It had been a few days since Anna and Dean had some one and one time. He had been busy lately so if he didn't come to her then she was going to go to him. She wanted to see him. There was something about that sexy sheriff that got her blood pumping.

She got up that morning and she packed a picnic basket up with grapes, strawberries, crackers, cheese and summer sausage. She had in mind a light lunch because the dessert is the most important part of this particular lunch. She grabbed the basket and start off go see Dean at the sheriffs office.

When she got there she was excited because she knew they were going to do much more than just eat a light lunch. She walked into the building and saw Sam and Mary Sue sitting at his desk, "Hey y'all." Anna said. They were so cute together.

"Hello Miss Anna. Are you here to see Dean?" Sam asked.

"Yes sir I am. I brought him lunch. Is he here?"

"He's in his office. Go right in."

"Thank you deputy." Anna said and headed over to Dean's office. She knocked a few times before opening the door. She saw Dean leaned back in his chair with his feet on his desk reading over the paper. "Am I interrupting?" she asked.

Dean put the paper down and smiled when he saw her, "Not at all. Come on in." he said.

Anna closed the door and locked it before turning back around, "I brought you lunch. Thought you might be hungry."

"That was mighty nice of you." Dean said. "Thank you."

"I thought you would like it." Anna said.

Dean and Anna cleared off the desk and Anna laid out the strawberries, grapes and then started to cut off some of the summer sausage and cheese to eat along with the crackers. "How has your day been?" she asked.

"Not bad but it just got better." He said and smiled up at her. "How about you?"

"No complaints." She smiled, "But I think it about to get even better." Anna said and removed her jacket and sit down on his lap. "I've been thinking about you since out last picnic."

Dean wrapped his arms around her and slid them up under her shirt, "Me too. I had a great time. I missed you these past few days." Dean said as her grabbed and squeezed her breasts.

"I guess you also missed something else." She said and she picked up a strawberry and slowly sucked on it and teased it with her tongue just before she bit into it and suck the juice out. "mmm"

Dean was so distracted by what she was doing with her mouth that he had forgotten about the other food so Anna grabbed some cheese and sausage and gave them to him on a cracker. "You need to eat your lunch before you can have your dessert."

Dean sat it on the desk and smiled at her, "Food is the last thing on my mind right now. I always start with dessert first."

Anna smiled back and stood up and kneeled before him. She undid his pants and pulled his glorious cock out and began to nibble and tease it with my mouth. "Oh Anna." Dean said quietly and ran his fingers though her hair. He was not expecting this today.

She continued to tease him with her tongue a few more times before she placed his cock in her mouth and sucked her way back off and she made a popping noise as his cock came out of her mouth. She licked the underside of his cock with her tongue and sucked right on the tip, "Oh shit!" Dean moaned. "Just like that baby. So good."

Anna took him back deep into her mouth and let out a little moan as he filled up her mouth completely. Dean reached down the front of her shirt and played with her nipples as she continued to suck him. He pinched and pulled on them and Anna started to squirm and moan even louder. She was getting so distracted and her breathing was becoming irregular.

Dean could feel himself getting close to cumming but he wasn't ready yet. He wanted this to last longer and please them both, "Anna stop." He said and pushed her back.

"Something wrong?" she asked and stood up.

"God no baby it was perfect." Dean said. "But I have something else in mind. Lose the clothes." He said.

"Why Sheriff you are a bad boy. You're supposed to be working." She smiled.

"You know if you don't do what I say I can throw you in jail."

"Well now I can have that." Anna said and began to strip down. She pulled her shirt over her head and then pushed her skirt down to the floor. "Better?"

"God yes." He said as he took his time looking over her perfect body.

Dean leaned forward and sucked one of them into his mouth while pinching the other one with his fingers. Anna sucked in a breath and did her best to keep from moaning but as he kept sucking and pinching she can't help it and a moan escaped, "Oh Dean."

Anna looked at him with such desire and pleading but he just stared back at her smiling as he see her panting and doing her best to keep quiet.

Dean released her nipples and sat back in his chair, "Now….where is my dessert?" he asked.

Anna smiled and hopped on the desk and spread her legs wide open, "Right here."

Dean licked his lips and leaned forward and as his tongue hits her clit for the first time she jumped and whimpered in pleasure. The more he sucked and licked the more she was panting. Anna gripped his hair with her hands as he continued to lick her and tease her with his tongue. "Dean….Please.."

Just as she was about to get close to cumming Dean sat up and asked, "What does my favorite girl want now?"

"Please fuck me." She replied in a whimper as she begged. "Take me."

"I sure was hoping you would say that." Dean said and stood up from his chair. He dropped his pants down to the floor and moved closer to her. Anna lay back on the desk and moaned as Dean slid his cock up and down her slit. She knew this was going to be hard but she had to try and stay quiet. She didn't want Sam or Mary Sue to know what they were doing.

Dean slid into her slowly at first then began moving faster and faster. Anna's knuckles were turning white as she clench her fists and did her best to control herself for just screaming out in pleasure but the harder he thrusted she couldn't help but to moan ever so lightly and Dean could tell by the small pants and gasps that she was very close to cumming already.

"Fuck baby. I want to see you cum right now." Dean said.

Anna wrapped her legs tight around him and made him sink deep into her as she gasped and let out a loud moan. "Oh Dean! Uh…uh…God!"

Dean felt her clench all around him, "Oh Anna…shit!" he moaned and came as her felt the contractions of her orgasm rub his cock as wave after wave pulsed through her body.

Dean eased out of her and pulled up his britches and smiled, "Now we can eat."

Anna sat up and hopped off the table and began to get dressed, "I would love to join you but my shift starts in half an hour. This went a little longer than expected." She smiled.

"What time do you get off tonight?" Dean asked.

"Whatever time you show up." She said and slipped on her jacket. "I'll see you later Sheriff."

"Goodbye Miss Anna." Dean said.

Anna walked out of the office and she saw Sam along with a few other men smiling at her, "Afternoon gentlemen." She said and they tipped their hats and watched her as she walked out.

"Dean sure knows how to pick 'em." One said.

"Yes he does." the other man next to Sam said.

"Eye's off." Dean said as he walked out of his office and the men instantly walked away. Being Sheriff was awesome.


Curtis Hamilton walked into the saloon and looked around for a moment, "What can I do for you sir?" Sophia asked as she placed her hands on her hips and smiled at him.

"I'm looking for someone. My fiancé actually." He said and removed his hat.

"Not many engaged women come in here. Just there future husbands looking to get lucky one last time." She winked, "What's her name. Maybe I can tell you where she is. I know a lot of people."

"Her name is Anna Belle Clarence. I was told she was here and I want to speak to her now." Curtis said.

Sophia's face light up, "Well well little Anna is engaged." She could use this, "I would love to tell you where she is but we are supposed to give out personal information."

Curtis cleared his throat and closed the space between him and Sophia, "Maybe me and you can go upstairs and make a deal."

"I like the way you think. I'm dying to know more about you and Anna." Sophia said and took his hand and led him up the stairs. She was willing to do anything to get rid of Anna and Curtis just may be her ticket.

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