Monday morning...

"Where to partner?" Jacobi asked as they climbed into Lindsay's car.

"One of the shelters we hit last week. Someone tipped the girl off that we were looking for her, they know where she is."

"But which one?"

"We'll just have to try them all," Lindsay replied.

Thankfully they only had to go to two shelters. The woman and the second was still not saying anything but Lindsay could tell that she was concerned for the girl. After the inspectors explained the entire story and how much danger Rosie could be in she finally gave then the address to the safe house.

Jacobi wanted to be reassuring during the drive but could tell his partner's nerves were too frayed for the usual pep talks. The car jerked to a stop as Lindsay pulled up in front of the house and jumped out of the car. Jacobi reached over to kill the engine and remove the keys before he followed his partner.

The woman who lived in the other half of the duplex came out to investigate the pounding. "If you all is looking for little Rosie she ain't home."

Lindsay pulled her jacket to the side to reveal her badge. "Do you happen to know where she is?"

The woman sized up the two inspectors before she answered. "She left here this morning with her friend."

"And what did her friend look like?" Lindsay inquired.

"Cute little redhead."

Lindsay turned and bounded down the steps back toward the car. Jacobi thanked the woman for the information and followed. He climbed into the car to find Lindsay staring dejectedly at the steering wheel. He took the keys from his pocket and held them in front of her. "We'll find them."

"But..." Lindsay's fear was cut off by Jacobi's phone.

"Jacobi...where? The court house?" Jacobi looked at his partner and motioned for her to get moving. "Okay, we'll be right there. Pull up all surveillance footage from this morning. We'll need to know when she got there and how she left."

"If she showed up at the court house why wasn't she there?" Lindsay asked.

"We'll find out," Jacobi promised.

By the time the inspectors arrived at the court house security office the guards already had their answers. Cindy's car pulled into the parking garage at eight o'clock that morning and you could clearly see that she had someone with her. A few minutes later a white panel van pulled into the garage. The only other cameras in the garage are located near the elevators and neither Cindy nor her passenger ever made an appearance there. Twenty minutes after it pulled in the van left the garage. It wasn't much but it was the only thing Lindsay had to go on. Thankfully the video showed the license plate of the van so Lindsay immediately called in an APB and had any usable pictures printed.

Jacobi suggested heading back to the station to wait for some news to come in but Lindsay was too keyed up to simply sit and wait. "I should have anticipated this," she grumbled.

"You did. We spent days trying to find this girl but that reporter of yours can be quite stubborn."

"She thought she was doing the right thing," Lindsay countered.

Jacobi smiled at the quick defense. He nodded in agreement. "And in the end she got the girl to come in to testify."

His choice of words stabbed at her heart. "It's not the end," she whispered.

"Sorry," he apologized. "That's not what I meant." Before he could apologize further the heard dispatch announce the van's license plate over the radio. Two patrol units were pursuing the van on Bayshore, headed south.

As more units joined the pursuit the van pulled off the freeway and tried to evade them through the side streets of Hunter's point. "They're just going to get boxed in back there," Jacobi observed.

As the inspectors got close enough to hear the sirens the call came over the radio that the van had crashed, changing the sound of sirens to that of gunfire. They finally got on scene just in time to see two men lying on the ground next to the van, which was on it's side. The officers cautiously approached the van and, after verifying the men were dead, they forced open the rear doors.

As soon as an officer yelled 'clear' Lindsay pulled away from Jacobi's hold and rushed forward. Two of the officers were helping a bound and gagged girl out of the van, she assumed was Rosie. When another officer tried to enter the van Lindsay pulled him out of the way. She held her breath as she stepped in and knelt down next to the still form of her girlfriend. She brushed a lock of hair away from Cindy's face and took in the gash on her forehead and black-eye. Then, very carefully, she pulled the duct tape that covered the reporter's mouth. She finally let go of her breath when she heard...

"You love rushing to my rescue."

"No. I don't," Lindsay snorted as she took out her pocket knife and cut the rope from Cindy's wrists.

"We went to the courthouse," Cindy said as she was helped into a sitting position.

"I know," Lindsay said as she pulled the younger woman into a tight embrace.

Cindy buried her face in Lindsay's shoulder and took a second to enjoy the feeling. "We can't keep doing this," she finally admitted.

"I know," Lindsay agreed. She took a deep breath and rested her chin on top of Cindy's head. "But let's not do anything about it right now," she pleaded.

An hour after the accident Cindy was sitting on an exam bed in the emergency room flanked by Jill and Claire. "It was only a few stitches. I'm fine," she argued.

"Hush," Claire ordered. "Until the doctor comes back and says you can leave you will just sit still."

"Yeah," Jill agreed. "What she said."

Cindy studied her hands, where they rested on her lap. "Sorry we missed the hearing."

"I think I'll forgive you," Jill snorted. "Besides, the judge gave us an extra day. I think he's trying to make up for having to suppress the gun."

"I still don't see what good Rosie can do. She doesn't have first hand knowledge."

"With the added charge of witness tampering I'm hoping we'll be able to hold Temple while Lindsay makes her case," Jill said.

Before the conversation could go any further Lindsay stepped through the curtain. "I have a guard on Rosie. She's fine but the hospital agreed to keep her for observation. It will make it easier for us to watch her until tomorrow's hearing," she said as she and Cindy stared at each other.

After a moment of silence Claire stepped around the bed and took Jill's arm. "Why don't we go see what's keeping Cindy's doctor."

"I'm sorry," Cindy said after the two left.

"Me too," Lindsay agreed.

"But you know it's going to happen again."


"So what do we do about it?" Cindy asked.

Lindsay stepped forward and sat on the edge of the bed. "The way I see it, since neither one of us is going to quit our jobs, it's going to happen whether we're together or not."


"So. I'd think I'd prefer doing it together."

"I would love that. I love you, Lindsay, but we can't keep fighting like this," Cindy said sadly.

"I know," Lindsay said. "All I know is I love you, and I need you. The rest we can work out,"

Cindy smiled as she reached out to take Lindsay's hand. "It is our stubbornness that holds us together."

"If you wanted to be less stubborn in other areas I wouldn't mind," Lindsay smiled back.

"Nah," Cindy disagreed. "So...about the case."

Lindsay laughed as she leaned forward. "I love you," she said just before her lips landed upon their target. After a heated kiss she pulled back. "The two men from the van worked for Temple; Jacobi and I talked to them last week. We just have to figure out how, or even if, Temple ordered them to get rid of Vasquez and Rosie. My money is on his lawyer being a go-between but we have to find some proof. In the meantime, Tom went to Alice Reynolds after we learned of your abduction. He was actually able to convince her to testify against Temple."

"So she did see him shoot her husband?" Cindy asked.

Lindsay nodded. "I talked to him after I got Rosie settled with a guard. Turns out that Alice suffered from postpartum depression after Nicole was born. They were buying drugs for her."

"As salacious as that story will be it's not exactly one I was hoping for," Cindy frowned. "But why did she finally agree to testify."

"With Temple getting rid of witnesses Tom convinced her that the safest thing would be for her to testify and help us bring down his organization. She'll be in protective custody until the trial then she'll probably relocate closer to family."

"So, it's over then?" Cindy asked hopefully.

"I would guess that by the end of the week our roles in it will be over. Then we can take a few days away from everything so you can make it up to me."

"You mean you can make it up to me," Cindy disagreed.

"How about we make it up to each other," Lindsay smiled.

"That can most definitely be arranged," Cindy smiled back.

A/N: Kind of an abrupt ending to the case, I know, but at least the ending was happy. Hope you enjoyed.