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The King of the Anti-Fairies

Chapter X

-What happened after the reunion...-

Immediately after the gang reunited, Tommy heard a voice that said "the final battle was coming." Tommy and his friends took Micheal and the others to the Power Chamber, where they met Zordon. Zordon revealed to Tommy and Kat that they were also Royals. Later, Aslan appeared to reveal that Riku, Roxas, Naminé, Phineas and Isabella were Royals too. Suddenly, they all received a message from Maleficient and Bowser that their friends and family had been kidnapped. With that, the group set out for the Enchanted Dominion.

"BOWSER! WHERE'S MY COFFEE?" yelled Maleficient. "I'm coming!" Bowser said when he spotted a group of soldiers standing in attention. "Hey, you all should be in the dungeon looking over the prisoners!" The soldiers ran towards the dungeon, where the captives were held. "Hey! Let us go!" said Alan to the soldiers. The soldiers all took of their helmets. "Kids!" they quietly shouted. Elizabeth opened the door, and Xion created a corridor. "This corridor will take you back to Radiant Garden; Leon'll be waiting for you on the other side," Sora said. "But what about you guys?" asked Patrick. "We'll be fine, just go!" said Kairi.

As everyone went through the corridor, Micheal and his friends went back upstairs to face off with Maleficient. "How did you get inside?" she asked then called for Bowser. Bowser exhaled a stream of fire, but was quickly extinguished. Sora, Kairi, and Xion each combined their fire attacks to create one powerful Firagun, which completely dissolved Maleficient into a black puddle. Bowser tried to run away, but Mario grabbed the giant Koopa by the tail and flung him into a warp pipe that Luigi set up. With a sigh of relief, the battle was over, and everyone said their goodbyes before returning to their respective realms, each of them with the hope of meeting each other again.


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