Harper Finkle Matchmaker

What if Zeke asked Harper to help him get a date with Justin during Alex Russo Matchmaker. Being the nice person she is she say's yes even if it hurt's her.

Wizards of Waverly Place Wizards of Waverly Place Wizards of Waverly Place Wizards of Waverly Place W.O.W.P Wizards of Waverly Place Wizards of Waverly Place Wizards of Waverly Place Wizards of Waverly Place W.O.W.P

" Harper your home" said Alex as she smiled and ran towards the redhead. Harper put her bag's down and Hugged Alex. She did miss her best friend to day.

" So, what you do with Geek boy" asked Alex as she looked at Harper's bag. Harper rolled her eye's and picked up her bag's .

" We had sex and then we went to rob and pillage the town. Oh then I did some X and smoked a pound of pot. Then I stole a cop car and ended up here" said Harper as she smiled at Alex.

" Not Funny" said Alex as she glared at Harper. Harper smiled and started to walk to her room. Alex followed her like a puppy.

" Are you going to tell me the truth or are you going to keep lying to me." said Alex as she jumped on Harper's bed.

" I could always ask you the same thing." said Harper as she put her new clothes away before Alex saw them.

" What do you mean" asked Alex as she looked confused. She watched Harper put her stuff away.

" I saw you today in front of Zeke's apartment . You and Justin were spying on us." said Harper as she closed the dresser door. She turned around and looked at Alex who was frowning and looking at her hand's.

" I just need you to trust me okay, would it help if I said Zeke and I are not dating." said Harper as she sat down by Alex.

" Then why are you spending so much time with him." said Alex as she kept her eye's on her hand's.

" Like I said we're working on a project and I need you to trust me." said Harper as she laid down. She was tired from today and she was dealing with Alex. What a long day.

" Fine, so tomorrow what are we doing" said Alex as she smiled and looked up to look at Harper.

" Oh, sorry Alex the project with Zeke . I didn't want to do it to night so I said tomorrow would be better" said Harper as she frowned. Maybe she wasn't spending enough time with Alex, it might be the reason why Alex has been acting weird lately.

" Oh, fine go spend time with your new best friend , see what I care " said Alex as she flashed to her room.

" I hate when she does that, if she want's to act like a fucking cry baby then so be it. I don't need this." said Harper as she went to get her clothes to change in to her PJ's. Harper changed and went upstairs she was hungry tired and pissed off at Alex.

" Hi Harper" said Justin in a nasty tone. Harper rolled her eye's and walked passed Justin. What was it Russo Rude Day. Alex was being mean and now Justin.

" Harper what were you doing with Zeke today." said Justin as he followed her. Harper came up with an idea Zeke didn't say she couldn't play with Justin's mind before they got together.

" Fucking like rabbit's would be a clean version of what we did today" said Harper as she went to the refrigerator to get food.

" Why are you lying ! Zeke would never do that. He has better taste then you" said Justin as he got angry. His face was red and he was glaring at Harper. Harper rolled her eye's. Oh yeah Justin so liked Zeke.

" Maybe you don't know Zeke as well as you think you do." said Harper as she smirked at Justin.

" I know him better then anyone in the world." said Justin as he looked at Harper.

" Well, whatever" said Harper as she walked pass him with a apple and a bottle of water. Harper went to her room and ate her apple.

" I better go to sleep , I have a long day tomorrow and I need my rest." said Harper to herself. Harper turned off the light and went to sleep. Later on that night Harper was poked in the head till she woke up.

" Whhaaa," said Harper half asleep. Harper open her eye's to see a crying Alex.

" Alex, Alex honey what's wrong why are you crying " asked Harper more awake as she looked at her best friend. Alex flung herself into Harper's arm's and started to cry harder.

" Shh, shh it's okay, I got you honey" said Harper as she wrapped her arm's around Alex to calm her down.

" I'm sorry please forgive me" said Alex as she cried into Harper's arm's.

" About what, forgive you for what." said Harper as she got confused . Alex blew her nose on Harper's shirt and wiped her eye's. Harper really looked confused.

" About what I said about you and Zeke . Him being your new best friend and trying to spy on you." said Alex as she looked at Harper. Harper nodded her head understanding why Alex was crying.

" Look, if you want to date Zeke I understand and I'll try to behave when he's around. I just have to say I think you can do way better then Zeke." said Alex as she looked at Harper. Harper was frowning and she looked depressed.

" Thanks Alex but Zeke and I are not dating. So you have nothing to worry about. I should go back to sleep, You could stay here if you want." said Harper as she looked at Alex. Alex nodded her head and laid down next to Harper. She wrapped her arm's around Harper's waist and closed her eye's. Why was Harper frowning, why was she spending so much time with Zeke and what is she keeping from her. All theses question's running threw Alex's head.

" Good night Alex." said Harper as she wrapped her arm's around Alex and kissed her on her head.

" Sweet dream's Harp's." said Alex. Both Alex and Harper fell asleep in each others arm's.

( The Next day )

" Alex Wake up, I have to get ready to meet Zeke and I can't leave if your holding on to me." said Harper as she tried to get out of Alex's iron grip. Alex woke up and smiled at Harper.

" Morning sunshine, " said Harper as she looked at Alex.

" Morning Harp's. Why are you waking me up so early on a Saturday." asked Alex as she poked Harper's arm.

" Project with Zeke, I need you to let me go." said Harper as she pointed at Alex's iron grip on her.

" Oh, sorry. I just like holding you" said Alex as she frowned and letting go of Harper.

" And I like holding on to you to Alex but I have to do this thing with Zeke. How about this next week if this project is done I'll take you out to dinner and a movie then we could go to Cold Stone for some ice cream." said Harper as she grinned at Alex.

" I'm holding you to that Finkle" said Alex as she grinned back at Harper.

" Hahaha fine , it's a date" said Harper as she jumped off the bed and picked out her out fit for the day. She was wondering how Alex will react to her SPY out fit. She didn't mind changing in front of Alex. She was used to changing in front of other girl's at school for cheer-leading.

As Harper changed Alex tried to look away so Harper couldn't see the blush on her face. She never understood why her eye's always got stuck on Harper's body when she was changing. She knew every curve and birthmark on Harper's body. She knew that her best friend had dimple's on her perfect Ass. As Harper finishes changing into her new out fit Alex lost all train of thought.

" So what do you think am I hot or am I hot" said Harper as she spinning around showing off her new out fit. Alex just looked at Harper, seeing her in all that leather and that it was so skin tight she looked great.

" WOW" was all Alex could say. Harper grinned and went to grab her sun glasses and put them on. She walked upstairs and left Alex in her room.

" Damn, when did Harper start dressing like that." said Alex to herself.

Buzz , buzz

Harper looked at her cell she had a text message from Zeke. She had a huge smile on her face. Time to play Matchmaker and Spy.

Harper are you ready?

Read the Text from Zeke. Harper Text him she was ready. They planed to meet at the park.

" Bye, got to go to the park" said Harper as she left the Russo home.

( With Zeke and Harper )

" Hey , wow you really are wearing that. Did Alex see you or Mr. Russo" asked Zeke as he looked at Harper. Harper smiled and waved to the crowed of boy's that where staring at her.

" Yup, Alex was speechless and I like the attention I'm getting but right now that doesn't matter. Did you call Justin to start your project." asked Harper as she looked over Zeke. He was wearing a Dark Green shirt with a purple Alien on it with the black jean's and the leather Jacked. Harper smiled he did look good and with the way Justin was acting this would be as tricking Max to do your work and give you the money.

" Yeah, I called him and he said He'll be here in Fifteen minuets. So I guess go hide and watch us. I been practicing my Alien pick up line's and I'm going to use them on Justin . I had to change a few but He'll get it he's smart after all." said Zeke as he smiled.

" Good and Zeke good luck." said Harper as she went behind the bush.

( Back at The Russo Home )

" What the Hell are you doing Dork" said Alex as she looked at Justin. She just woke up again she went back to sleep after watching Harper change and seeing her in her new out fit. She had a very steamy dream about her best friend. She wish she could say this was the first time but that would be a major lie and waking up for the second time in the said redhead of her dream's was a bonus plus.

" Zeke just called and said we should start our project and I have to meet him soon. I don't want to be late." said Justin as he ran around the house putting thing's in his book bag. He looked a little over dress to be hanging with Zeke and for a school project but this was Justin Russo. He was dressed in a white short sleeve Polo shirt and black slack's , with a pair of simple black sneaker's. As Alex watched Justin run around she rethought what he said. "Zeke just called and said we should start our project and I have to meet him soon" wait Harper said she was meeting Zeke this morning. So if the redhead wasn't with the geek , where was she.

" Nice try Harper but I'm going to find you" said Alex as she ran to her room to get dress and to start her mission to find the lying Redhead and drag her home.

( With Zeke and Harper )

" My Harper sense is tingling. Ehh must be nothing" said Harper as she shrugged the feeling of doom coming her way. Harper saw Justin run up to Zeke and they started to talk in there Alien language. If it was anyone else helping them they would be lost but Harper did have a crush on both boy's so she understood both of them. They started to walk towards the Dump. Harper was good at hiding from there view, she had to silently thank her best friend. She was stealthy like a ninja and she was close enough to hear everything she needed to. If the Fashion business didn't work out she could really be a spy.

" So We're here" said Zeke as he looked around the Dump. Piles of stinky garbage and junk perfect to find part's for a robot.

" Yeah, here we are at the city dump. So we should start in the middle and work are way out " said Justin as he looked at Zeke. He thought Zeke's new look was off the scale and into outer space. He looked so hot.

" Sure thing cutie whatever you say" said Zeke as he winked at Justin. Justin blushed and looked away.

" Okay, look that look's like a great part for our robot." said Justin as he went to pick it up. He bent over and Zeke let out a whistle.

" Nice bun's." said Zeke as he slapped Justin on his butt. Harper smiled Zeke was flirting hard and Justin was liking it. After two of Zeke flirting and Justin picked out part's for there robot's. Harper watched and took note's. Justin started to flirt back with Zeke which made Zeke blush redder then a cooked lobster.

" I think we have enough part's we can take this to my place and maybe grab lunch at the park" said Justin as he looked at Zeke. Zeke nodded his head and picked up half of the stuff. Justin picked up the other half and both boy's walked to the Russo home.

" Wow, this is so good, I should write a book on this. Who would of thought Justin Russo had a bad boy side." said Harper as she talked to herself. She started to fallow the guy's as they chit chat with each other about school, alien club or what to get for lunch. Justin and Zeke dropped the stuff in Justin's room then decided to get smoothies and yogurt for lunch. They got there lunch and went to the park as they planed.

" So, Justin I'm going out here on a limb but, …... will you go out with me tonight please " said Zeke as he closed his eye's and waited for Justin's response . Harper watched threw a bush and smiled Zeke did it and they didn't even have to go threw part two of there plan. She didn't see who was behind her .

" What are you doing " whispered Alex into Harper's ear. Harper looked over and paled at the sight of Alex being there with her.

" Look I know I lied but Zeke asked me to help him ask Justin out and I said Yes that was the secret project. Now shut up and let me see if Justin say's yes." said Harper as she looked back at the boy's. Alex watched them to, wondering why Harper didn't ask her for help she loved playing matchmaker. She Knew her brother was crushing on his best friend, she hoped he would be smart enough to say yes to the other dork.

" I would love to go out with you" said Justin as he kissed Zeke. Alex looked at her brother she never seen him so happy. Then she looked at Harper who had a sad smiled on her face. This confused her , she would of thought that this would make her smile that the two dork's got together like she planed.

" Why ain't you happy there kissing isn't that what you want" asked Alex as she looked at Harper. She was really rocking that outfit. Alex tried to look at Harper's lovely green eye's but Harper's ass was calling for her to look at it.

" Yes and no. I'm happy that there dating but sad because I'm never going to have what they have. I liked both of them but they rather be with each other. I'm just wondering why I can't find someone to love like that or if I'm even worth loving" said Harper as she frowned looking at the ground. Alex looked at the guy's kissing and then back to Harper. She leaned forward and kissed Harper on the lips.

" Mmm, Alex what are you doing" asked Harper as she ended the kiss. She looked at Alex's brown eye's , they were sparkling with mirth and happiness.

" Kissing you, Your that smart one I thought you would of know that. Now stop fucking talking and let's make out" said Alex as she leaned forward again. She was far more braver then before and slowly put her hand's on Harper's hip's moving the redhead closer to her.

" Wait , wait , wait why are you kissing me." said Harper as she moved back a little.

" I like you Harper, I can't keep my eye's off you and I can't stop thinking of you. So fucking kiss me now." said Alex as she kissed Harper. Harper closed her eye's and kissed Alex back. She liked kissing Alex, no she loved it. She would of never thought kissing Alex would be this electrifying. Alex put her hand's back on Harper's hip's and Harper wrapped her arm's around Alex's neck. Not paying attention to the world around them, just losing themselves in kissing bliss.

" Wait is someone in this bush" said Justin as he walked to the bush. Zeke ran to him and to his shock he saw Alex and Harper making out. Really heaving making out. Making him think him and Justin should being doing that too.

" Harper and Alex kissing, it's about time" said Justin as he turned away from the bush.

" Your okay with it, I was hoping they get together but didn't know if they would." said Zeke as he smiled.

" Yeah, I'm okay with it but I like there idea less talking more kissing." said Justin as he kissed Zeke.

" Wait I have to tell you why Harper's here. I asked Harper to help me ask you out. It was her Idea for the new clothes and the flirting with you. If it wasn't for her we wouldn't be here" said Zeke as he thought of how great Harper was.

" Harper is a great person and I'm happy that she's dating Alex now. But remind me later to give Harper my thanks for bringing me and My best friend now boyfriend together." said Justin as he kissed Zeke again.

The perfect ending to Harper's story. Boy ask girl for help to get other boy, girl help's boy and does the same thing boy did fall in love with there best friend. So in the end boy got his boy and girl got her girl.

Now all they have to do is tell there parent's

To be continued …...

Wizards of Waverly Place Wizards of Waverly Place Wizards of Waverly Place Wizards of Waverly Place W.O.W.P Wizards of Waverly Place

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