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If Albus and Scorpius had had any say in the matter they would have had as small a wedding as possible. But it was not up to them according to their mothers, who informed them that the hours of sweaty, backbreaking labor they'd spent bringing said men into the world gave them the right to plan the wedding as they saw fit. Their mothers had done the same to them, and now it was their turn to carry on the tradition. Astoria in particular was adamant since Scorpius was her only child which meant that unlike Ginny she didn't have a daughter who would eventually walk down the aisle.

So the men were informed that they didn't have to worry about any of the details, and would simply have to show up at the appointed place and stand and say what they were told.

Scorpius thought this was a good deal while Albus just shook his head and marveled over how completely clueless his lover was to how quickly a wedding could become a three-ring circus, especially when it was being helmed by women who adored their children and therefore wanted only the 'best' for them.

They'd gotten to pick who would stand up with them though, that number swelling to six in total because their mums had deep sixed the idea of them only having one person each, especially since it turned out that by Muggle law Cynna couldn't sign off on the wedding because she wasn't old enough. And as previously discussed it wouldn't be right to have Teddy and Lily stand up for them and exclude James, so in the end Albus had James, Lily and an ecstatic Finn on his side, while Scorpius had Cynna, Teddy and Helena on his.

At first they'd struggled to figure out how to pull that last one off, but in the end they'd simply told the Muggle officiate that Finn's 'partner' in the wedding party had passed away and was being acknowledged symbolically. The man had thought it an absolutely lovely and touching gesture, giving his condolence for the loss even though Helena had actually been in the room at the time for the rehearsal.

She'd appreciated the thought.

The living bridesmaids were wearing gold, the men in the wedding party all wearing Muggle style suits with emerald green ties that perfectly matched both Albus and Finn's eyes. Teddy had offered to adopt that eye color as well, but in the end the mothers had decided that wasn't necessary and had also forbid him to show up with a hair color not normally found among regular people.

The other big problem had been the guest list, since not only did Albus have a huge family but numerous family friends who would understand but still be a little hurt if they were left out. So everyone that would normally be at Albus wedding was going to be there, they were all just being told that it was a party they were coming to and that they were required to wear formal Muggle dress for it. They'd come to the Potter house and then be filled in on what was really going on and sent to the place where the ceremony was actually taking place.

Then of course there was Scorpius's family, who was small in numbers but big when it came to…personalities. And while Astoria had made it clear to her in laws that they could kiss any relationship with the rest of the family good bye if they fucked this up for her baby boy, it had been touch and go for a while as to whether or not Lucius and Narcissa would come, especially since it would be a Muggle ceremony and would require appropriate dress for that setting. But in the end they'd been unable to disappoint their son, who'd made it clear he wanted them there, and they'd agreed to both come and behave.

They weren't going to stay long at the reception, but everyone agreed that was probably for the best since that meant the odds of liquor loosening tongues and fights breaking out as a result would decrease significantly.

And so the night before the wedding arrived.


Walking out of his cottage and onto his back lawn, Albus headed straight for the fenced in area that was a new addition to his property. He'd had the brainiest members of his family construct it for him, the shields going not only over top of the pen but underground as well so that his cabbits couldn't burrow themselves outside his land. It would have been even better if he'd been able to keep them in a container like he'd had at Hogwarts, so he could see what they were up to when they were below ground, but it was better that their habitat was as normal and real as possible.

Especially for Chocolate's sake, the male cabbit still recovering from the horrible condition he'd been in when the students of Hogwarts had first bought him. PACK had sent all the money they'd collected to his cousin Rosie to purchase another cabbit for Caramel to play with, and Rosie, being the soft touch that she was, had ended up buying Chocolate, who'd been losing fur from stress and was so high strung he'd jumped at shadows. She'd fattened him up and taken care of him for the month leading up to the end of school and then the cabbit saving organization had gifted him with the animal as a good bye present.

He would miss being their Herbology teacher, but was looking forward to going back to his old job too.

As the shielding around the area had been designed not to react to him Albus didn't worry about that as pulled the carrots he'd brought with him and lightly tossed them onto the grassy area, knowing that the two would find them eventually. And then Caramel came into view, up surprisingly late as she hopped over to grab one of the carrots to munch on while she moved in close so that he could lean over the fencing to pet her.

"Tomorrow's the big day, you know." Albus told her, his voice a mixture of anticipation and nerves. "Scorpius and I are getting married and he'll come here and live with us. He'd be here right now but his mum is convinced that it would be bad luck if we spent the eve of our wedding together. He was going to sneak out after she went to sleep, but she thought of that and made him promise not to. I think she's still a little worried Mr. and Mrs. Malfoy won't behave."

He was allowed to call his lover's parents by their names now, but Scorpius's grandparents hadn't made that offer and he wasn't about to risk their wrath by calling them by their first names until they did.

"Are you and Chocolate missing Hogwarts?" The term had ended a week ago and it felt strange to be back in his old place, especially since he wasn't the sole occupant. "We'll go back to the school to visit, I promise. I think the members of PACK would have my head if I didn't. They still might, come to think of it, worrying about what effect Scorpius will have on you."

The whole Wizarding World was in for one hell of a shock, Albus thought as he bid his cabbits good night and headed back towards the house, knowing he wouldn't sleep a wink.

He couldn't wait for tomorrow to come.


The wedding itself took place outdoors, the weather cooperating and providing a perfect summer day. A few spells had been used to get everything together, but all in all the Muggle who'd come to conduct the ceremony saw nothing unusual about it. The people that showed up were a bit odd here and there with their wardrobe choices, but that was only to be expected. The only person that really gave him pause was an enormous giant of a man who looked like he belonged in a forest or lumber yard, but he did his best not to stare as the wedding began.

The fathers of the grooms walked their wives down the aisle first, both women beaming and crying a little at the same time while Harry looked bemused and Draco resigned to the whole situation they found themselves in.

James' daughter Lara had been offered the chance to be a traditional flower girl, but the five year old hadn't been all that interested in throwing flowers around, much less wearing a fancy dress. Since the dress was a must Ginny had come up with a trade, Lara's love of her uncle's cabbits coming in handy. The little girl wore the girlie girl dress, complete with rosebud halo, but instead of carrying a basket of flower petals Lara pulled a decorated wagon filled with flowers. The task of littering the aisle with the petals fell to Caramel and Chocolate, the two cabbits, who'd been bewitched to look like regular rabbits, using their powerful back legs to send the white flowers flying out and over the sides. It had taken a while for Hagrid to teach the two cabbits to do that only when told, but the half giant had managed it and was ridiculously proud of them when they performed on cue.

Coming up behind them was Finn and Helena, the former looking quite dashing in his tux while those who could actually see the Ravenclaw ghost thought that she was quite the knockout when she really smiled. After that was James and Cynna, the two on their best behavior given the occasion and the fact that the girl had clued the older man into the fact that she'd shave him bald and permanently ink 'Slytherins Rule' on his skull if he did anything to screw the day up for the grooms. It probably hadn't been necessary, the man had had over seven months to get used to the idea of who his brother was marrying, but Cynna preferred to be prepared. Next came Lily and Teddy, both grinning like idiots as they walked arm and arm down the aisle. Everything looked great, a ceasefire between certain guests had been called, and they'd managed to pull off a 'Potter' wedding without the whole of the Wizarding World finding out about it.

They were going to be gloating over that last part for quite a while, because boy had it not been easy to stop themselves and others from spilling the beans.

The grooms walked down the aisle hand in hand when it was their turn, a great deal of whispering and staring following them down the aisle since the majority of the people there hadn't even known the two were seeing each other, much less that Albus was gay. To say that they intended to descend on the poor Gryffindor like locust for all the details was an understatement.

Arriving at the front the two took each other's hands, Albus grinning at his fiancé while Scorpius was a little more restrained, his smile satisfied but small while the man they'd hired to marry them went off on the usual speech, Scorpius tearing his gaze from Albus only when the Muggle asked if there was anyone attending who knew some reason why the two shouldn't be wed.

Then he looked over towards the people, his penetrating stare saying plainly that he would visit untold horrors on anyone who tried to screw this up for them.

And while many people thought about it they kept their mouths shut, not because of the man's death glare but because they trusted that the groom's family members would have interfered by now if this wasn't a good idea.

That and Narcissa had made it clear to her husband that if he tried anything she'd permanently remove what hair he had left and then turn him over to Lily Potter to be tortured.

When no one objected the older man continued, giving his practiced spiel about the importance of marriage and the responsibilities that came with the promises the two were about to make to each other. Not that they'd need it, he thought, having conducted enough of these affairs to know when he was looking at a couple that would be able to stand the test of time.

The vows were simple and had been spoken for hundreds of years in various forms and languages, the two men repeating the words when it was their turn, their voices strong and without hesitation. The rings were handed over and slipped onto the correct fingers, shining new and with the promise of decades to come.

"You may now kiss your groom."

"I love you." Albus told his man, Scorpius returning the sentiment with his heart in his eyes.

And both of them grinning now Scorpius wrapped his arms around his man's waist, Albus's arms circling the man's neck, and then they snogged the hell out of each other while everyone cheered and the cabbits sang/hummed happily in their wagon.


Moving across the dance floor with ease at the reception, Cynna couldn't help but look around and smile broadly, enjoying herself immensely. The wedding had gone off without a hitch, her two favorite teachers were now married, and thus far the teenager currently acting as her dance partner was keeping Rell off her back. Which was one of the reasons she'd asked Hart to be her date, the other being that she hadn't wanted to tell her father what she was up to, so she'd just told him she was spending the day with the man he was determined to marry her off to.

She'd had to bribe her 'fiancé' to come, but she considered it money well spent.

"We should say good night to the grooms soon." The teenager in question pointed out, though he was actually enjoying himself a lot. He'd give the Gryffindors that, Hart thought with a small smile. They definitely knew how to throw one hell of a party.

Cynna knew he was right, their fathers weren't above insisting that they had to get married for staying out too late and thus putting her honor into question. Which just went to show how old fashioned and desperate they were to use their children to cement their families, but then she and Hart were in complete agreement over the fact that their fathers were absolutely mental.

"Okay, as soon as this song's over."

Nodding Hart gave her a knowing look, pointing out that at least she'd managed to get through the whole dance portion of the reception without Rell guilting her into dancing with him. The younger teenager had been casting her soulful puppy dog eyes for a great deal of the night, obviously stricken that she'd brought a date that wasn't him to the party.

Feeling a little guilty about that, but only a little, Cynna stuck her tongue out at him and didn't comment.

The song they were dancing to soon drew to a close and the two went in search of the grooms, not having a lot of luck given the amount of people that managed to get in their way. It seemed like everyone wanted to know more about Cynna since Malfoy had actually picked her to be part of his wedding party, and since she'd made the decision to be on her best behavior she couldn't be rude to them. Hart was naturally polite and happy to throw her to the wolves for his own entertainment.

Which was only fair, he'd told her more than once, since she so often did the same to him.

Fate wasn't with them, she mentally cursed, because instead of encountering the grooms when they finally broke free the two ran into the Lupin twins, Cynna getting straight to the point as she ignored Rell's presence. "Do you know where the professors are? Hart and I have to be getting back or we're going to break curfew."

While her idiot twin frowned over that, Flora motioned in the direction of the dessert table. "I saw them over there about ten minutes ago. They might still be in the area."

"Couldn't I have one dance before you go?" Rell asked Cynna, ignoring Hart's presence for the moment. It wasn't like the two were really dating or anything after all, he wasn't poaching. Technically.

"No." She informed him, crossing her arms in front of her. "It would only encourage you and this stupid crush you have on me. I'm not interested in you and that's not going to change no matter how many times you give me the puppy dog eyes." And okay, that was a bit of a lie, the Ravenclaw acknowledged but didn't say. No way was she clueing him in to the fact that the looks he kept aiming at her were sorta eroding her resistance on the matter.

"You could just give me a chance. You aren't seeing anyone else."

Cynna considered snogging Hart in front of the Gryffindor just to be nasty, but that so wasn't happening for too many reasons to count. So she did the next best thing, which had the added bonus of screwing with the prat's mind on top of everything else.

She kissed Flora.

And once she was sure her point had been made Cynna informed Hart that she'd say good bye for both of them and sashayed off in the direction Flora had pointed, feeling very smug and pleased with herself.

While his sister stood stalk still, her mouth opening and closing like a guppy, Rell watched Cynna go with a mixture of shock and disbelief, his gaze finally switching over to Hart to ask him if the girl had done that to mess with his head or was Cynna actually a lesbian.

"It's Cynna. Who know?" And shrugging his shoulders Hart bid the twins good night and headed off the way his date had gone, fighting back a very amused laugh as he marveled at what Cynna was capable of.


Found in The Daily Prophet The Day After The Wedding

Harry and Ginny Potter


Draco and Astoria Malfoy,

Are pleased to announce the marriage of their sons,

Albus Severus Potter and Scorpius Hyperion Malfoy.

Anyone who doesn't like the idea should talk to Lily Potter, who will be happy to set you straight on the matter.