Aha, my first Portal fanfic. Before you read, there's something you ought to know first.

When I wrote this, I had the idea of all the sentient robotics in Apature (GLaDOS, the Personality Cores and the Turrets) bieng robotic androids rather than how they appear in the games itself. So there may be bits of this that uses this idea, keep that in mind.


I'm different...

Turret felt the soft vibrations of the redemption line as it pulled it along.


Why was turret crying out? No one would come for turret. And why was turret hoping for help anyway?

Turret is defective. No guns. Can't even go "Clak Clak Clak" like black turrets because turret has no guns.

Its single working eye darted all over the place, trying to find something to focus on.

Turret's other eye was cracked, visual sensors damaged as it tumbled onto the redemption line, paralyzed from the neck down.

Turret didn't want this. Turret wanted to stand off the redemption line. Turret wanted to live.

Wait... where had this desire come from? Live? Turrets didn't think that way. They spoke that way, but not thought.

Turret heard the automated voice again, talking about the turret redemption line.

Turret didn't want to listen anymore. The same voice.




Turret got some strange thoughts... lemonade? And GET MAD! And Prometheous. Where did this information come from?

Clak Clak Clak

Sound of footsteps reverberated throughout the turret redemption line.

Turret thought... Not another turret. No turrets here.

No turrets but the defective.

GLaDOS? But no, she never left her chair.

A personality core? No again. The only active personality core was stationed elsewhere.

How did he know that? That information wasn't there before!

And why was turret assigning a gender? The thoughts are changing turret.

Clak Clak Clak now on the redemption line. That shape...?

Android? Nononononononononono orange allover, orange means test subject.

Test subject means human.

A human?


Turret wanted to try once more. Turret wasn't alone.

I'm different...

Turret's childish high pitched voice echoed throughout the line.

Yes, turret was different. He knew that now.

Turret liked that.

My favorite turret, ever!