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Robin arrived loudly on his motorbike, shortly followed by Cyborg as he moved about clearing the rubble of teenagers. "If y'all move, I can find an' pinpoint Rae's heartbeat."

Starfire had to pull Jinx away, while the meta-human threw a string of curses and swear words at the alien. Beast Boy popped up from a pile slightly left from where he'd started and morphed into his normal form, waving his arms about madly. "Found her! I found her!"

"Beast Boy, go back down and shift into something big to move the debris over her – everyone else, get ready to grab and hold that larger pieces – the last thing we want is for it to fall back on her." Robin jumped into motion as everyone ran over to the changeling, who disappeared again.

The rubble starting shaking slightly and green started showing through the gaps. Cyborg and Starfire, the stronger of the titans, started moving the larger pieces of masonry and support beams aside to help Beast Boy. He was known for automatically turning back into his human form if there wasn't enough space for his morph. The changeling had morphed into some form of low, wide dinosaur most of the team were unfamiliar with, catching almost all of the debris and revealing a very still and bloody Demon Halfling. Jinx was shocked into place, and Cyborg moved under his best friend to carefully pick the girl up and move her over to the road.

"Call a paramedic." He urged Robin, taking in a quick account of her injures as he carried her.

"They won't sign her in to the hospital – you know that Cy." Robin replied quickly.

"I know. But she's going to need quick stitches and bandaging up if we want to keep her alive."

Beast Boy, having shifted back, ran up to them before becoming extremely alarmed, eyes almost popping out. "Cy! I can't hear her breathing!"

"Shit!" Cyborg quickly placed her on the ground and checking her pulse, before messing with something on his arm, "We're not going to bother with mouth to mouth." He told them, still working with something on his arm. "Rae doesn't just stop breathing. She told me she doesn't."

"Huh?" Beast Boy asked, surprised he'd comprehended what his friend had said.

"Somethin' to do with survival instinct an' her demon."

Jinx wandered over slowly, tripping a few times and falling to her knees once as she moved to stand next to Starfire, feeling hazy.

"Was hopin' I wouldn't have to use this." Cyborg muttered, before something on him bleeped. "Clear!"

Beast Boy and Robin jumped back, and Cyborg pressed his hands flat on Raven's chest, lower on the left side, and almost touching Raven's collar bone on the right side

. It's like one o' them... whatcha' ma call it.. difib.. defibrillator. Who'da guessed he was cartin' one of them round... A single sob escaped her, almost like a hic-up, and she put her hand over her mouth, as though she wondered what had caused it.

"Clear!" Cyborg yelled again.

The meta human chewed on her bottom lip, her eyes stinging. She shouldn't believe this was happening. This was Raven; the demonic demigod. What was a stupid building to her?

"Cy, I think she's breathing." Beast Boy gasped, before leaning forward, his head tilted so one pointed green ear was facing the girl. He sighed, a small smile lighting up his face, and everyone starting breathing a little easier.

Jinx still didn't understand what was going on.

Sirens grew in the background, and Robin looked round at Starfire and Beast Boy. "Go back to the tower and start to set up the infirmary for her. Take Jinx with you."

"No." She muttered without taking her eyes of the demoness. "I'm staying with Rae."

"We... can't guarantee the authorities won't insist for your arrest when they get here." Robin said, feeling like he'd swallowed a load of stones. Very jagged stones.

She looked up then, her already wide eyes stretching that bit further. "What?"

"You want to be there when she wakes up don't you?" Robin asked, and the girl nodded quickly, looking back at her lover. "You can't do that if you're in jail."

"But... okay." Jinx nodded, she started to turn towards Starfire, before pausing and looking back, pointing a white finger at Robin. "But if anything happens to her-"

"She'll be fine." Cyborg smiled. "Go on. We won't be more that fifteen minutes behind you."

He watched Starfire grab the girl's wrists before taking off, Beast Boy close behind, morphed into a falcon. The robotic teen glanced at his leader, a small smile fixed on his face. "What changed your mind?"

Robin muttered something unintelligible under his breath, otherwise pretending he hadn't heard. "What do you think happened to our killer?"

"Hopefully Rae can tell us when she wakes up." Cyborg shrugged. "But he can stay buried under there for all I care." He shook his head, before scowling at the injured and unconscious girl. "You're damn lucky you're the daughter of Trigon."

"Please, why is she not healing herself?" Starfire asked quietly, trying not to disturb Jinx who had fallen asleep in the chair beside the bed. "It has been two days now."

"She's gonna be beat, Star. She was fighting that creature, and I'll be you anythin' it was her that pulled down the building." Cyborg shook his head as he checked the girl's bandages. "Good news is she's stable."

"But if she does not go into the trance of healing-"

"We'll just have to keep treating her like she was one of us. We're lucky I get you all to give blood regularly." He glanced at the bag hooked up to Raven. "Imagine trying to find this in a hospital's blood bank!"

"She will be the O K?" Starfire frowned slightly, looking back at her friend.

Cyborg walked back round the bed and put his hand on the alien's shoulder. "I don't see any reason why her condition should get worse. I'm gonna make dinner, an' see if I can get Jinx to eat anythin'. Mind sittin' with her in case she wakes up?"

"I do not mind." She shook her head, walking over to one of the other chairs.

"Dudes!" Beast Boy yelled, running out of the infirmary, having no problem leaving Jinx alone.

After bringing her here, Robin had insisted she be under constant watch, but apart from toilet breaks, it became clear pretty fast Jinx wasn't moving anywhere until Raven woke up, and even Robin had started leaving for minutes at a time during his watch.

"Dudes! Guys!Where are you?"

Cyborg and Robin came running down the corridor, faces a mask of panic. "What? Has her condition deteriorated?"

"If you call going into a trance thingy deterioration." He beamed. "She's gonna be okay!"

Robin let out a large breath, almost sinking to the floor in relief. Cyborg's smile matched the changeling's, and he let out a small laugh. "'Bout time!"

"I'll go tell Star." Robin shook his head, before jogging back up the corridor.

The pair started walking back down the corridor. "I'm not expecting her to wake for a few days. She's got a lot of damage to heal. But I can remove the drip and a lot of the monitors. I'm gonna keep her hooked up to the heart monitor just in case mind you."

"Cy, she's always okay once she starts floating and stuff."

"She's got a lot of damage. I ain't said it in front of Jinx, so you might not have caught it, but most of her ribs were crushed an' I think her spine was damaged. That's not even looking at the damage her left hand took, and her leg looked pretty bad. She's gonna scar up nasty too." Some of the joy from moments ago was starting to leak out of his tone. "I fixed her up best I could, but I was hopin' she woulda started the healin' trance a week ago."

"Better late than never though." Beast Boy shrugged. "Come on, this is Rae we're talking about. She always pulls through stuff."

"You're right." Cyborg smiled, but he didn't sound convinced.

They walked into the infirmary. Jinx was leaning forward in her chair, eyes blurry from lack of sleep and tears, her hand gripping the empath's tightly. She looked up as Cyborg began removing some of the various wires attached to her.

"She's gonna be okay?" The meta-human asked hopefully.

"She's entered a healing trance. She should start to wake up in a few days." Cyborg nodded, pulling the drip out of Raven's arm.

Jinx smiled at them, before her eyes starting stinging. She broke down crying almost as quickly, and both the boys glanced at each other, uncertain. She'd been doing quite a bit of crying, and before Starfire had always been at hand to sit with the meta-human. They didn't want to leave her, but they didn't exactly know how to consol her either.

"Think... I'm gonna get some sleep." Jinx muttered in between her quiet sobs, leaning further forward to kiss Raven's cheek before she got up and moved unsteadily to the other cot behind her Cyborg had already given her permission to use, but she was yet to even touch.

Saved, both boys let out a quite sigh of relief, and Cyborg ushered the smaller boy out the room after checking over Raven once more, leaving her hooked up to everything but the heart monitor.

"That's almost a fortnight she's been sleepin' on that chair." Cyborg muttered. "Maybe she'll actually eat a full meal today as well. That's girl's wastin' away to nothing."

"I knew Rae liked Jinx but I didn't exactly expect the same in reverse." Beast Boy voiced as he followed Cyborg into the kitchen and poured himself a glass of soya milk. "I'm glad Star was right."

"Like I told Robin. Jinx aint a bad girl, not really. But fourteen nights and probably only a few hours of sleep... I'm surprised she hasn't collapsed on us."

Raven groaned as she opened her eyes, unprepared for the blaring light that hit them, letting her see nothing but white. She heard someone move suddenly to the side of her, and tried to shake of the effects of healing, having the awful feeling that it was the Shadow. Raven gasped as someone threw them self at her, almost crushing her with their weight.

"Oh my god! You're okay!"

"Jinx?" Raven muttered, her throat feeling awfully dry. She started coughing and the weight vanished as her vision slowly started re-appearing, though all she could see now was pink. "Where am I?"

"Titans Tower."

Raven struggled to sit up, trying not to wince as something pulled tight in her back and one of her ribs protested, blinking as though it would help her eyes adjust quicker. "You're in titans tower? Wait, why am I in titans tower? Jinx, what the hell is going on?"

"Why don't you tell me?" She replied, the relief being replaced with anger. "What the hell were you thinking?" When Raven didn't answer she shook her head and moved to sit on the edge of the bed. "We didn't find that shadow thingy."

"You wouldn't. If that didn't kill him, I don't know what would. To be honest I'm surprised I survived."

Jinx slapped her, hard. "You idiot! You fucking..." She stopping, too angry for words. "Cyborg had to revive you!"

"I was wondering why my mental defences were back in place." She muttered, more to herself, holding a hand to her cheek. She turned to look at Jinx as her vision finally returned to its normal state, and didn't know what to say.

Silence filled the room, only interrupted by the regular beeping of the heart monitor still attached to Raven. Slowly, as though waiting for Raven to move out the way, Jinx grabbed the hand the empath still had pressed to her cheek, and pulled it away towards her, holding it up to her own cheek. She closed her eyes as Raven cupped the side of the girl's face, her breath hitching as her eyes stung. She'd cried too much recently. It was bad enough she'd let the other titans see how weak she was – she didn't need Raven to as well. The meta-human nuzzled against Raven's hand before moving forward and pulling her into a tight hug.

"Don't ever do anything like that again."


"I don't want to hear it. There is no excuse. None."


"Save it for your friends." She cut Raven short, pulling back slightly, before pressing her lips against Raven's, turning so she was kneeling on the bed.

The demoness welcomed her, and Jinx smirked as the heart monitor picked up the sudden increase in her heart-rate. They pulled apart as they heard the doors open, Jinx looking round while a small blush spread across Raven's cheeks.

"The heart monitor, is Rae-" Cyborg's frantic voice was cut short by Starfire.

"Eeep! Friend Raven you are well!" She rushed forward, a blur of orange, to pull the girl in question into a hug.

The empath gasped as Starfire's super strength did nothing for her. "Star... injuries..."

The alien jumped back as though Raven were on fire. "I am most sorry!"

Jinx smiled slightly, slipping off the bed. "I'll go make you a drink." She walked towards the doors, where Cyborg pulled her aside before whispering,

"You're going to get some decent sleep. Now."

"Who are you? My mother?" She frowned, though that small smile still tugged at her lips, before she left the titans in the room.

"Right then." Cyborg stepped forward, going back into doctor mode. "I heard you say injuries. Your healing trance didn't get everything?"

"Apparently I should have died." She replied dryly. "Of course I'm going to have remaining injuries. My powers have drained themselves again from the feel of it. How many did I have?"

"A few crushed ribs, spinal damage, and a crushed hand-" They watched Raven glance down at her hands, a soft look of amazement on her face- "A bad torso wound, broken leg, broken wrist and multiple lacerations. What still hurts?"

"Ribs, and my back." She murmured. "I didn't realise I could take so much damage..." She looked up to find them all watching her with a dark expression. "Lecture me all you want, but I killed it. Did you find the hostages Robin?"

Her leader's frown deepened. "Yes, I did. They're in hospital recovering. Raven what you did was stupid and reckless. You-"

"I know." She cut him short.

"Then why?"

The answer to that question was a little too personal than she was comfortable with, and would bring up the issue that had driven her over the edge in the first place, but she at least owed them an answer. "I was... confused with everything and fighting him was... it was the only thing that made sense. It was the only thing that wouldn't turn round and... I was either going to win or lose; I knew the possible outcomes and I-"

"Dude, you knew it was loose-loose." Beast Boy interrupted her. "You had planned not to survive either way."

"But my demon... I gave her full control. I, this, shouldn't be. My mental walls were destroyed. It's a miracle the monks raised me to treat it like breathing and that my body was unconscious long enough for it to move into place. I didn't know this would happen."

"That just means you shouldn't have gone after him in the first place." Robin shook his head. "We work as a team Raven, and we would have come up with something."

"Would we? I distinctively remember having an argument. And why is Jinx here?"

"She was the one who told us all we needed to find you." Robin answered, before grimacing. "And she's been at the tower for two weeks."

"I've been out for two weeks?" Raven gasped.

"Didn't help that for a week of that I was havin' to treat you like a normal human." Cyborg nodded. "You had us real worried."

"That doesn't explain why she's here."

"It was she who guessed that you had gone to the library." Starfire said softly. "We were the first on the scene, and she would not leave."

"Of course Robin here offered that she came to the tower with us." Cyborg smiled, nudging his leader, and Raven turned to give him wide eyes.

He coughed, obviously feeling uncomfortable. "I still don't approve but..." He sighed. "As long as you're doing nothing criminal together, I can't really stop you from seeing her."

"Cyborg, did you check me for concussion? I think I'm hallucinating."

The robotic teen snorted. "You're not hallucinating. Now, I can't do much about your ribs and spine but give you pain killers. And if they haven't healed properly, you might find your leg is still tender. Needless to say, the resident doctor thinks you're unfit for crime fighting."

"I gathered that myself, thank you."

"Raven... did you find out what he wanted? Or what he was?" Robin asked, comfortable now he was back on familiar ground.

She frowned. "I still don't know exactly what he was. Though I'm thinking he was a shadow man. Just a magically enhanced shadow man. After all, what am I doing when I use my powers but manipulating shadow and dark energy? It would make sense as to why I could solidify him. But I'm not sure. As for what he wanted... he said he'd wanted a portal open to the demon world. Azar knows why. But when he found I could touch him, he wanted me dead. For some reason he had the conception that Trigon would be able to possess by shell. And... I don't know if he was lying or not. Also... I think he had roots to the Church of Blood. He mentioned a priest."

"But he's dead?"

"I had a hold of him when we were buried. There wouldn't be a body – the energy would just dissipate."

"I don't like the idea of there being no proof but... we haven't heard anything about it for these three weeks. Here's hoping he's dead." Robin nodded, before glancing sternly at her. "And you can tell Jinx not to get too comfortable here."

The door opened, and the girl in question walked inside holding two mugs, one of which she passed to Raven before sitting on the edge of the bed and taking a sip of her own. "Too bad bird boy. Cause I'm not leavin' until she's back to full health."

"But the Hive Five-" Raven frowned.

"Can deal with it."

"I got not complaint." Beast Boy smiled. "That's one less villain we have to worry about for a while."

"Even so much as a fork goes missing..." Robin muttered threateningly before walking out the door.

Jinx's face scrunched up as she frowned. "Why the hell would I want your fork?"


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