I Want To Be A Turk!

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This story is inspired by "From Slum to Soldier" by UnchainedMelody94. Although my story is different from hers, I feel that I should credit her nevertheless.


This first chapter is dedicated to Samantha Sheffield, who encouraged me to "WRITE IT!"

Chapter 1 – I Want To Be A Turk!

1999 (A/N: according to FFVII, and not the actual year in our universe)

Sector 4 was never much of a sector to be proud of. Sector 5 has a church with rare flowers growing, there is a playground in Sector 6 and even a mini market in Sector 7 that can rival the Wall Market. Sector 4 has nothing. Like the other sectors in Midgar, Sector 4 was an endless land of debris, dust and gloomy people.

It was raining over Sector 4 that day. In a distance ahead, there were three people standing in the midst of the mess, two men and a woman. The trio wore dark blue uniforms and matching pants, their weapons equipped. They appeared to be in deep conversation and did not seem to be bothered by the rain.

The woman was tall and slender, the dark blue uniform did not do well to hide her beauty and her solemn expression. She had long brown hair, a brown so light that it looked grey under the dull of the rain. Her long fringe framed her face and is now sticking onto her cheeks. She was unarmed, save the two leather gloves on her hands.

The two men were a contrast of each other. The taller man was tanned. He was bald and like the woman, was armed only with gloves. He wore dark sunglasses, preventing people from seeing his eyes. He listened to the conversation, but mostly kept quiet, folding his arms in silence.

The striking feature about the last person was his flaming red hair. It was unkempt and untidy, but short at the back. He pushed his goggles to his forehead, showing two red tattoo stripes on his cheek. His uniform was messy and sloppy. He stood his weight on his left leg, yawning and tapping a metal rod against his back as if it could massage his aching back.

Despite their casual manners, the citizens of Sector 4 cowered as soon as they saw their navy blue uniforms and weapons, for they were the infamous Turks working for Shinra, the people who are capable for doing the dirty work for the electric company. Rumors have it that they would stop at nothing to complete their mission, even if they need to kill. It was common sense to avoid them if they ever appeared. Like how the people below the Plate always say, "Better to be mauled by a Kalm Fang than to be hunted by a Turk".

The woman stared at the redhead, her face serious. "Reno, I'm trying to give a detailed analysis of what is going to happen. We only have 20 minutes left before we leave, stop fidgeting."

Reno gave another yawn. "This is a boring mission." He complained. "I know it's your first time to be in-command, Leia, but loosen up!" He grinned. "It's just coming here to take a look at how Sector 4 has been doing, yo?"

Leia rolled her eyes. "How do you even put up with him, Rude?"

The tanned Turk made no expression. "I get by." Was his simply reply.

"Hey!" Reno frowned at Rude. "And I thought we're supposed to be all buddy-buddy, now that we're going to be partners?"

Rude turned in his direction. It was hard to tell what expression he was carrying. "I didn't recall that I need to be buddy with you."

Reno made a face. "Aww man, give me a break! I know I've only joined the Turks a year ago, but cut me some slack!"

"Whatever it is, 15 minutes is left because of random bickering." Leia sighed in frustration. She didn't like wasting time and always believed in efficiency. "Be on standby."

"Will do, will do." Answered the redhead lazily.

While waiting for their leader to give the order to return, Reno started walking around the area to explore. Leia shook her head in disbelief. No one will ever realize that Reno is more senior in the Turks than she is. Rude had been in the Turks longer than Reno and recently being paired up with the almost-too-carefree Reno, Leia wondered if Rude held any dislike towards his new partner.

"Yo guys, check this out." The redhead called over his comrades.

"What are you up to again, Reno?" Leia groaned in frustration. As they approached the pile of debris Reno was squatting by, they saw a small frail girl lying at the sidewalk (Well, literally the side of where the citizens walk in Sector 4).

"Is she dead?" Asked Rude in a deadpan.

Reno nudged her head with his foot gently.

"Reno!" Leia exclaimed, shocked that he would mishandle humans so.

"Relax yo," Reno said with a drawl. "She's dead, I don't see her moving." He stood up. "If there was a cause of death, I'm guessing malnutrition. You gotta admit, living conditions here suck." He shuddered a little.

Rude cleared his throat, and Reno apologized. After all, being a Turk meant that emotional attachments should best be removed to ensure efficiency and confidence of the job done.

Leia nodded. "Anyway, let's go."

As they turned, Reno suddenly felt a tug at the hem of his trousers. "WHAT THE HECK!" He cursed, jumping back to see what it was. As Leia turned, she was shocked to see the girl alive, her hand stretched out, quivering.

Her voice was soft, but clear. "Take me with you."

Reno walked back and squatted down. "Hey kiddo, we're not some orphanage or charitable organization. We're the Turks, and you should stay out of our way." He explained, almost gently to the girl.

He stood up but before he could walk off, her hand was tugging at his trousers again. "Oh COME ON!" He almost shouted in frustration. "Let… go!" He struggled to gain his balance while shaking off the girl, who surprisingly had a strong grip of his pants.

"Then… then I want to be a Turk!"

"Huh?" Reno stopped his attempts and stared blankly at her.

Rude furrowed his brows. "Girl, don't play pranks with us."

She released the hem of Reno's trousers. She propped herself up and glared at Rude. Leia secretly saluted her for her pure resilience, she'll never forget that look on the girl's face as she stared at Rude. The glare was full of determination, as if she was challenging Rude to take her life if he were to refuse.

"I'm not going to spend my life here, when I have no one left." She said again, softly. "If becoming a Turk means I can live a proper life… then I'll work for Shinra." Her gaze was steady.

Rude made a noise of annoyance. "The girl's serious."

Reno knelt down and stared at the girl. She was thin, no doubt. Her big eyes were hazel brown, her black shoulder-length hair was straight and wet with rain, who knew how long she has been lying out in the open? But Reno couldn't help but notice how… how smooth her fair skin was. He couldn't remember a time in his life when he saw such flawless complexion. Pulling himself back to focus, he asked. "What is your name?"

Her gaze at Rude immediately shifted to Reno. "Meia." She answered simply.

"How old are you?"


Whoa, that's young. Reno thought at the back of his head. He was accepted into the Turks last year at 16, and he thought he was young already. Even so, the Turks have accepted younger candidates before…

Reno stood up. "We'll take her back."

"No." Rude insisted.

Reno frowned. "Rude, come on! She's just a little kid!"

"You continue your generousity and Shinra will be overrun by children."

"But I want to bring her along!" Rude frowned at Reno and shook his head. Reno desperately tried to negotiate. "Err… I'll let you have all the meat in my meals for a month?" But the look on Rude's face was final.

Leia glanced at her cell phone. "Boss told us to retreat. Let's go."

Reno sighed. He patted the girl's head. "We wish to bring you back, but we can't. Please let go." He added with a slight pleading tone.

"No!" Shouted Meia as she clung onto Reno's leg. "I'm not letting go till you let me become a Turk!"

"Hey listen kiddo," Reno retorted, clearly annoyed. "If you don't let go I'm gonna have to drag you all the way to Shinra!" He stopped himself, once he realized that that was exactly what she wanted. "Smart kid." He grunted to her.

"You're an idiot, that's all." Rude replied.

Reno wanted to make another comeback but Leia interrupted him. "Look, we don't have much time." She frowned as she thought to herself. If I were given full authority, what would I do?

Reno placed his palms together in a pleading manner. "Please guys? Let's just bring her back. If she proves not to be good enough to be a Turk, we'll send her back… or something." He mumbled the last two words, but the other two Turks knew that Reno was referring to silencing Meia in case she discovers Shinra's information. He smiled at Meia, who was still clutching onto his leg for dear life. He was not going to let her know these dark things yet. She was much too young.

Leia's head shot up from her thoughts. "But… what do we tell boss?" She asked, her voice afraid of the endless possibilities.

"I'll handle him." Reno replied with a wink.

"WE'LL handle him." Confirmed Rude at last.

"YEAH! I LOVE YOU MAN!" Reno rejoiced, patting the silent man on the back. "I knew you have a soft spot somewhere!"

"Only because you're giving me the meat for one month."

Reno's face fell as he remembered his flippant promise. "Alright…" He held the girl up under her arms and tried to steady her. At full height, she was half a head shorter than his shoulder's height. "Little Meia, you better be a good Turk, if not I'm going to lose a month's of meat for nothing!" He then murmured, looking at her height. "But first you gotta eat more so that you can grow taller." He took out his jacket and draped it around the small figure, shielding her from the chill from the rain.

Meia's face broke into an unexpectedly sweet smile. "Thank you nice brothers and beautiful sister!" She beamed.

"2 minutes." Leia's voice was monotonous, but Reno could tell she was anxious about reporting back on time, and flustered at the sincere compliment paid.

"Let's go!" He took Meia by the hand, and patting Leia on her back, complimenting her on a good job done as the mission commander.

The group swiftly left Sector 4, and it would be a while later that any one of them would return.

Haha, what an awkward ending to this chapter :P but I wanted to get this chapter out of the way. Anyway the two name Meia and Leia are a coincidence. I intend to keep it that way too.

Disclaimer: All characters and places belong to SquareEnix. The only things that are mine are Meia and the name Leia, given to the Turk [Martial Arts (Female)] in Before Crisis.

Yes! My story is set in Before Crisis and Crisis Core. These two storylines will run concurrently, so I get to play with all the playable Turks in Before Crisis =P don't worry to those who've never played Before Crisis (I never played it before!), I'll try to write the story so that you won't be lost because of the necessary information given in Before Crisis.

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