Hi guys! This is My first Fanfic...

ok so BPOV - Bill's POV



(Part1: )

In some random street in L.A. ,


It's so warm out here. The sun is shining brightly and the people, well, they're so alive. Try comparing this place to our house in Germany back then. It was always dull and dark and nobody understands you if you dress or act differently from the others. I actually miss the breeze and all the attention (May it be negative or positive). Here I just blend in the crowd although people still stare at me for my fame, they've gotten used to seeing me walking the sidewalks of L.A. every morning.

Today is another normal day for me. I've done the regular daily routine that I do when I'm not busy of recording, fan signing, music awards (hopefully) or interviews. I pull out my regular pair of jeans, a sleeveless top (as I've said, it's hot), and some rings and necklaces. Most of all, I bring my wallet. There are just so many varieties of stores to choose from (clothes!). I do love it here. I love the sun, the people, the culture, the shops, and this whole place. While Tom only thinks about the women and making out in the beach with them. Ugh. At least I have a purpose in life.

Well...ok...So I don't have a girlfriend, a love life but so what? She just hasn't met me yet. Yeah, I believe in true love but also in heartaches. I've already loved alright. Ich bin nicht shwul. Sometimes you just have too much of it. And they don't understand how I've got to prioritize on the band and not give all my attention to them.(Them= past girlfriends)

Anyways, I've been walking on the streets as I've said awhile ago. And compared to Tokyo, this place sort of lacks something. Maybe because Tokyo is our band's destination and L.A. isn't really the one.


Oh yeah! L.A., this is what I'm talking about. Warm sun, beautiful place... oh who am I kidding? It's all about the women! Each and every day is like heaven to me ;). I can walk around the town with my shirt off and oh... the women! It's like you can't live in this place if you're not hot.

Just yesterday, when I walked the shore, I met 3 sizzling hot ladies. They said they're best friends and usually they all are attracted to the same guy. And obviously, they like me. So I invited them to the house and they're coming maybe dinnertime. I don't know how that'll work out if Bill will come in and destroy my night. Oh how I wish Bill goes somewhere else tonight.

[3:00 PM]

BPOV: It's getting hotter. Maybe it'll rain later. But then what do I know. Ugh. The heat... it's killing me. Ooh a mall. I'll get some cold air there. Oh wait... look at that! They're selling the little red uh... round stuff...uh... what do you call those? Oh yeah! Skittles! Haa :"

My first chapter to my first story:)... I already have the rest of the story but I'm still trying to know more about FFN soo yeah..:)..waddya think?