This has been something that's been in my head for a long while especially when seeing Not So Bad A Dad after All when Vanessa was younger and saw Perry kicking Doofy's butt made me realise that my fave little agent's been in her and Doofy's lives for a long time.

This is gonna be a friendship story involving little Vanessa and Perry as Doofy and Charlene are going through their divorce and the little strudel cutie is feeling alone and hard to deal with the divorce and little Perry is finding it hard to deal with agent training.

But together they can meet theese challenges.

I know my fave reviwers will enjoy.

It was the middle of the afternoon as Vanessa was playing in her room with dolls but could hear both her parents fighting as they were arguing as Doof had been late picking Vanessa up from school and she was feeling scared as she'd hated hearing them fight but was on her bed drawing in her sketchbook.

She was six years old and in kindergarten but loved being at school and playing with her friends like Lacey as they'd been playing Dragon Riders at school and the teachers had noticed she'd ben quiet and had been drawing a drawing of her and her Dad on a dragon making her feel better as she buryed her head in a purple pillow as the door opened but was pretending she was asleep as Doof walked in but saw her sketchbook there as he looked in it but tears were in his eyes seeing some of the sketches knowing him and Charlene fighting had upset her.

He hoped what he and Charlene had to tell her wouldn't upset her as divorce was a big deal especially when you had a child but would try to make her feel loved as he knew Charlene hated his hobby of trying to take over the Tri-State Area and getting his butt kicked by a secret agent platypus everyday.

He left her alone as he was finding what he and Charlene were going to do hard himself.

He hoped Vanessa would be okay.

Vanessa noticed that things were quiet as they were eating dinner making her tense as she had a feeling they'd been fighting again.

"V-Vanessa honey there's something we need to tell you honey." Doof told her.

The six year old was curious but nervous wondering what her father was going to say.

"Your mother and i are divorcing." he told her.

Vanessa shook with fear hearing that as tears welled in her eyes as she ran out of the dining room and into her room slamming the door but Doof was worrying about her as he went to check on her but heard crying from the door.