Gundam UC fan fictiobn

Tikva's straggle

By Charlie Aznable (charlie_aznable)

arthours notes: this my fireast time making fanfic so pleese give chance to read and enjoy. I like gundams and /UC is a depp setting with politicks and characters and i fodun character to play with in my story.

[story start]

Gregory tikva was son of gilboa-asan and was one day eatuig dinnaerrs with his momer when there was loud known on door was heard all the way from his rioom. mom told tikva "son wthere is man at door " and ordered him to answerr.

Tikva jumped out of window and asked man who was zeon officer with shiny medals and impressivew uniformes. man was with sad look on his face and told tikva "where is your mom, tikva." And tikva answered "is this about faTHER?"

zeon officer told tikva, "yoegun man, your father is notbad zeon soldier and her is hero. But evil federations and baneghi shot him and he burnt in atmosphere."

"What! baneghji! He ate our food and stole unicorn and shot our house!" Tikva said angfeily.

info ntoe: Banejji was hero of gundam uc (othererwise knowns as gundam unicorns)

"giloba-san said that you shoukled take care of mothers." zsone officer said sadly, and gvae tikva picturee of his dad. TIKCA ran into house and cried in his mtoehrs arms. "mom, dad has dead!" he said sadly. "federation mobile suits shot him and he is burning n earth sky!"

"Oh tikva it is sad and you must avenge your father." she thought to herself, but decided to tell tikva that "war is sad tikva, but gilboasan would have wabnted you to live in peace so dontw become mobilesuits soldier and ghetkilled in earth orbit."

No mom1 tikva, said. "I will train because i have toget vengeanse on baneghesr and rescue Miss marida!"

mo mwas impressdd and sad that grefory tikva anted to become hero like his father and gave him moneys to train in mobile suote shool.

[5 years later]

Gregorye tikva was best stuydent in cless, and he was ontop of all the student lists. he become mobile suit pilot and became best zeon ace out of university. Federatiosn had defested Full Fro0ntol and opened laplass box and spacenoisd were suffering.

Aurhote note: Full fronatl is main enemy from gundam uc (which isa as you know, gudnam unicorns.)

because federration soldiers didnt want to have enemies, zeons became secret group to rebel against them and called the,mselves "ZEON RREBELSA". grewgory tikva joines such group to avenge his brotherfather and is given a gira zulu in a sceret hanger so he can fight federation fleats.

however zeon rebels did not know they had spyes from federation in their ogranization so tikva was being hunted down in palawan;. he had to ridfe motorcyels to get to secret hanger but was eambushed by fedweration officer. "stop tikvs your father was terrorist and he was shot by unicorns AND buirned inearth atmosphere! dopnt followe him!"

tikva shouted back and pouitned! "no father was hero and he is save lives of full frontal (SPOILER: who laterdied because of unicorn) and you guys are corrupt and evil and we will defeat you!"

"then we won't let you burn in earth! we shoot you now so you can die in spqce like the spacenoid tyou are!" said soldier and he pointed gun at gerwegory tikva.

tikva realized that he had no weapons and ambushers had firey arms. Thinking like quick, he kicked dust, rocks and other small sharp things into federationofficers eye. "what did you done? I am blind!" federation officer said in cofnsuion, and men did not fire at tikva who stole gun from his belt. tikva shot down other soldiers until blind federation soldier remained, and he threw the man into a garbege bin, knowkin him out.

"War is sad." Gregory Tikva said and he remembered his mom.


"mom you are almost dead like dad but i have finally become ace pilot for zeon. I will avenge you and everyone else so that universe will be safe and happy place for all apcesnoids!" said tikva at his mother who was in a hosptial bed. his mom said in reply "Tikva, do not be afraid to stop avenging because me and your dad will be sad souls if you die in sad war. banneger is good kid, but killed your dad accidentally. you must forgive him." she then died.

at first, tikva felt the courage and hate in his heart build up because of the death of his mother, because bannagher had visited her on the day before his gradation. and because his mind was set, he was happy. he will avenge father and defeat bannegher in the same way he had killed tikva's dad.

tikva set off to join ZEON REBELS on the dame say.


To be continued...?