The circumstances of one's birth are irrelevant;

it is what you do with the gift of life

that determines who you are


The oldest memory I have of Sakura is very first day I met her.

I can remember it now, it was such a vivid moment in my life. Although I didn't know it at the time, meeting the mysterious girl with pink hair and a wide forehead would ultimately change my life. I wasn't sure if it was for the better or worse, but either way, I was definitely captivated.

I was, uh . . . sixteen, or was it seventeen? I'm not so sure. My mind has become a little foggy over the years. But I know it was during the spring semester. I had attended Blue Leaf Academy for the elite on a music scholarship I somehow managed to win a few years back. It was amazing, really. First thing I had ever won in my entire life. Anyways, I was the loner kid who didn't really get along with anyone and only had a small handful of friends. Even then, none of my friends, save for one, attended the same school as I did. They either went to South Wind public high school or North Point.

I looked like fly in a bowl of milk. I stood out that much. My flaming red hair and dark, dark eyes clashed with the kids around me. They looked way too prim and proper to be considered healthy. Some came strolling in, flashing all the goodies their mommies and daddies bought for them, others walked with chests puffed out and an air of royalty surrounding them. Even though I detested these people, I didn't do anything to make myself stand out. If they stayed away from me, I'll stay away from them.

I wanted to go back to my dorm room and just play my drums all day. I really didn't understand the point of taking a math class if I was majoring in music. Sometimes I wondered if the people who ran these school systems were just a bunch of sadists who enjoyed torturing students. I wish I could be like them, now that sounds like my kind of thing. Sadly, it's not me who's running the school, it's some old guy who looks about ready to kick the bucket.

The two pencils in my hand started to beat against my desk as I went along with the music playing on my ipod. I love American rock and metal. There was a flow and life to it that Japanese music did not have. My favorite is Led Zeppelin, their lyrics touch a part of me that longed for the world outside these prison walls. I'd probably have to be high to really understand what the songs mean, but I like to pretend I know things without getting shitfaced again.

Our teacher comes strolling into class a minute before the final bell rings and immediately begins writing down our in-class assignment on the board. On Monday, we learned about intervals and connotations. This stuff was so easy, I could have done it in my sleep. Which was probably why I was the only person with an A in statistics. I don't look like the type, but I'm very studious about my work and a bit of a perfectionist. Unlike my fellow classmates. You'd think with all the money these kid's parents were wasting on them, they'd at least show some effort. These bastards don't know how lucky they are to even have parents that care. I turn my ipod off and start copying everything on the board.

The teacher turned around after she was done and I almost blanched at the sight, there was an unusually bright smile on her face. Why couldn't she look droopy and down like normal? Stats was always more fun when she was pissed off.

"Class, before we begin our lesson, I have some great news to share with you!"

"You've finally gotten laid?"

"Detention, Yamashita-san."

I roll my eyes and wait for the teacher to continue.

"We have a new student coming in, she just arrived from South Korea!"

There was some buzzing going around, I heard murmurs of "SNSD" and "hot korean girls." I almost wanted to pity the new kid, but then I realize how much I don't care and went back to finishing my work. The teacher walked outside the room and was gone for about two minutes before returning with someone in tow. I could immediately tell it's a girl. The girl's uniform gave it away. Great, another airhead to add to the collection.

The teacher steps aside and allowed her to enter the room. Everyone went silent. At first my eyes were down as I mulled over the stupid problem; normally I wouldn't have trouble solving these things, but I forgot my graphing calculator back in my room so I had to do everything by hand. Just as I began to write down some numbers, a small and empty voice broke my train of thought. My pencil dropped from my hand and I could for the life of me remember what I was just doing.

"My name is Haruno Sakura, I'm fifteen years old, and I just moved back from South Korea."

What the. . . I almost burst out laughing.

I bit the back of my hand so hard I felt my skin break. Oh man, pink. Her hair was god damn pink, like pepto-bismal pink. Holy crap, please tell me she just dyed it that color and it's not natural. I mean, no one's hair is naturally that color. She's looking down, so I can't get a good look at her face, but from what I can see, she has a pretty massive fore-head. I bet if lay out my fingers on that billboard brow, it would still be bigger.

"Sakura, there's no need to be shy, please greet everyone."

She let out an audible sigh and finally looked up.

I almost forget to breathe.

"It is a pleasure to meet you all."

Whoa, check out those eyes. I've never seen such green eyes before. Hell, they didn't even look green. I didn't know what color they were actually. It was like green and gold decided to have a love child and gave birth to her eyes. She's not looking at anyone in particular, just staring at the wall at the back of the room. There's a bored expression on her face, and she's slightly slouched to the side, as if she's completely worn out. Her skin is a fair shade of peach, if that made any sense. She's not pale, but definitely no where near tan. And her features are pretty sharp for someone Japanese.

Her eyebrows are pink, well, I guess she is natural then.

Now, I'm not saying she was the most beautiful girl I had ever seen, but there was something about her that stood out to me. She almost looked unnatural standing there. She didn't look fifteen, and she didn't look like the type who would attend this school. But then again, neither do I. There's something about this girl that bothers me, but I don't know what. This is going to bother me for the rest of the day, I just know it.

"So, why don't you tell us a little about yourself!"

I could see the teacher was trying very hard to break the awkward silence, which I did find a little strange myself. Normally all the students would be up in arms and chattering their brains away on menial things, but no one had yet to say a word. Maybe they were all just as fascinated by this weird being as much as I was.

"Like what?"

"Like, how long have you been in Korea?"

"Four years."

"Why are you attending Blue Leaf Academy?"

"Uh. . . my dad asked me too?"

There are some snickering around the room and the teacher nearly rolls her eyes to the ceiling. I can already tell what she's thinking.

Oh please, don't let this be another one.

"So, have you taken statistics before?"

"Yes, we are two chapters ahead of your class."

"U-um, well perfect! That means you won't have any problem with our lessons then! Please, take a seat anywhere."

This Sakura girl finally stands up straighter and searches the class for an empty seat. I hear people whisper, "I hope she doesn't sit near me" and avoid eye contact so they don't give her any ideas. She takes one step and then another and then another until somehow, she's standing right in front of me. Those bloody eyes, could they get any brighter? I can't imagine what my face looks like, because it must have been very odd. She raises a delicate eyebrow and narrows her eyes at me, making them looking even more narrow. Her finger is pointed to the seat in front of mine. It's empty and I know she's more than likely going to choose that one.

"May I?"

I don't know why she has to ask, but I nod and watch her set her things down and sit. I can see perfectly over her and it makes me realize actually how small and frail she is. She seems a little sickly and it's a bit disturbing. Now that's saying something because it takes a lot to disturb me. Her back is slightly hunched over, almost making it seem as thought she's about ready to pass out.

As the teacher continues with our assignment and going over our homework, my eyes drift back to Sakura. She isn't paying attention to the teacher and she's facing the other way. Her eyes are fixed to the window and she's staring out into the world. I wonder what she's looking at, because she seems so concentrated. I must confess, I was a little mesmerized by this simple idleness. The light was hitting her in the most obscene way, bringing out the pointed features of her face. I don't know how long I've been staring, but when she scratches the corner of her lip with her pinky, I can see she's looking at me with an unreadable expression.

My eyes quickly look down and I feel my cheeks burning red. Fuck, she caught me . Now she's going to think I'm a psycho weirdo. The last thing I would want is for her to call daddy-dearest and tell him some mean kid keeps staring at her. I hear her shift in her seat and reach down in her bag for some paper and pencil. She's turned forward now and copying down some of the things the teacher wrote on the board.

"Gaara, can you please come up and answer the question?"

I grumble to myself and force myself out of my chair as I go to the front of the class. I start writing down my answer. In a hurried manner, because despite being such a scary person, I don't like being the center of attention. After I'm done, I cross my arms and step aside so everyone can see how much smarter I am than they are. Sakura isn't even looking up, she's still writing on in her notebook. Somehow, this act infuriates me, like she's somehow better than me. I 'tsk,' no one is better than me at math.

"Alright, now can you explain how you got this?"

I got into detail of what I did and how I went about it. My monotoned voice must have put some people off because at this point some of them have taken out their laptops and logging into facebook. These morons, they don't deserve the freebies I unwillingly hand to them. Just as I finished and proceeded to walk back to my seat, someone stops me in my tracks.

"The answer is wrong, it's not 23.47, it's 22.07."

All eyes and ears turned to the voice in the back. Her head is resting in her palm as she regards me with a cool look. If I had any eyebrows I'd cock them questionably, but seeing as how I don't, I glare at her instead. She doesn't seem fazed at all and continues to regard me like I was the most boring thing in the world. From what I could see, she hadn't even written down anything from the board! She was doodling, cats and some flowers. How the hell could she possibly know it's wrong?

"Care to explain, Sakura?"

"Well first of all, it's 2.11 divided by the root of ninety, not the other way around. And you use the inverse to find the population mean."

"Can you show us how you got this?"

". . . No."

My teacher looked affronted, "And why not?"

"I did it in my head."

"Then how can you be so sure that you are right?"

She doesn't say anything, but I know it isn't because she's nervous. When I think it about it now, I know her answer is right, but I was too much of a stubborn knuckle-head back then to admit it. At this point everyone is completely stunned. They look at her as if she were a martian, something totally out of this world.

I almost face palm, first day of class and this girl I don't even know manages to piss me off and scare the entire class. Maybe she's just doing this for kicks, or she truly is as weird as she seems, but either way, no one corrects me without any proof.

"If you can't prove that I'm wrong then I'm obviously right."

She shrugs and continues to draw, "Suit yourself."

I grind my teeth together and nearly snap the chalk piece in half. The teacher lifts up her hands and tries to cool me down.

"Now, now Gaara, we mustn't lose our tempter! I will solve this problem and then we shall see who is wrong and who is right. Please return to your seat."

I walk back to my desk and continue to glare at the pink-haired freak. I don't know why this has gotten me so riled up, normally I'd just roll my eyes and ignore the idiot who dare speak against me, but this girl. She's different, she isn't scared and totally abnormal. She's got guts, I'll give her that. But this will be the first and last time I ever let anyone, especially her, tell me I'm wrong.

If you see any mistakes, please kindly tell me where they are and I will gladly fix it. I don't need some grammar nazi all up in my grill, because I'll just make things worse for you. Anyways, I am working on updating my other stories as well.

Love ya!