree, change back and return as if nothing had happened. When she returned Yotsuba flashed a bright smile to her brother and stated innocently.

"Oh Brother Dearest, what a surprise seeing you out here." Wataru could only offer a grand smile and agree.

"Are you by any chance free." Yotsuba asked almost pleadingly. Again the only thing Wataru could do was agree. With that, brother and sister wandered down to the gate of the Welcome House heading toward the town. They spent all day together, shopping, laughing and having a good time.

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