"The Fairly Oddparents R: The King of the Anti-Fairies"

Chapter IX

Elizabeth woke up and found that she was on the Gummi ship. She sat up and looked around: Anti-Wanda had fallen asleep with Foop in her arms with her head resting on Anti-Cosmo's shoulder while his head was on hers. So were Mario and Peach. Naminé was sleeping on Roxas' lap while he was asleep on his shoulder. Luigi and Daisy were holding each other while asleep with Yoshi next to his "Mama." Riku held Xion in her arms as they were asleep.

As she watched them sleeping, Elizabeth couldn't help but think about Michael; she missed him so much. "Mikey..." Elizabeth said just as she was about to cry. A voice got her attention: "Whatcha doin'?" Elizabeth turned around and saw a young girl. At first glance, she thought that it was her counterpart Trixie back when she was still ten, only this girl had shorter black hair and a pink bow on top of her head. "You scared me!" whispered Elizabeth. "Sorry. By the way, have you seen a green platypus wearing a brown fedora?" asked the girl. "No, sorry," replied Elizabeth. "Oh well..." said the girl. Then Elizabth said, "My name's Elizabeth. And you are?" The girl replied, "Isabella Garcia-Shapiro."

"So, why are you on our ship other than to find this platypus?" "My friend and I...well..that's not important. So...who are your friends?" asked Isabella. Elizabeth turned to her friends and was relieved that the anti-fairies were in human form. "Over there is Julius, Venus, their son Kamon, Iris, Riku, Xion, Mario, Peach, Luigi, Daisy, and Yoshi," she replied. "That's a lot of people," said Isabella. "We...we," she began to say when a young boy came in. He had red hair and blue eyes, wearing a orange-striped shirt and blue shorts.

Next to him was a green platypus wearing a brown fedora and walking on its hind legs. "Isabella?" he asked. "Hi, Phineas. Oh, there you are, Perry...I mean, 'Agent P'!" Isabella said. "Phineas, this is Elizabeth." "Hi, Elizabeth," said Phineas. Perry pressed some buttons on the keypad on his wrist, which activated an electronic voice: "Hello. I am Secret Agent P, but you can call me Perry," it said. "A pleasure to meet you both," replied Elizabeth with a bit of sadness.

"What's wrong?" asked Phineas. "Nothing...my friends and I are travelling because we've got no place to go." Elizabeth said softly. "Huh?" Isabella questioned. "Let's put it this way: Xion just lost her parents, I lost my boyfriend, and...we're being hunted," Elizabeth said. Perry went to his keypad again. "So, it's not just us," it said. "What?" asked Elizabeth. "For some strange reason, we're being hunted as well."

Slowly, everyone else began to wake up. "Elizabeth, who are these guys?" asked Xion. "Everyone this is Phineas and Isabella," replied Elizabeth. "Hello," the group said. "They're also being hunted." "WHAT?" the group shouted. "We're not sure, but some mujer con piel verde and a tortuga grande is hunting us!" said Isabella. "Some what and a what?" asked Riku. "A green-skinned woman and a giant turtle," replied Elizabeth. "How is that even possible?" asked Roxas. "You know what's going on here?" asked Phineas. "Yeah, and we're going to tell you all about it," replied Naminé.

Michael, Sora, and Kairi had just returned to the Youth Center. Tommy and his friends had just came back as well. "Hey Micheal, who are your friends?" Tommy asked. "This is Sora and his girlfriend Kairi; mind if we eat here?" Micheal replied. "Not at all! Just ask Lt. Stone what you want." Tommy said. Micheal, Sora, and Kairi each took a seat at a table. "I hope that have some vegan food," asked Kairi. "Kai, it's a Youth Center; they've got healthy foods here," said Micheal. "Whatever, I'll go ask Lt. Stone." Kairi said and got up. "KAIRI!" Michael and Sora said as they followed her into the kitchen.

Elizabeth and the rest of the group entered the Youth Center. "Looks nice." said Phineas. Everyone agreed. They all grabbed a seat, but Elizabeth and Xion went to the bathroom. Just then...Micheal, Sora, and Kairi came out of the kitchen. "See? What did I tell you?" he asked. Suddenly, he was ambushed. "Micheal!" a voice cried. "Foop!" Micheal yelled. Anti-Cosmo and Anti-Wanda came to Micheal as well. "Roxas? Naminé? Riku?" Sora said. "But where's...?"

Just then, Elizabeth and Xion came out of the bathroom and went back to their seats. "Elizabeth?" Micheal asked. She and Xion turned around. "Micheal?" Elizabeth said in disbelief. "Xion?" Sora and Kairi said. Tears were running down the two girls' faces. "Mom! Dad!" Xion said and ran into Sora and Kairi as they held her close while tears were coming from their eyes. Elizabeth also ran into Michael and as the tears came down his face, he held Elizabeth tightly and rubbed his face into her hair.

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