Chapter 6

Okay, so today is the day that Phineas and Ferb Across the Second Dimension Movie Comes out on Disney Channel. SO in celebration, I'm dedicating the rest of the day to writing Phineas and Ferb stories :) Of course, it has already been broadcasted, but you know, the day isn't over yet!

I'm going to use part of the movie to end the day of writing :)

"The ambassador did what?" Doofenshmirtz asked as he was finishing a doughnut.

"The ambassador was singing in the park about summer, the Alliance leader General Garcia-Shapiro was rousing rebellion within the capital itself," the man said.

"Well, thank you for your information, that information will help the Empire immensely," Doofenshmirtz said. The man bowed and left the room. "Well, summon the Ambassador. We need to talk." The phone starts ringing in his office. "Oh great, now what?"

"Hello Emperor Doofenshmirtz, fine evening I take it?" Ambassador Flynn asked.

"Oh, hello ambassador, I was about to summon you to the palace, but over the phone works too," Doofenshmirtz replied.

"I must protest the fact that a policeman breaks up a gathering that I have put together in the park," Phineas said.

"Ah, about that, you were hosting Isabella Garcia-Shapiro, that is a crime that I can arrest you for ambassador," Doofenshmirtz countered.

"Ah, that is not my fault, she burst in, and I made room for her, as you know, she is my fiance," Phineas said wisely. "I believe that under the law, I'm allowed to bring someone I'm engaged with to my meetings."

"But you said yourself that she burst in," Doofenshmirtz.

"I know what I said, but it doesn't matter now, the event is over," Phineas replied.

"Agreed," Doofenshmirtz agreed. "So now, what I must ask you is that you stop your attempts to bring back the old ways, you were singing about the old ways of summer."

"I was passing by a class, and starting singing about my experiences with summer. It was my pleasure to help teach the future generations, even you won't live forever Doofenshmirtz, and when you do, your empire will fracture and fall apart," Phineas said.

"Ah, but my daughter Vanessa can take my place as Empress of the Empire," Doofenshmirtz said declaring his heir right then and there.

"And, I just got a memo from my fiance. Apparently the Rebel Alliance has captured an important moral figure for the Empire. Your daughter Vanessa," Phineas said reading a memo that Ferb had just handed him.

"WHAT!" Doofenshmirtz shouts into the phone.

"It is pretty much what I wanted to talk to you about Emperor, next time we meet, it will be when the Alliance is storming Danville. Good Day," Phineas said before putting the phone down.

Ferb looks up and watches Phineas.

"Prepare the guards, pack up everything in this embassy. Send word to Britain, we must hurry, tell them to stop sending letters to me here, tell them to send them to secure haven one, burn anything of importance that we can't bring with us," I shot off orders to Ferb who wrote them down. "Also, assemble the guards really quickly in the courtyard." Ferb saluted and ran out of the office.

Ten minutes later I was standing before two hundred hand picked men to be the embassy guards. "Men, you are to pack all your belongings quickly, then begin packing anything that can be moved from the embassy. The rest will either be burned or shredded. We must not leave anything for Doofenshmirtz, when we are all ready, ready the trucks and load them, we have roughly two hours to get everything together and leave." Men saluted and ran off to the tasks at hand. "Go help them Ferb, the sooner we are ready to leave the better. Contact Isabella, tell her I want her to prepare an airstrike against the embassy, what we leave behind we can leave in ashes for the Emperor. We move to join Isabella.

And this marks the end of another story. The next story is called Finale. It will be where Isabella is now actively fighting the empire on all fronts, Phineas goes into another dimension to rally support in his dimension, Ferb joins Isabella at the planning table. Meanwhile, Doofenshmirtz's Council of Six will release the nasty surprise that they have prepared for Isabella's Alliance.