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Revealing All

Sixty Days Later

Both Al and Louis woke up with a sense of almost giddy anticipation. There was sorrow as well, trepidation for what was to come, both good and bad. For Louis not so much, he'd always been out and he was use to the minimal backlash he'd always gotten for his homosexuality. For Al though it would be a first and he didn't have his non human blood to blame for the fact that he'd been born gay. The fact that he was dating Scorpius Malfoy would add to the adversity he was going to face and Al was more than willing to admit that he was nervous as hell as he got dressed to head down for breakfast.

They'd received a letter from Al's father the night before stating that the abolition of the anti gay law had been signed and was now in effect. Today was a new day…and they were going to face it head on.

Both men couldn't help but wonder how their other two roommates would react to having it pretty much shoved in their faces that not one but two of their roomies preferred men. They would get teased and poked fun of too, there was no way around that. Hugo had volunteered to switch rooms if one of them wanted to, even though there was only a month of school left to get through before they'd all graduated.

They were really hoping that it wouldn't come to that.

Doing there best to act like the day was just like any other Al and Louis headed down from the tower towards the Great Hall, well aware that their other family members in Gryffindor were sticking close to them, giving silent support as they made their way through the hallways and down the stairs.

As previously discussed and planned Scorpius and Rorake stood waiting for them on the opposite side of the hall when they arrived.

"Show time." Al said softly under his breath, and taking a deep breath picked up his pace, Scorpius doing the same as they zeroed in on each other, everyone who'd noticed pausing as they watched the two men, curious as to what was going to happen and thinking perhaps a fight would break out between Potter and Malfoy.

As soon as the man was within his reach Albus lifted his arms and wrapped them around the Slytherin's neck, the blonde's arms coming around his waist as they moved in to kiss the hell out of each other while the majority of the male population gapped in stunned shock. Most of the girls around them were members of Louis's fanclub and therefore already knew the two were a couple since the two men were the best friends of their prince and their prince's consort. But it was definitely worth watching in their opinions, and a number of them went totally fangirl over the very hot guy on guy action taking place.

Drawing back once he was sure their statement had been made Al grinned at his Slytherin. "Good morning."

Scorpius slowly licked his lips. "Morning."

Grin widening Al all but purred that he'd be seeing him later before heading into the Great Hall, people parting for them automatically as they watched the pair enter, their heads whipping back at the sound of more exclamations.

Running to his Slytherin Louis grinned and boosted himself up to wrap his arms and legs around Rorake as he enthusiastically kissed his own man good morning.

It was a damn good thing their eyes were closed or they would have been permanently blinded as hundreds of camera went off simultaneously as Louis's fangirls caught the moment on film, having expected that the first day of freedom for their prince would be marked with plenty of displays of affection between the two men.

After thoroughly snogging his man good morning Rorake drew back and smiled up at the very smug looking blonde. "Hi."

"Hi back." Louis returned with a mischievous gleam in his eyes as he unwrapped his legs and allowed himself to very slowly slide down Rorake's yummy body. "I'd continue, but you need to get in there and eat plenty of breakfast. You're going to need all your strength and endurance later."

"I'll keep that in mind." Leaning in Rorake gave the other man one last quick kiss and then the two headed into the Great Hall as well.

A lot of talking and very little eating occurred in the Great Hall that morning.


As previously arranged the four men met up at the end of the day after changing into normal clothes and collecting their overnight bags from their rooms. And having already confirmed their absences from the school for the weekend the quartet headed towards the main exit instead of joining those headed for the Great Hall. To say they were shocked as hell when they saw what awaited them on their way out would be a massive understatement. Most of Louis's fangirls had apparently cut their last classes and were all crowded around the exit, many with congratulatory banners that they waved enthusiastically as they called out well wishes to both couples while pictures were taken and flowers petals were thrown.

"What do they think this is, a wedding reception?" Scorpius hissed, utterly mortified.

Chuckling Al slid his arm through the Slytherin's and smiled at his man. "Just be glad they're throwing flower petals at us instead of rice or seeds."

Meanwhile Louis was getting all teary eyed as he called out thanks to all of them for everything while Rorake just marveled at the lengths the girls went to for his man. It was both touching and very, very scary.

Thank Merlin they'd decided that he was good enough for their prince.

They'd have never found his body.

In the end they had to all but drag Louis from his fans, but they did have dinner reservations and of course it eventually occurred to the blonde that the longer he spent with his fans the longer it would be before he was alone with his man. So with many blown kisses and waves Louis allowed himself to be herded out and the four headed out of the castle among much cheering and made their way down the school laneway until they were far enough away.

Arriving at the hotel on schedule the four put their bags on hold and then headed into the hotel's restaurant, which was doing a brisk business. To say they got plenty of looks would be an understatement, not only because of who they were with but because there were still a few missed flower petals clinging to them. That they were obviously there in units of two and that Albus Potter was looking more than a little cozy with Scorpius Malfoy was one of the main topics of conversation at the tables closest to the four.

For their part the group ignored the looks they were getting and concentrated on their partner and their friends, the four making the effort to treat the dinner like a normal double date.

All four of them had humorous stories about the reactions their relationships had gotten throughout the day, just as all of them made the deliberate choice not to mention the name calling, disgusted looks, or cold shoulders they'd gotten from some of their classmates too. Overall the back lash hadn't been nearly as bad as it could have been, would be once they were out to the rest of the Wizarding World, but for the moment they didn't give a damn about that.

Because it was all worth it in the end.

It also went without saying that they were all eager to get to the more private one on one time they all had planned so they got through their meal quickly, paying their bills and then heading to the front to retrieve their bags and get the keys to their rooms.

Taking the elevator to the top floor the four men split into their respective pairs, waving off the others before heading for their room with their man.


Louis walked to stand in the middle of the suite, impressed as hell as he took in the setup, aware of the fact that he was studying his surroundings with so much interest because he was suddenly nervous as hell. It didn't seem to matter than he'd been waiting for what felt like forever for this moment. For the moment he felt like countless virgins had felt at times like this, worried that he wouldn't be what Rorake wanted, that it wouldn't be as powerful and wonderful as he'd imagined, and of course he wasn't forgetting the possibility of pain as well, seeing as he was taking bottom.


Setting his bag down on the floor Louis forced himself to turn around, intending to make some flippant comment about how much this suite had to be costing their friends, the words dying on his tongue as he met Rorake's gaze. And when he found them again he couldn't say anything but the truth.

"I'm nervous."

Nodding his head in perfect understanding Rorake set down his bag and then walked over to stand in front of the Gryffindor, reaching out to wrap his fingers around one of the man's pale wrists. Bringing the blonde hand to him the Slytherin slid it under his shirt and up to place it against his frantically beating heart.

Lips curving into a smile Louis looked up at his lover with a great deal more ease now. "You know, with a poker face as good as yours, you'd make a killing gambling."

"I'll keep that in mind if the drawing doesn't work out."

"Please, with a muse like me, you'll knock every critic dead." Wrapping his other arm around the Slytherin's neck Louis grinned and then placed his lips against Rorake's on a sound of pleasure.

Wrapping his arms around the slimmer man's waist Rorake returned the kiss, both of them keeping it slow and easy because that was how it was meant to be. They had no reason to rush and every reason to savor. Because this was what mattered, this was the point of what they were doing.

They were loving each other with their bodies, as they loved each other with their hearts.

Kisses deepened, tongues tangles and played, fingers dug into flesh for support and to arouse while shirts were tugged up and then quickly thrown to the floor so that they were no longer a barrier as bodies immediately came back together, loathed to have been apart when they'd waited so long to be close.

Cupping his beloved's face between his large hands Rorake lowered his head to place kisses against the golden freckles dotting the blonde's nose, murmuring Louis's name like they were a prayer while the Gryffindor hands stroked his broad back.

Muscles bunched and flexed under his seeking fingers, the body Rorake had worked to peak efficiency and strength quivering at his touch. It was as much a turn on as the man's body itself, and that was saying something, Louis thought wickedly as he turned his head to gently bite down on Rorake throat where the Slytherin's pulse beat frantically, laving his tongue over it to sooth.

Shuddering at the gesture Rorake sighed as he murmured into the other man's ear. "Are you trying to kill me, Freckles?"

"What good would you be to me dead?"

"Excellent point." Pulling back the Slytherin kissed the frown that appeared on the Gryffindor's face. Winking to reassure Rorake walked back over to retrieve his bag and then walked back to Louis, holding out his hand to the other man.

Louis reached out and linked their fingers together as they walked through the suite and head into the bedroom, which looked exactly what Al had said it was.

The honeymoon suite.

There were roses everywhere, candles lighting all on their own as they stepped into the room. The covers on the large, four poster bed were turned down for them, the silk sheets beckoning them as romantic instrumental music began playing quietly in the background.

Louis stared. "Wow."

Rorake nodded in agreement. "We're going to owe those two big time for this." Al had said that Scorpius had insisted on helping to pay for both rooms since it would be his way of saying thanks for their help rescuing Al from the Death Eaters.

Nodding dumbly Louis couldn't see how this could be any more perfect. If he was anymore girl he'd feel obligated to cry, it was just so right and perfect.

Feeling plenty touched himself Rorake committed the room to memory and then turned his attention to what was most important.

Turning the Gryffindor so that the other man was facing him again Rorake lowered his head to recapture the blonde's mouth, starting again the flames that had temporarily been distinguished by the shock of the room, the flames roaring back to life with a vengeance as he was passionately snogged in return, Louis clinging to him with a breathless little moan of serious encouragement.

Eventually making their way over to the bed while still wrapped in each other's arms, Louis jerked when the back of his legs hit the side of the mattress, reminding him of its presence and the use they had for it.

Drawing back the Gryffindor smiled and took off his shoes and socks, leaving them on the floor as he sat down on the mattress, holding out his arms to encourage his lover to join him on it as he stretched out.

Happy to do so Rorake copied the man's earlier action and then set the bag he'd kept ahold of on the nearby dresser. Sliding onto the bed too Rorake gave himself a moment to enjoy the feel of the Gryffindor underneath him before he shifted them both onto their sides so that he wouldn't have to worry about their difference in size just yet.

Ardent snogging resuming, both men kept things slow and easy as they forced themselves not to rush, wanting time to prepare both physically and mentally for what was to come. Hands moved over flesh once more, soothing at first before the small fires joined each other to become an inferno as the touches grew increasingly desperate and bodies moved of their own regard against the other's.

Slowly Rorake slid his hand along the top of the other man's trousers, keeping his eyes steady on Louis's face as he carefully undid them, prepared to stop if he saw a hint of discomfort in the Gryffindor's eyes. But he didn't, and it was his hands that shook a little as he carefully pushed the material down and off Louis's lifting hips.

Stroking his lover's face to let him know that everything was okay, Louis figured it was a good sign that his pounding heart hadn't burst out of his chest yet as he kicked his trousers and boxers the rest of the way off. He was so nervous, but he'd gotten his pep talk from Al and he knew what to expect and how to make it easier on both of them and…and oh wow, he wasn't going to last long if Rorake kept looking at him like that.

Okay, he could do this, Rorake told himself as he swallowed hard, trying to keep a grip on the poker face Louis had complimented him on earlier. He'd made himself talk things over with Al so he knew what he was doing, and he was damned if he was going to screw this up after nearly killing himself and his best friend via embarrassment and too much mental imagery.

Reaching down with the intent of doing away with the rest of his clothing as well Rorake blushed even more than Louis when the blonde batted his hands away, wanting to do it himself.

Doing plenty of blushing on his own it took considerable effort on Louis's part not to stop what he was doing as he pulled the Slytherin's trousers and underwear down, revealing what would soon be going into his….

Chuckling at the look on the Gryffindor's face Rorake figured a distraction was definitely in order before the blonde's head exploded.

Grateful to be distracted Louis enthusiastically kissed the other man back, mostly unaware of the fact that Rorake was completely removing the two final articles of clothing that had separated their bodies from each other.

When they were both thoroughly lost once again in the moment Rorake shifted them so that he was once again on top of the blonde, leaning down to place loving kisses over the other man's face before retrieving a jar from the side pocket of his bag, a quick glance in Louis's direction confirming that the Gryffindor knew what he had.

Watching the Slytherin as he applied the lubricant to his fingers Louis breaths came out in pants, eyes trusting as he wrapped his legs around Rorake's waist, tilting up his hips to make it easier for him.

"Tell me if I'm hurting you." Rorake said softly as he gently slid one finger inside the other man, biting back a loud moan of his own as he watched his lover arch into his touch.

With slow, loving strokes Rorake worked his fingers inside of his lover, preparing the blonde to take him, thrilling in the gasps and looks of pleasure on Louis's face when he touched him just right. He kept it up until Louis told him he was ready, seeing the need and readiness in the other man's eyes.


Holding into his lover with his whole body Louis bit down on his bottom lip, refusing to show an ounce of discomfort as men carefully entered him, fingers digging into the Slytherin's broad shoulders as he arched his body, needing what only his lover could give him even as his body struggled to adapt. Because yes it hurt a little, but it was worth it. Rory was worth it.

"This better get easier with practice." Rorake murmured when he was all the way in, shaking with the need to move but refusing to do so, needing to get a better grip on his control before he took things too fast, his body wanting nothing more than to plunge into the tight, hot sheath of his lover until he came.

Chuckling, Louis grinned. "Rory?"

"Yeah, Freckles?"

"I love you...and I'm waiting."

On a note of laughter Rorake returned the sentiment and then gave the Gryffindor exactly what they both wanted, allowing their needs and bodies to guide them as they learned together how to express their love this way, pausing for kisses and tender touches as they found their way towards fulfillment. Hearts pounding in unison as breaths caught and pleasure was given and taken, they held each other tight as they rode out their climaxes when they finally came, shaking their worlds even as they held steady in the arms of their lover, knowing absolutely that they were meant to be.

And always would be.

The End