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Dave awoke in his bed feeling refreshed. Yesterday had been a long day, what with the convention and Mindy trying to beat the shit out of him for looking up Hit Girl porn. While she later told him she was flattered in a fucked up way, he had to stop her from trying to find out who those people were and killing them. Sergei had told them that after removing a few bugs that the tracking system was 100% operational. He staggered out of bed and over to his closet. He heard his cellphone ringing, playing "Bad Company" by Five Finger Death Punch. He grinned, that was Mindy, obviously.


"You know it's me dickhead. I'm still out of school on medical. You want to go do something?"

"Sure, is it cool if I ask Sergei if he wants to go?"

"Of course, he's like an older brother."

"Cool, see in a few minutes." Dave dressed in a pair of black cargo shorts, with a Flogging Molly t-shirt. He quickly put on his shoes, and ran downstairs. Sergei was sitting at the table eating a bowl of cereal.

"Sergei, Mindy and I are going to them mall, do you want to go?" Sergei looked up.

"Why not? I'm bored out of my skull." Dave nodded, and ran out to start the car. Dave waited paitently, and soon Sergei walked out. He had taken to wearing band shirts like Dave, only his were European bands. Right now he had on a Finntroll t-shirt. Dave nodded at him.

"Like the shirt dude." Sergei just chuckled a little, and buckled his seatbelt. Dave drove rather dangerously towards Mindy's apartment complex, which Sergei commented on.

"Dave, slow the fuck down, I'm not ready to die!" Dave laughed a little crazily. He still slowed down a little, for which Sergei gave thanks. They pulled in front of the building, where Mindy was sitting on a bench with Marcus. Mindy walked over to car, gave Dave a quick peck on the cheek, and climbed in. Marcus walked over, and Dave realized he hadn't introduced him to Sergei.

"Marcus, this is my cousin Sergei, from Russia." Marcus nodded, and stuck his hand in through the window to shake Sergei's hand.

"Nice to meet you, I'm Mindy's adoptive father, Marcus. I was her father's partner on the force." Sergei nodded sadly.

"I knew Damon. He was one of the few I considered a friend. A friend of his is a friend of mine."

"Thank you Sergei, he was a good friend." Mindy choose that moment to speak up.

"Is the emo-fest over? We got shit to do." Marcus rolled his eyes, and said goodbye as he walked to his car. Dave started the car and drove off towards the mall. Mindy open the glove box and came out with a CD labled "Alestorm".

"Dude, what's this?"

"It's this awesome pirate metal band from Scotland."

"Did you say pirate metal?"

"Just listen to it." Dave put the CD in and turned it to 'Keelhauled'. Mindy listened for a minute, and started to get into it.

"Do you like it?" Dave grinned as Mindy started to bounce around a little to the jaunty tune.

"Dude, the fucking rules, it's happy and violent." Sergei chuckled from the backseat.

"Just what every girl wants, da?" Dave and Mindy joined in the laughter as Dave pulled into the mall. Dave managed to find a parking place not to far from the entance, and they exited the car. Sergei told them he was going to bookstore, while Dave and Mindy went to fye. Dave slowly browsed the CDs, looking at some of the European bands Sergei had told him about, like HammerFall, and Tyr. Mindy was checking out the t-shirts. Dave finally settled on a Korpiklaani CD, and wandered over to Mindy.

"Do you think we should go out tonight?"

"Yeah, we need to, what with him being back and all." The amount of venom and menace she put into that single word scared Dave a little. If Chris had been there he probably would have shit his pants. Mindy decided she wanted to go to Hot Topic, and waited paitently while Dave paid for his CD. They walked slowly towards Hot Topic, and met Sergei along the way. Athough Sergei was a man of action, he was also a voracious reader, especially of sci-fi and fantasy. He showed them the Warhammer 40k book he had bought, and decided to go to Hot Topic with them. They walked into the store, with Mindy going into the girls section, and Dave and Sergei just kinda milling about.

Mindy came over with a furry, Russian-looking hat, which both Sergei and Dave liked. She purchased that, and wore it as they left the store. As they walked out towards the car they noticed a guy trying to jimmy the lock on a Camaro. Mindy looked up at Dave, who nodded. Mindy walked towards the guy.

"What are you doing to my Daddy's car?" The guy looked up at the innocent little voice. Walking towards him was a very cute little girl in a furry hat. He grinned lavicously. Dave noticed the grin, and was about to come out from behind the car Sergei and himself was behind, but Sergei pulled him back down.

"I think you overestimate that creep, cousin." Dave nodded, and peeped back up to watch the scene unfold.

"I'm just checking the locks on all the cars." His lecherous grin widened as it looked like girl believed him. God, she was cute!

"Really? 'Cuz I believe that's complete bullshit you fuckin' creep asshole." The man's grin turned into a frown as he heard the little girl's voice go from innocent to murderous in a second. The man gasped as he felt the feeling leave his right arm, and looked down to see his elbow broken, bone sticking out. He fell to his knees in pain, and watched in facination as the girl's foot left the ground to meet his chin. He felt his jaw break, and blacked out from the pain. Mindy turned to where Sergei and Dave was, and gave a little bow. Dave and Sergei came out, and gave her a little round of applause.

"Nice work, that was fucking rad." Mindy smirked, and blushed a little at his praise. She frowned at her reaction. She was his fuckin' girlfriend already, why was she acting like a schoolgirl with a crush? She shook her head, and put her hand in Dave's. They slowly walked back to his car, and they didn't notice Sergei give the downed guy a few kicks for good measure. They entered the car, and Dave started back towards his house. When they were stopped Dave popped his new CD in, and began to listen to it on the way home. Mindy groaned when she heard the song "Vodka" start. Dave and Sergei grinned, and had soon picked up the lyrics and began bellowing along.

"Thank God!" Mindy practically leapt out of the car as they pulled into Dave's driveway. Dave and Sergei chuckled and exited the car in more subdued fashion. Dave entered the house and began up the stairs as Sergei walked to the living room and crashed on the couch to veg' out with his new book. Mindy was in the bathroom, so Dave went to his room and got on the computer. It kept crashing when they tried the tracker, and Sergei had said they needed more power. It worked fine as long you didn't try to turn it on.

Dave began surfing Google for other possible outings of the Raven Guard. Mostly what he got was links to Warhammer 40k sites. Eventually giving up he walked to his TV and turned on his Xbox. He popped in BioShock 2 and began playing. He had been playing for a few minutes, and had just rescued a Little Sister when Mindy spoke up from behind him.

"Why do you always save those freaky things?" Dave damn near jumped from his seat.

"Jesus Christ, you scared the hell out of me!"

"You didn't answer my question tardo."

"They just seem so innocent. Why hurt them?"

"They're just video game characters! Besides, its almost dark, and Sergei's asleep on the couch. We should go now."

"Right." Silence followed as Dave grabbed his costume and headed to the bathroom. A few minutes later Kick Ass walked out. He checked the pistol holstered to his thigh, and the batons on his back. Hit Girl walked out of his bedroom, checking both her pistols, and the brass knuckles she had attached to her gloves. They locked eyes and nodded. They both quietly walked downstairs, and after checking that Sergei was still asleep, made their way out of the back door. They kept walking until they were in a part of the city that didn't look to friendly. Two people in costumes kinda stuck out, but most people steered clear. Most of them.

"You look cute girlie." The speaker was a ratty, shifty looking man. He looked as if he was tweaked out on something.

"Fuck you, asshole."

"Okay." The tweaker moved towards Hit Girl, but before he could react he found himself on the ground, clutching his genitals, or what was left of them. Hit Girl smirked nastily and glared at anybody who looked in their direction. As they walked forwards Kick Ass gave a hateful growl at the man on the ground, and gave him a swift kick in the face. He heard the sound of teeth snapping like chalk, and grinned.

"No pity. No remorse. No fear. Remember that, and us dick-brain." Hit Girl looked at him funny.

"What was that about?"

"Nothing. Just don't want assholes like that to forget."

"I don't think he will. He'll be eating through a straw for a while." Kick Ass grinned a little sheepishly, and Hit Girl grinned back. They were interupted by shouts, and sounds of a struggle. They ran to where the sounds were emerging from. A run-down apartment complex. They entered the lobby to find the fray. A large man in a black trench coat, and mask was currently locked in combat with at least three thugs. It was hard to tell due to the tangle of limbs. Kick Ass drew his batons, and Hit Girl cracked her knuckles. They looked at each other, and nodded, then charged into the rumble. Kick Ass brought a baton down on a man's forearm, and was pleased when he heard a light cracking sound. The man screamed and launched himself at Kick Ass.

Hit Girl had cornered one of the men, and was viciously beating him to a pulp. The black coated man had the other pinned to the wall, and had actually disembowled him with a large combat knife. While the other two thugs were distracted by the sight of their friend's guts slooping to the floor, Kick Ass and Hit Girl finished them off. The black coated man turned around and Kick Ass and Hit Girl saw the logo on his chest.

"Raven Guard? What are you doing here?"

"I thank you both for your assisstance, and to answer your question, these men were involved in a heroin distribution operation. An operation funded by one Chris D'Amico." Hit Girl growled at the name, and Kick Ass glared at the dead men. If looks could bring people back to life, and then kill them again, his would have done so a few times over.

"So, where do we go from here?"

"What do you mean?"

"Do you want to help us, or what?" Hit Girl looked up sharply at Kick Ass. The look wasn't lost on Raven Guard.

"No, thank you for the offer though. I have important matters to attend to." Raven Guard turned around and lightly ran to the rear exit of the building. Kick Ass and Hit Girl exited the front of the building, and began the long patrol route home.

"What was that about?"


"That look you gave me."

"Something doesn't sit right about him."

"Something doesn't sit right about us. We're teenagers who dress up and kick the shit out of people."

"Whatever, I just saying how I feel."

"Okay, I'll drop it. I trust you, and I love you." Kick Ass leaned in and gave Hit Girl a kiss. A the kiss was drawn out, they didn't notice the grimy reporter snapping pictures like there was no tomorrow.

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