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Dave sighed in contentment; his dad was out of the house tonight, he could relax on the couch in just his boxers, control the remote and eat an entire bag of Cheetos for dinner. Score, Kobe beef challenge on Iron Chef, wonder if there's another bag of Cheetos in the kitchen? His dad would be pissed, but he couldn't help it - Iron Chef re-runs always made him hungry and there was just nothing more satisfying than licking the cheesy orange powder off his fingertips while his other hand gave Big D a slow massage. Sure it was kind of pervy to jerk-off in the living room, but what the hell, the change of scenery excited him.

The battle was just past the half way mark when he heard his text message alert. Shit. Oh well, Big D could wait, he had all night. He continued laving his thumb while he checked his phone. Finn Hudson, cool, maybe practice would be cancelled tomorrow and he could have some more "Cheeto-time" before his dad got home from work.

Kurts at lima med wants 2 c u

WTF whats wrong

Cant xplain come now

What the hell could have happened? He was fine when he left school!


"No, David I don't need you to walk with me to the car, unless of course you just wanted to, perhaps carry my books? Open the door for me? Hmm?"

He'd blinked up at him flirtatiously and given a silly grin. Dave just snorted and rolled his eyes. He really didn't mind Kurt's teasing; it was actually kind of nice. He felt like they were becoming friends. Kind of. Slowly. But it was better. Better than what it…had been. Dave had felt just a moment of darkness, of shame then, but he quickly let it go.

"Fine, you're a big boy, " he drawled. "You can take care of yourself."

Now it was his turn to smirk and Kurt's turn with the snort and eye-roll combo. Dave thought Kurt was probably better at it, hell, he probably practiced so that he could make even a snort-face look good.

"See you tomorrow David!"

"I'll be here, waiting on you."

Kurt just shook his head and sauntered off. Dave noticed the grin was back, though.


Dave felt himself panicking. As he rushed out to start his truck he wondered if Kurt needed anything. Should he stop and get flowers? Kurt would probably like flowers, but hell, he didn't even know what was wrong. God, what if it was bad? What if he was in a coma? No, that was stupid; Finn said he'd asked to see him, he couldn't do that in a coma. Maybe he'd asked and then slipped into a coma? That was dumb too, wouldn't Finn have texted him back? Damn! He didn't even know where to go when he got to the hospital. He shot Finn a text-

Where r u?

It almost startled him how quickly Finn returned the text but then he saw why, it was only two letters:


He saw Finn right away when he walked in. Though he wasn't right now, it was obvious he'd been crying. He stared out the window, his face contorted into a painful grimace and his hands were…everywhere, tugging his hair, his jacket, now just stroking the sides of his thighs in a repetitive way. The taller boy didn't notice him until he placed a hand on his shoulder.

"Finn, what happened?"

He looked at Dave, almost startled, "Dave! Dave! Kurt was attacked, he was jumped after school. This afternoon, after school. Someone attacked him."

Dave tightened his grip and asked again more slowly, "Hudson, what happened?"

Finn turned to the window again, this time his voice was breathless, soft, "Dave he just…he just came home. He didn't say anything. Got in the shower right away, which was weird, right?"

He didn't think he was even looking at him but Dave nodded at Finn's reflection in the dark glass anyway.

"But there was blood and I guess, well, he couldn't stop the bleeding. He was…Oh, God, Dave, he was…torn."

Dearjesusmarymotherofgod no. He didn't want to…his mind didn't want to…no, shit, no! He felt his stomach roll and fought it back.

"Was Kurt…was he…raped?"

Finn didn't, couldn't turn. He just looked at the window. Dave watched the Finn-reflection nod; once, twice, then he dropped his head as the tears came again.

"Who, Finn? Who did it?" The cold rage in his own voice surprised Dave but Finn didn't seem to notice.

"He said he doesn't know. He said he was attacked from behind. Burt, he thought that maybe you…" both boys cringed a little at that but Finn continued to speak, "But Kurt said no, he's sure, not you. He said he was knocked out, didn't see who it was, though. I don't know Dave, I don't know."

They stood in silence. Dave noticed he was still gripping Finn's shoulder; he took his hand away and patted Finn's back then just stood beside him staring at nothing in the blackened window. Finally Finn turned and faced him again, his voice dropping even lower, "He didn't have any head injuries, just the…ahhh." The sound came out broken, almost a moan.

"Okay, okay." He patted Finn's back again but it still felt kind of useless so he dropped his hand to his side.

"I mean, his face isn't even bruised, he's kind of bruised up on his arms and…legs, but wouldn't he be hurt? If he was hit hard enough to knock him out? Wouldn't he be?"

"I don't know Finn."

Shit, he just couldn't make sense of this. Why would Kurt say he didn't know who did it? Didn't he want them caught? Punished? Was he afraid of telling, maybe being blamed? Isn't that what they did to that kid in Utah so long ago? Said he'd hit on some guy and that was why he'd been beaten to death? But fuck, Kurt was raped! That couldn't be gay panic or whatever it was. Was he embarrassed of what people would say? That he was a fag and deserved it or even wanted it? Christ, what would they say? What would Kurt be facing because of this? Dave felt like his brain was in over-drive but he still couldn't wrap his mind around the situation.

"Why does he want to see me?"

"He didn't say; just kept asking, he told Burt to get you here, that you could help him."

"Jesus, Finn, how am I supposed to help?"

Finn's voice was high and plaintive now, "I don't know Dave, I don't know about anything! Shit, I gotta tell Burt you're here. " He pulled out his phone and started a text.

Dave leaned his forehead against the window. Shit! If only…Fuck it, just fuck 'if only.' He hadn't. And that's just too fucking bad because the big guy in the sky really wasn't into do-overs for the fucking little people down here. But the' if only' didn't go away for some reason. He glanced up to see Burt Hummel striding towards him.

"What does Kurt want with you?"

Great, did everyone think he had the answers today? Maybe he should take a stroll around and start diagnosing some of the sick motherfuckers. It's his kid; he's probably in shock too.

Dave took a deep breath, "I don't know Mr. Hummel. I don't know how he thinks I can help."

Burt just shook his head and led him towards the nurse's station. Finn hardly seemed to notice they were walking away.

"Can I help you?" asked a professional but tired voice.

"My son, Kurt Hummel…"

"Oh! Yes sir." At this she made a sad, sympathetic face.

"This is his other brother, Dave, the one he's been asking for."

Sympathy-face nods, "That's fine, let me buzz you in and you can both go back."

Burt gave her a nod in return and they waited for the buzzer before Burt opened the door and turned down the hall way. They hadn't gone more than two steps when Dave started to piece it together. Kurt had said he didn't see who did this, that he'd been unconscious even though, according to Finn, he didn't have any injuries to his head or even his face. More than that, Kurt had cleaned himself. Dave knew sometimes people did things like that after…but he couldn't shake this vibe he was getting. If only…

He felt a terrible dread settling over him; it felt like a rock was lodged in the pit of his stomach. Nope. Definitely not hungry now. Shit, shit and Jesus fucking Christ because with every step he and Mr. Hummel took he was more and more convinced that he knew why Kurt wanted him, why Kurt expected him to help. And Jesus fucking Christ again because Dave was also absolutely sure that he'd do what Kurt wanted.

When they reached the room Dave could hardly believe his eyes, he'd thought Finn looked bad but fuck, Hudson looked ready to run the Boston marathon compared to his brother. Kurt looked pale, waxy. It's like seeing what he'd look like laying in his coffin. Dave instantly banished the morbid thought. Besides, people in caskets lay on their backs, not on their stomachs. He felt a burst of hysteria that vanished when Kurt looked up and met his eyes.

"Dad, I need a minute with David."

Now he felt calm, very calm. As soon as he'd seen Kurt's eyes, everything was confirmed. God help us all. The thought came in a flash, and then it was gone.

"Son, I don't think…"

"Really Dad, just a minute," Kurt interrupted but it seemed to take all his strength to do so.

Burt was obviously reluctant but he replied, "Just a minute, " then looking directly at Dave, "I'll be right outside, just down the hallway."

Dave only nodded and waited for him to leave. He looked at Kurt lying on the hospital bed; he looked frailer than Dave had ever seen him. He was suddenly scared, scared to approach this frail boy who held all the power in the world over him, but Kurt's eyes pleaded with him and then dropped as though his last reservoir of will-power had been used up making that plea. He moved; drawn forward by what? his mind whispered, love/lust, need/greed, desire/disgust, sadness, sickness, strangeness, madness, what did it matter? What did it matter when whatever words he thought or said it all came down to just one word…Kurt.

Dave leaned down next to him, faces almost touching, and whispered in his ear, so softly, so gently, just one word, "Who?"

A thousand thoughts rushed through Kurt's mind in that moment. Could he do this? Was this really what he wanted? Was this him? Dammit, he'd already taken it this far, there'd be no justice, no peace of mind for him without…and after hesitating only an instant Kurt inclined his head toward David's so his mouth was very close to his ear and whispered just one word. It was a name.

Dave stood then and just looked at him. Kurt thought the larger boy looked grim and determined but so sad that it actually rolled off his body towards Kurt, a force that he could feel surrounding him, enveloping him. David reached out and seemed about to touch his cheek then thought better of it and rested his hand on the edge of the bed.

"Do you need me to stay?"

"Could you just…ask my dad to come in?" To Kurt's ears his own voice sounded small, tired.

"Sure." But he waited a moment at the door until Kurt met his eyes again. With a slight nod of his head, voice almost a whisper, David spoke, just one word, "Soon."

As he walked out Kurt was left waiting, pondering. It was a good word, 'soon.' Soon his dad would be here, giving him the comfort only Burt could provide, soon his rapist (and his stomach turned sick and sour at the word) wouldn't be, well, anywhere. And the thought was chilling and it made his brain feel…slippery, but it was a comfort too. But…for the first time in his life Kurt Hummel understood completely and exactly what was meant by the term 'cold comfort.' It was cold, it was very cold. And so…sickening. But oh so very, very comforting.