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"The Fairly Oddparents R: The King of the Anti-Fairies"

Chapter VIII

Michael was walking around the place in which he woke up from. He was trying to find anyone he knew, but the place was unfamiliar to him. His head was hurting, but the cause likely came from the rock he landed on and not from his sense of imminent danger. "Where am I?" he asked himself.

Micheal continued walking and came across two people. One was an 18-year-old boy with brown hair wearing a red t-shirt and khaki pants. The other was a girl, also 18, with blonde hair, and wore a pink blouse and a white skirt. The two of them seemed to be very athletic. "Excuse me," Michael said to them, making them turn around.

"Can I help you?" asked the girl in a English accent. "Hold on a minute, Kat," said the boy. "This kid looks like trouble." "Trouble? I'm just wondering where am I?" replied Micheal. "Angel Grove." said the boy. "My name's Tommy, and this girl right here is Kat. We were just on our way to the Youth Center; do you want to come with us?" he asked. "Sure! By the way, I'm Michael." "That's a nice name," said Kat. "Come on! We don't want to be late!" shouted Tommy. Micheal followed along Kat and Tommy. For some strange reason, he felt a sense of great power inside them. Micheal wondered if there were more royals then he originally thought.

Meanwhile, Elizabeth and the others were about to leave Radiant Garden. "Hope you all return safely!" shouted Leon. "Bye Leon, and thanks for everything!" Xion replied as the group boarded on to a Gummi Ship. They each waved goodbye to Leon as they blasted off. As they were traveling the Lanes Between, Naminé asked, "So where do we go to next? "Angel Grove, there's so many people there that it'd be impossible for Maleficient and Bowser to find us," replied Trixie. "Works for us," said Peach. "Alright then, let's go!" Xion said. Little did the group knew was that two people had stowed away on the ship.

Michael had just left the Angel Grove Youth Center. He was still wondering if everyone was alright, including Elizabeth when he heard Tommy calling him out. "Yes?" he asked. "You left in such a hurry that you forgot your wallet," Tommy said. "Oh...thanks," Michael said and placed it back in his pants. "So, I noticed there was a picture of a girl in there; is she your girlfriend?" Tommy asked. Michael nodded and replied, "Her name's Elizabeth; I don't know if she's okay." "Excuse me?" asked Tommy. "Oh, it's nothing. See ya!" Michael said quickly and walked away when he bumped into two more people.

"Sorry about that," Micheal said. "Michael? Is that you?" said one of them in a familiar voice. It was none other than Sora and Kairi! "Guys!" Micheal said happily. "Where's Xion? Is she with you?" asked Kairi. "No; Elizabeth's not here either." said Michael. "I feel terrible." Kairi said placing her head on her hands and Sora wrapped his arms around her. "How long have you been here?" Sora asked Michael. "I'm not sure; I believe I've been unconscious for at least a day, but that's just a guess," he replied. "Us too; whatever Maleficient and Bowser did to us knocked us out pretty good," Sora said. "I just wonder what happened to Elizabeth and Xion," said Michael. "Hey where are we going to stay? We need to find someplace so we can plan on how to send Maleficient and Bowser away." Kairi asked. "I have no idea; we'll find a place, if not I can just poof up one." Michael said. Sora and Kairi agreed and all three of them walked away.

Unknown to Michael and the others, Tommy and Kat, along with their friends Tanya, Rocky, and Adam, had listened in on their conversation. "What did he mean by 'poof up one'?" asked Tanya. "That sounds something a fairy would do, but he doesn't look like one," said Rocky. "Maybe he said something else?" asked Tommy. "Well, whatever he said, we better contact Zordon." Adam said. The five of them grabbed the devices on their wrists and they all teleported out of the Youth Center. From afar, Aslan the Lion was watching them. "The pieces are falling into place; four more royals and then the final battle begins," he said before vanishing. The group of 16 began to shiver. "What was that?" they all asked in unison.

-To Be Continued...-

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