When I got to the bar where I was meeting Mr. inconceivable(he says that way too much) I was wondering what the job would be? And remember what I said about wondering getting you hurt? You guessed it, I tripped over who knows what into the bar. And everyone stared at me.

"Damnit, I curse you air." I mumbled to myself.

As I sat at a table, a balding short man came to my table.

"are you Vincent?" Its was the Sicilian.

"yes, I am." Ew, his breath smells

"Good, you wanted the job, right" ugg, he sounds annoying

"Yes sir!..uh…what would I be doing?" I was getting nervous now.

"heh heh, a uh, delivery. Of sorts." He said, looking around nervously.

and being the bimbo I was, I of course, agreed.

I think that is when my life took a downward spiral.

Apparently I was now the third member on the team. Vizzini told me to go pack and meet him by the docks in 2 hours.

As I stood to leave, he grabbed my arm

"I know you aren't really a boy, no one can fool a Sicilian. But you won't be harmed. But you can bring your dresses if they make you comfortable. Whats you're real name? "

"Venus sir."

I practically ran home, err, to my tent at least. Stuffing some pants and bodices in a bag and leaving for the docks.

When I got there I saw VeeVee-as I like to call him in my head- a giant and a young Spaniard.

"Venus! You made it! Good, let's go."VeeVee said

At this point I had taken my shoulder length wavy hair down.

"Vizzini, you can't be serious! That's a woman!" The Spaniard yelled.

"A woman who can slice you too pieces!"I yelled as I pulled out one of my daggers

"I like her! Hello Lady Venus, I'm Fezzik, and this is Inigo, you are very pretty" the giant said kindly.

"Hello Fezzik, I have a feeling we will be good friends!" I said as I put my dagger away letting Inigo free from his threat.

"Can you three go any slower? We are on a time constraint!"and there goes VeeVee again.

Inigo got on the boat after VeeVee and Fezzik let me go on before him.

"Ladies first!"

"Oh why thank you Fezzik, at least you have some manners."

Ok, so not THAT much longer than the second one. but a little better.

I am happy I got some talking parts in there.

and again, this is my first story, so please don't kill me over the crappyness of it.

Please give me inspiration!