He was scared. Scared to his very spark-infused heart. He could feel two echoes of concern and worry in the back of his mind. He tried to reassure them, but nothing could stop the cold fear spreading through out his body. His blue bow had been snapped and he didn't have enough power in him to keep his trigger active.

As his red eyes began to fade back to blue and his white hair was rapidly returning to its normal black hue, he stared as balefully as he could at the enemy that had reduced him to this mess.

Said enemy merely smirked and approached to take the black-haired teen's life.

Thinking back on it, the teen didn't regret anything. If given the chance, the only thing he'd change would be the circumstances he and him met under. Despite the undesirable situation that he had caused them both, the teen wouldn't have her.

As the enemy took each step closer to him, the teen couldn't help but think about his last decision should he be close to dying. He'd have to cut the bond himself. They would still have each other, they'd move on. Eventually.

He clenched his fists as he shakily stood. He was down, but he wasn't out yet damn it! If he was going down, he'd go down fighting. After all, he still had one trick up his sleeve.

To think though; this had all started when he found out what he was.

'Who would've thought?'