Title: Walk-Ins Welcome
Disclaimer: I don't own them.
Inspiration: Kublam won't leave my head. And Sam seriously needs a haircut.
Notes: So, I love Kublam; romantically or just brotastically. This is teeny-tiny. XD

"You seriously need a haircut," Kurt says grinning down at the boy. He's got one hand moving through Sam's hair gently while Sam all but dozes with his head in his lap.

"I know," Sam replies sleepily. "Haven't really had the time for it, though." He shifts a little, turning his face into Kurt's belly. Kurt frowns and looks to Blaine who's sprawled out over Sam's legs, chin resting on the blonde's stomach. The meet eyes and the unspoken addition of "or the money" to Sam's excuse stitches through the tension.

Blaine drops a kiss to the fabric of Sam's tee shirt and says "I could do it for you." That draws both of the other boys' attention to his with question looks but Blaine only shrugs. "We do it at Dalton often enough. One of the guys cut his little brothers' hair and then a few of us caught on and..." Sam and Kurt are still passing him odd looks and Blaine shifts a little, uncomfortable. He rises to his knees and looks off to the side. "I mean, it can be kind of inconvenient to go off campus all the time for a haircut and..."

Sam cuts him off with a light laugh, leaning forward to hook an arm around his shoulders and pull him in. "Just don't give me a crewcut, okay dude?" he says, dropping a kiss to Blaine's temple.

Which is how Kurt finds himself standing over the two of them, watching as Blaine makes careful cuts, the smooth /snick/ of the scissors the only sound passing in the quiet bathroom. Blaine is sitting on the toilet with Sam on the floor, between his legs. He's caught up in watching the fine muscles in Blaine's hand and fingers work the scissors, the fall of Sam's hair as Blaine shuffles through it, the focuses curve of Blaine's brow, the dark circles pressed under Sam's closed eyes, the drop of water that trails from the damp strands and maps over Sam's neck.

Then, finally, Blaine sets the scissors off to the sink counter and gives Sam's hair a ruffle. "There you go, Sammy," he says quietly, pitching forward to feather a kiss over the nape of his neck.

Sam makes a soft, affectionate noise and stands, passing a hand through his newly-shorn hair. He turns to Kurt, smiling shyly. "What d'you think?" he asks, hands going to his pockets and shoulders hitching up.

Kurt just smirks back and reaches up to cup Sam's cheek. "Much better." He pulls Sam in for a brief kiss before looking over to see Blaine watching them with a comfortable smile playing over his face. "You did a very good job," Kurt says, moving to him. The fingers of one hand are still tangled with those of one of Sam's as he leans over a little to share a kiss with the other boy as well, free hand carding into Blaine's curls.

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