So I've decided, with help of a 5 - 1 vote for a fresh start, to post these drabbles in batches of 10. So here's the third batch!

This one's for SouthernHemmy.

Man in the Middle – The BeeGees

Puck had nowhere to run, nowhere to hide. He just wanted to be, fuck, he had no idea what he wanted. He was trapped between wanting to be the Big Bad, well, Big Badass again but, it just wasn't working.

He had had a great thing with Kurt, but he couldn't be gay. Not in this town, not after sleeping with half the female population at school and their mothers.

He had walked away from the other boy, who had found comfort in the arms of another, and now, as he watched them dance at Prom, Kurt with his crown perched on his head, he wanted nothing more than to cut in. Tell the midget to buzz off and sweep Kurt off his feet.

'You should tell him,' Lauren said softly, watching Puck knowingly.

Puck sighed, he didn't know if Kurt would ever forgive him for letting him down in every way. Or if sorry would ever be enough.

He was so tired of being stuck in the middle of the best thing in his life, and second best.

But, no matter what he chose, he knew they would understand.

I know I let you down in so many ways
I know that sorry doesn't tell you
What you need me to say
But, I would die for you baby
Yes, I would die for you

I've been in disguise
And you forgive me and our love will rise
And you can understand

I'm just the man in the middle
Of a complicated plan
No one to show me the light
Ah,yes, I'm weary from battle
But I've just begun to fight
Nowhere to run to
Nowhere to hide

Feel free to leave a request! And also, I've been thinking of going themed batches. You know one's with songs with a colour in the title, or "dance" songs... or crossover drabbles... if you have an idea for one of those and maybe a song to start it off I'm willing to give it a try!