Friday the 13th says a few things to me: It's my lucky day for starters. Got me wondering who else may be having a lucky day, and who other than the mistress of bad luck herself, Jinx?

Was just one of those things that poped into my head, and I had to write. Don't know if I'm going to continue it. If I do, there wont be regular updates.

DISCLAIMER: I don't own the Teen Titans. DC do.

"It's the Hive Five again." Robin frowned, "At the jewellery store."

"We can take 'em, easy." Cyborg punched the air.

"We can run them off, sure." Raven muttered, "But we haven't put them behind bars yet."

"Then this time, we shall be victorious!" Starfire smiled optimistically.

"We'll stick with the usual tactics. Raven, you focus on Jinx. Beast Boy and I'll deal with Mammoth, while Star and Cyborg take out gizmo."

"Those snot-munchers still aren't here. I say we just take what we got and go." Gizmo sniffed as he walked over to where Jinx was stood, watching the door of the shop.

"No. You said we were in his together." Jinx snapped at him. "I'll still provide a distraction to let you escape." She studied the structure of the building. "It's a new place, but I should be able to floor it."

"What makes you so sure? If you're wrong..."

"I'm not wrong. Today is Friday 13th."

"So? What does that have to do anything."

"13th Friday's bad luck." Mammoth called up from the backroom.

"And I'm bad luck, remember. This really won't be the titans lucky day."

"I still don't understand why your botherin' with her. Why not go somewhere else? Easy pickin's and all that." Gizmo frowned.

"Because if things go as planned, it could completely ruin her reputation. You never know, we might even get a new team member. With her powers, not even the Justice League would be able to stop us. You're such an idiot."

"There here." Mammoth spoke as he listened to the T-Car pull up outside.

"Leave Raven to me." Jinx got into her fight stance. "You focus on the others. We won't be fighting for more than five minutes, then I'll get us out of here."

"You'd better do."