Author's Note: This is my first attempt at fanfiction. I like the Dave/Mindy pairing despite the age difference. If you don't like it don't read it. I own nothing but I wish I did.

Dave was walking Mindy home from school when it happened. Mindy just looked up and saw Dave in a different light. No longer did she see him as just her best friend, she saw him as something more. She was expecting this since her 14th birthday was about two weeks away. She sighed audibly, and just continued to walk.

Dave looked down at her, even though she had gotten taller in the past two years, she was still short. Dave had realized that she had gotten more beautiful as well. There were some thoughts Dave didn't think were too brotherly swimming around his head right now. To take his mind off it he aked her why she sighed.

"I don't fuckin' know Dave. The past two years haven't been much of a challenge after we, or I should say you, fuckin' vaporized him with a bazooka."

"Isn't that a good thing, Mindy? We've hardly had to be Kick Ass, and Hit Girl lately." He added after a quick look around.

"Exactly, I'm fuckin' bored."

"Well, what do you want to do tonight? Its Friday, so do you want to patrol tonight, or do you want to come to my house and train?" Mindy thought it over. It had been about three weeks since their last patrol, and there had not been a serious crime since. Even though she seriously doubted Dave, or her needed it, she thought a little training might do some good.

"Let's go to your house, dude."

"Cool." Mindy took off towards Dave's house, where he still lived with his dad, and Dace followed behind, making a serious effort not to stare at Mindy's ass.

"Dude, I know what your doing." Dave almost jumped out of skin as his friend Marty appeared beside him. He had been trying so hard not to stare, that if he had been staring much harded he would have burst a blood vessle.

"Wh- what are you talking about?" Marty ignored him, and called up to Mindy.

"Hey, Mindy, Dave was pretty deep in thought about something to do with your ass." Mindy turned around and gave Dave a smirk. Dave almost passed out because it wasn't the usual one. It actually looked like she was very pleased about something.

Mindy was just as surprised as Dave. The last time somebody had been caught staring at her had been kicked in the balls so hard, he actually passed out. But Mindy didn't mind when Dave did it. She just grinned at him, and enjoyed the looks on the faces of Dave and Marty. Marty turned to go home as Mindy and Dave continued to his house. After Marty had left, Mindy took extra care to stay in front of him, and give him a little show.

Dave was in Heaven and Hell at the same time. Here he was watching the ass of the most beautiful girl he had ever seen, more beautiful than his girlfriend Katie. But Mindy was only 13, well 14 in two weeks, and she was like his sister. But maybe Mindy wasn't creeped out by it. Dave just sighed, and continued to stare for the next two minutes it took to get home.

Dave had become much more proficent in the use of his batons. He had to, especially after D'Amico's death. With all the criminal underbelly trying to move up the social ladder Kick Ass and Hit Girl had to beat down and send to jail, and in some places the morgue, quite a few "bosses",

Mindy was still as deadly as ever with all the weapons she trained with. She managed to fool the metal detector at school, and she carried a Model 42 with her at all times. She looked over at Dave, who had his shirt off, while he executed many difficult manuevers on a practice dummy. She watched as sweat rolled down the body that had become muscled in the year-and-a-half since D'Amico's death. She shook her head, and said to herself, This is Dave we're thinking about. Her inner voice said, Exactly, and gave an evil chuckle.

As training music they had an old hardcore punk band named the Misfits playing in the backround. Besides Dave and Mindy's respective "theme songs" on their cell phones they both enjoyed the Misfits. They heard the door to the attic open, and Dave's dad walked up.

"Dave, I'm leaving for work, there is some money on the counter for pizza or something."

"Okay, Dad, have a good night."

"Have a good night, Mr. Lezewski."

"You guys stay out of trouble." Dave and Mindy gave him a "who, us" look, and all three burst out laughing.

As he walked out the door Dave's dad, Jack, grinned as he thought about his son. He was proud of Dave, hell he was proud of both of them. When Jack had first found out about Dave being Kick Ass he was shocked. His son was a superhero! Jack had found out when he walked into Dave's room, and found Dave clad in a bloody, green wetsuit, sound asleep next to a blonde girl of about 11, who was clad in purple jumpsuit, with a skirt and cape. Jack looked around the room and spotted what looked like a jetpack. "Dave?" Both Dave, and the girl quickly awoke, and when Dave saw his dad knew, he explained the whole story, from him getting stabbed and run over, to Mindy and himself taking down D'Amico. Jack smiled as he remembered the way Dave and Mindy now looked at each other. He wasn't going to say anything about the age difference. When he met Dave's mom, she was 16, and he was 21. He wistled a happy tune as he turned the corner and went to work.

"I'm going to go downstairs and take a shower." Dave just nodded. Now would be the perfect time to look on the Internet for a birthday gift for her. She had been talking about wanting new costume, as she was starting to outgrow her old one. Dave managed to find a larger size jumpsuit, and he quickly bought it, and got the fastest shipping. Just as a bonus he decided to buy her a set of kukri knives, like that chick on the Resident Evil movies. He had forgotten about Mindy taking a shower, so he walked into his room just as she removed her towel. Dave just stood there like an idiot for a minute stammering.

"S-,s-, sorry Mindy." He then practicly leapt out of the room, and allowed Mindy to dress in peace.

Mindy thought about what just happened. Truth be told she didn't mind so much because it was Dave. She continued to grin about as she dressed, and walked downstairs to find Dave on the couch. Dave looked like he was torn as to either run to the bathroom and rub one out, or find one of Mindy's hidden guns, and kill himself. Mindy just laughed, and watched as Dave damn near leapt onto the ceiling.

"Mindy, I'm sorry, I should have been-"

"It's cool, dude, it's just you. Now, rest assured if it was anybody else, right now they wouldn't have any genitals." Mindy almost laughed again at the look on his face. It was somewhere between elation, and confusion. Mindy snapped him out of it.

"Want to go to Atomic Comics? Its only about 5:00, and they don't close till 8:00."

"Sure, why not."

As Dave and Mindy walked to the store Mindy was wishing it was she who walked in on Dave. Her inner mind was imaging what Dave might look like without clothes when Dave asked her,

"Do you think Katie will be there?" She did a Scott Pilgrim take by answering with two different answers.

"I want to see Katie naked." Dave did a spit take with his soda.

"WHAT?" Mindy looked around.

"Uh, I said, uh, she might be there." Dave just looked confused.

"That's not what-" He was cut off buy a glare from Mindy, and knew if he wanted to live he should shut the fuck up.

The got to the comic store with no trouble, and to Mindy's delight, and to Dave's deep surprise his own, Katie wasn't there, only Todd, and Marty. Mindy walked up.

"Sup, bitches." Todd didn't look up from his writing, while Marty just grinned at the two of them. He looked at Dave.

"What did you do?"

"Fuck, dude, how do always know when I do something dumb."

"My Spidey sense was tingling, now tell." Dave blushed a deep red, and said something in a mutter. Marty grinned like an idiot.

"Sorry, I didn't get that." Mindy took pity on Dave after seeing how embarrassed he was.

"Lay off dude, he caught me naked after I got out of the shower." Marty tried to high five Dave, while Todd was still writing. Dave looked at him.

"Dude, what are you writing?" Tood looked up.

"Oh, hey Dave, Mindy." Then he went back to writing. Mindy looked at Marty.

"Dude, what the fuck?"

"He is writing a love letter." Dave looked puzzled.

"To who, dude?"

"Hit Girl."


"Oh, yeah, ever since he saw her when she saved Kick Ass on that live video thing, he has been in love with her."

"Is that true, dude?" Todd looked up.

"Well, yes and no."

"What the fuck does that mean?"

"It means I used to be in love with her, but I realized I have no idea of finding out who she is, plus my cousin is hooking me up with his sister's friend. Besides, Hit Girl and Kick Ass are probably dating anyway." He added almost as an afterthought. Dave looked like he was about to pass out, and Mindy had a look on her face. Her and Dave date? She wasn't opposed to the idea. Dave thought about what would have happened if Katie had been there. She was the only one who knew about Dave and Mindy, besides Jack, and Mindy's adopted father Marcus.

Just at that moment Mindy's phone rang.

"Hi, Marcus. I'm at Atomic Comics with Dave, Todd, and Marty. Okay, I'll ask." She looked at Dave. "A cop was injured today, and Marcus has to take night shift too. He want's to know if its cool if I spend the night." Dave nodded.

"Yeah, no problem." Mindy turned back to the phone.

"Yeah, its cool. Okay, love you too, bye." Dave and Mindy stood up out of the booth, and said their goodbyes, and left. Marty turned to Todd.

"Dude did you see their faces when you said Kick Ass and Hit Girl were probably dating?"

"Yeah, that was a little weird."

Dave had pulled out the fold-out bed from the couch as he had offered Mindy his room for the night. He put a DVD in the player, and sat back to watch. Mindy came down stairs in nothing but a long t-shirt.

"Whatcha watchin'?" Dave looked at her and stared. Mostly at her legs.

"Dude, calm the fuck down, it's me."

"Sorry, I'm watching that vampire movie, Let Me In."

"You mean the one with Chloe Moretz in it? She's kinda hot, if I wasn't a chick."

"You know Mindy, you kind of look like her."


"I'm serious, you're just as, if not more so, the prettiest girl ever." Dave then clapped his mouth shut as he realized what he said. Mindy just looked at him in surprise.

"You think I'm pretty?" Dave slowy nodded. "Aww, your just a big wuss, ain't ya." Mindy said as a joke, but in reality, she was touched, and happy Dave thought she was pretty. She just snuggled in next to him, and settled in to watch the movie.

Katie walked up to Dave's house on Saturday morning to surprise him before she went to work. Se turned the key Dave had given her in the lock and open the door. Although it was 8:00 in the morning, she didn't see, or hear anything but the TV in the living room. She walked in there, and was greeted with the sight of her life. Dave and Mindy were asleep in the spooning position, and Dave had his arms around her. Katie her Mindy mumble.

"If that's what I think it is I'm gonna rip it off, and shove it up your ass." Dave just chuckled.

"If you can't do the time, don't to the crime."

"That was lame, dude." Katie chose that moment to speak up.

"What the fuck is this?"

"Oh, shit."

"Dave, what are you doing with that little monster?" Mindy was about to come off with a angry retort, when to her surprise Dave beat her to it.

"I love this little monster. She accepts me for who I am. She didn't start hanging out with me cause she thought I was gay. She doesn't bitch at me, or get jealous when another girl glances at me. She doesn't try to change me. Katie, I care about you, but not in that way, not anymore." Dave put his arm around Mindy. "Sure, she may kill people, and blow shit up, but if it makes the world better for innocent people I'm all for it. She's as keeper. She's my Hit Girl." Mindy looked up at Dave with wonder, and for the first time since Damon died, she had tears in her eyes. Katie was about to leave, when Mindy finally spoke up.

"You do know if you ever tell anyone about our true identities I will hunt you down, and kill you." Dave looked in wonder at the menace in her voice, and didn't doubt it for a second. Katie sighed, defeated, and walked out of Dave's house. Mindy looked up at Dave.

"Did you really mean what you said about me?" Dave looked down and grinned.

"Of course, I've felt this way for a while. Some of the feelings I've had for you lately haven't been brotherly. I mean it when I say, I love you Mindy Macready." She looked up at him.

"I love you, Dave Lezewski." They stared at each other for a minute before Mindy said, "You're supposed to kiss me now, retard." Dave blushed, and lowered himself to eye-level with Mindy. Slowly, they brought their lips together in a hesitant kiss, but after their lips met, they kiss with a primal ferocity neither had experianced before. They broke their kiss when a "Huh-hm" sounded in the room.

Dave and Mindy looked up to see Jack, and Marcus standing at the living room entrance. Jack had a huge grin on his face, and it looked like Marcus was trying not to. Mindy looked at Dave, and Dave nodded.

"Marcus, Mr. L, Dave and I have important news. I'm pregnant!" Dave and Marcus passed out at the same time, while Jack burst out laughing. He stopped for a minute.

"That was a joke, right?" Mindy nodded, and Jack resumed his laughter, all the while trying to wake up Marcus. Mindy knelt down by Dave, and gave him a kiss to wake him up.

"Did you rape me?" Mindy looked at Dave like he was crazy.


"You said you were pregnant, and I thought the only way would have you raping me in my sleep."

"Dave, if I had, would you have called it rape?" Dave looked thoughtful for a second. "No." he admitted. They finally got Marcus awake again, and explained it was a joke.

"You mean you're not going out?" Dave looked at him.

"Marcus, sir, I love Mindy, and I would never hurt her." He then looked at his dad. "Dad I-"

"I know Dave, there was six years between your mother and I."

"Thanks, dad."

"Of course son, I love you, and I love Mindy like my own daughter."

Mindy looked at Marcus.

"Although this is technically illeagal because you're a minor, and Dave isn't since we all consent, it will be alright." Mindy hugged Marcus, and Dave shook his hand.

"Thank you, sir."

"If you break her heart, I'll break your balls."

"Sir, if I break her heart, SHE'LL break my balls." Marcus chuckled.

"True." Jack stood up.

"Marcus, why don't I show you this nice diner around the corner?" Marcus got the hint, and stood up as well.

"Bye, you guys, be careful." Dave looked at Mindy, puzzled, as Jack, and Marcus left.

"Be careful with what?"

"You know, bow chicka bow wow." Dave relaxed, then looked scared for a minute.

"Wait, what?" Mindy looked at him with that predator's glint in her eye.

"Dave." Dave gulped.


"You know how earlier you mentioned rape?" He nodded slowly.

"Now might be a good time to run." Dave yelped as Mindy leapt after him and he ran up to his room, and locked the door.

"Dave, if you don't let me in I'm gonna break the door."

"Mindy, don't you think it's a little wrong for me to sleep with a 13 year old girl?"

"You do have a point, spaz. You got until two weeks from tomorrow." Dave looked puzzled until his saw his calender, and two weeks from tomorrow was lable "Mindy's Birthday". Dave opened the door and said "Okay."

"Good, now get ready we're goin' somewhere."

"Where are we going?"

"We're going to Atomic Comics, and you're going to buy your new girlfriend coffee, and a few new comics." Dave grinned

"I can do that."

"Good, come on hurry up." Dave walked back into his room and realized what a great day this was.

Dave and Mindy walked into Atomic Comics, and saw Todd and Marty sitting there. Marty looked up.

"Why did you break up with Katie, she was in here and wouldn't tell us." Mindy answered for him.

"He founded a hotter, smarter, tougher girlfriend." Marty looked confused.

"Who would that be?" Mindy smirked in her evil way.

"Me, retard." Both Marty, and Todd looked at them like they sprouted an extra head head. "WHAT?" Todd looked at Dave.

"Have you, you know, bow chicka bow wow, yet.?" Dave shook his head no, and Mindy looked at him.

"He's got 15 more days, and then he's all mine."

Author's Note: There you have, the first chapter in a Dave/Mindy love story. As I said above this is my first attempt at fanfiction, so I would appreciate any help or ideas anybody wants to toss out there. Helpful reviews would be nice, but if you're just going to call me a sick freak, or a pedophile, or some shit don't bother. I knew dudes at school who were 19 years old and dated 14 year olds. So if you're going to say this is wrong, save you brain cells. As I said above, I don't own anything.