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Sheriff Dean Winchester walked through the door of the Rocky Creek Saloon with his first deputy Sam Winchester. They both had a smile on their faces. Life was good in this little old town and they were the ones that kept it that way.

"Well my oh my if it isn't the Winchester boys." Margret Sides said as she walked over to them with her hands on her hip.

Dean tipped his hat at the older lady, "Evening ma'am."

"What can I get you boys?" she asked.

"Whiskey, straight." Dean said.

"Coming right up." She smiled. She was the wife of James Side, the owner for the saloon. They were close friends of the Winchesters.

Dean glared around the room at all the girls with a huge smile on his face. "So who's it gonna be tonight?' Sam asked his brother as they made their way over to the little wooden table in the corner where they always sat. "Kimberly, Megan, Tonya, or maybe even Sophia."

"Nah." Dean said and sat down with his back to the wall so he could over look the bar. "Been there and done all of that a few times."

"Of course. I forgot." Sam said with a smile, "There's really no one else. Pickins are slim these days."

"Yeah I know. Perks of living in a small town like this and not a big ole city." Dean said.

"Here's your drinks guys."

Sam looked up and swallowed hard. It was Mary Sue Sides. He had his eye on her for a long time but never had to nerve to make his move. She was the one and only girl Dean has not touched. He knew his brother took a liking to her as soon as they moved to this town.

"Th-thank you." Sam stuttered out.

"Let me know if you boys need anything and I will be more that happy to get it for you." She smiled.

Sam sat there grinning like a idiot and Dean shook his head, "Will do Mary Sue. Thank you." He smile and watched as she walked away. "Man you really need to get on that. You're gonna miss your chance. Rumor has it that Steve Fulmer has been eyeing her."

"Really?" Sam asked, "She can't court him."

"Well Sam she's about to turn 18 and her father is looking for her a husband now and Steve is at the top of that list. You better make your move and fast or your gonna be best man at their wedding." Dean said.

"Right. Should I talk to her?"

"Well aint no time like the present." Dean said.

"Ok. What should I say?"

"Hell I don't know. Just ask how she's doing these days. Small stuff like that."

"I can do that." Sam said and got up from his seat. This was it. He was finally going to talk to the girl of his dreams.

Dean watched his brother take off his hat and make his was slowly over to Mary Sue and when she saw Sam coming her way her face lit up like the lantern. It was time for Sam to settle down and start a family. Dean on the other hand was having a good ole time just making as many lovely friends as he could. Life was great.

"Well if it isn't Sheriff Dean Winchester sitting at my table. Must be my lucky night."

Dean heard that thick southern accent and turned to his right and saw a young beautiful girls smiling at him with her hands on her hip. She was in a red and black corset top with a small flowing black shirt.

Dean saw her and got up from his seat and tipped his hat, "Miss Anna Belle Clarence. It's been a long time." And it has. Dean has not seen her in almost three year and now that she was older she was very more beautiful. "You are looking lovely than ever."

"Why thank you Dean. And I must say that sheriffs badge looks mighty sexy on you."

"Thank you ma'am. How was city life?"

"Not what I pictured that's for sure. Men are so grabby there and you know me. I don't like to be touched unless I do the asking. You know what they say, aint no place like home."

"You got that right. How was your family?"

"Fine. Daddy's on his third wife now and was trying to marry me off to a friend of his but I aint having that so here I am." She smiled.

"When did you get back?"

"Last night at sundown. I wanted to stop in and meet our new Sheriff but I saw you all tangled up in Susan Smith so I walked on by. I didn't want to interrupt."

"A man's got needs." Dean said.

"I guess you're right but you know what I say, the only thing a man needs is to make a woman happy so she don't go and shoot him in his sleep." She smiled.

Dean laughed, "I guess you're right about that."

"Well I best be getting back to work. Got to make me some money tonight."

Dean didn't really like the sound of that. He knew how most the girls made their money and he didn't like the thought of anyone touching her. She was the one girl he hasn't even slept with yet. She was a diamond to him. Rare and hard to find in these parts. There was just something about her. He knew she was special.

"You take care and let me know you any one in here gives you any trouble." Dean said and tipped his hat again.

"I sure will. I'm glad I have the law on my side for once." She winked, "See you around Sheriff." Anna said and walked away from his table, swaying her hips as she made her way back to the bar. She knew he was watching him.

Sam was smiling from ear to ear as he walked back over to Dean, "I see Anna is back."

"Yep. So how are things with Mary Sue?"

"We're courting now." Sam smiled, "I asked her and she said yes."

"Before we know it we'll all be hearing wedding bells for you two."

"I guess we'll see." Sam smiled, "You going to make a move on Anna this time or let her slip away again."

"Timing is everything. She'll be mine soon enough." Dean said and sat back down and watched Anna our a few shots of whiskey for a few men. She was by far the sexiest woman alive and he was sheriff and wanted nothing but the best.

"Looks like you have gone and caught Dean's eye again." Kimberly said as she walked over and tossed the beer bottles in the trash.

"Dean has his eye on anything with a skirt. You know that." Anna said.

"Yes I do. He had me last week and I would love to take him into my room again. It was more than you can ever imagine."

"I'll take your word on that." Anna said.

"You better take him before someone else does. Sophia's hoping he will ask her to be his."

"That will never happen. A man like Dean Winchester will never be one to belong to a woman longer than an hour."

"I don't know. Maybe you are the one to change him."

"Maybe." Anna said and looked back over his table. He was really a catch but like she said, he would never ask just one woman to be his. He was one of those men that was just fun to look at and dream in a sexual way. Never one to think about a future with. He was a rebel, a man of mystery. The kind of man that with one wink you would go weak in the knees but sadly he was a man that would surly break your heart.

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