~T Minus 3 Minutes


"Hey, slow down! I can't keep up with you when I can't see where I'm going!" Tootie exclaimed, scrambling to stay up to speed with the android dragging her and Romi around in random directions.

"What are you doing wearing sunglasses at night in the first place?" Caleb snapped, scanning the skies for the black units and running down another random street.

"It wasn't my idea! Timmy made them like this so I wouldn't be blinded by the fire!" she yelled back.

"What fire?"

"The one he caused blowing up the nullification generators!"

"Pardon me for not noticing due to hacking attempts being made on me." the android grumbled and ducked them all under a cafe awning for a breather. He kept watch on the skies, peeking out from under the cloth, while Tootie and Romi rested, breathing hard. "I can hear them flying around nearby. They'll find us soon." he murmured and pulled the Wonder Fork from his back, "Best be on the safe side. Defend us from the blows of the enemy! Field Barrier!"

The faint protective glow of blue light wrapped around Caleb and Tootie, but Romi remained unaffected. The fairy shrugged helplessly, a little smile on her face. "Sorry, your magic is too low on the spectrum to touch me." she told the android, then yipped and bowed repeatedly in apology when Caleb scowled at her, "I'm sorry, but it's true! Sorry!"

"Hey, what happened back there, in the control center?" Tootie interrupted the stream of apologies with a change of subjects, sending a concerned look in the android's direction. Caleb kept silent, gazing out at the sky as his wings twitched, the metal framework trying to fold down before flicking back with little mechanical whines of protest. "Come on. It's no good to hold it inside." the girl prodded, poking his arm, "Timmy was worried and asked, and you didn't answer him, so tell me. What happened?"

"I was trying to shut down the servers, but the connection I built allowed Crocker to break into my personal systems." Caleb finally murmured, scanning the skies to avoid looking at either the girl or the fairy, "So he infected me with a bunch of worms, viruses, hostile programs that attacked the basic functions of all computer code. I hadn't thought to defend against that kind of attack, so he destroyed a lot of my firewalls pretty easily before I mounted a better defense." He jerked a thumb back at his wings. "I knew I was losing when he took control of my wings, and I panicked." he sighed, shaking his head, "You probably don't understand, but it's a real fear for me. This is my body, and to see control of it slipping away from me, piece by piece... it scared me." Caleb shot a glare back up at the skies.

"Scared me and infuriated me. How dare any mere human think he can own me? He lives on the planet I created; he should be grateful I allow him to live as he wants!" he hissed scathingly.

"Then that doesn't make you much better than him." Tootie pointed out bluntly, folding her arms over her chest, "We don't want to be controlled either, and here you are talking like we all owe you something." Caleb flinched slightly, face smoothing back out to neutral.

"You don't." he muttered, shouldering the giant fork, "Just live, just exist... and leave me alone."

Tootie opened her mouth, ready to berate him for talking like that, when the rapid-fire sounds of laser fire filled the air, several beams hitting the redhead before her and sending him crashing backwards into the tables of the cafe. Limbs flailed about as he fell onto his back, a look of shock on his face. The awning caught fire and Romi squealed in fright, pointing towards the sky as she fluttered back away from the flames.

"The black units! They found us!" she cried and ducked as more lasers were shot in her direction.

"We gotta-!" Tootie exclaimed and cried out as some of the blasts hit her body as well, throwing her backwards and slamming her into the sidewalk, "Augh!" She curled up instinctively, arms up to protect her head, and then stared in shock as Caleb pushed himself up from the ground and nearly threw himself over her. He hovered over the girl on all fours, grimacing as the units kept up their barrage of laser fire while Romi transformed herself in a floating fire hose, attached herself to a nearby hydrant and sprayed the awning with water before turning the flow on the black units.

"In retrospect, I probably should have used Guardian to absorb some of those hits." the android muttered, "But the barrier's enough to deaden them and keep them from actually injuring you."

"If this winds up on some episode of Touched by an Angel, I'm going to kick you with Sam's boots." Tootie remarked thoughtlessly, still stunned that she'd been shot at by anti-magic units. Those things weren't supposed to have weapons like that! She was used to blades and clubs and teeth and stupid things like that; it was the reason she and everyone in Team Turner wore the magitech armor! They shot units; units aren't supposed to shoot back!

"Why does everyone keep bringing up that show when I save them?" Caleb muttered in exasperation and shook his head when the girl lifted an eyebrow at him, "Happens in New York, don't ask. It's embarrassing."

A sudden explosion lit up the night sky and both Caleb and Tootie turned their heads to look up in surprise, gazing at the ball of light and fire and smoke that hung high overhead. Moments later, the black units dropped out of the air, evil-looking red lights flickering out. The two got back to their feet and Romi poofed free of the hydrant, floating back over to her godchild protectively.

"What happened? What was that?" Tootie murmured, gazing back up at the haze of smoke lingering after the light faded.

"A very big blast. Missile, maybe? I don't know." Caleb muttered in irritation as he cautiously approached one of the units and prodded it with the fork, "These things deactivated at about the same time, so perhaps they're connected. I'll take it back to New York with me, start working on figuring out what it is."

"Can we go with you?" Tootie asked suddenly, gesturing to herself and a surprised Romi, "We can't go anywhere without Romi's wand and I need a bath hardcore. Fresh clothes and a meal, too." Caleb tilted his head, considering the request for a moment before nodding.

"All right. You'll be able to call your friends and let them know you've been rescued, too." he agreed and held out a hand. The Goth grabbed on, Romi sitting on her shoulder, and watched as Caleb scooped up the black unit in the crook of one arm and focused on the fork in his hand.

They were gone in a blast of white smoke just as police cruisers shot past them.

~T Minus 2 Minutes


Wanda found it odd that she was being dragged to safety by Anti-Cosmo of all beings. Her hair was mussed and falling out of her curls, and she could feel the rush of air against the back of her neck from the anti-fairy's bat wings beating furiously to speed them all away from the black units still trailing them. She felt strangely detached from everything, her mind focused on just one thing.

They had abandoned their godchild.

Wanda's heart ached and she whimpered, raising her arms to grasp at the air, wanting to grab onto Timmy's shirt and never let go, just to hold him and feel he was there with them. What kind of fairy godmother was she, to leave her godchild behind, surrounded by enemies and being beaten by his greatest rival?

Beside her, Cosmo twisted and fumed, hands reaching back and scratching at his anti-self's grip, trying desperately to get loose. She knew he felt the same way, perhaps all the more powerfully. For being a complete idiot, when it came to matters of the heart, Cosmo was as stubborn and unwavering as a rampaging tank. There was no way he was going to leave the brunet alone, not while he could still fight.

Anti-Wanda hovered nearby, chancing frightened glances back as the black units flew ever closer. With every flick of her wand, she would summon mirrors and floating ladders for the machines to crash into and trigger bad luck. It was good repellant for a while, but then the devices adapted to that and swerved around, dodging her attempts and drawing closer, the barrels of their laser rifles humming and glowing, ready to fire.

Wanda screamed a wordless cry in warning and Cosmo snarled in renewed fury, hands going to the front of his dress shirt and ripping it open, buttons flying everywhere as he slipped free and whipped out his wand, exchanging it in a puff of green smoke for the Stormreaver. Anti-Cosmo halted abruptly, turning back in shock as he lifted his hand still clutching a white shirt and black tie.

"What in blazes is he-?" he began and closed his wings, falling out of the line of fire as the black units began shooting lasers in rapid sequence, "They're attacking us?" He let Wanda go, tossing the shirt and whipping out his own wand to fly to his own wife's defense. Anti-Wanda was fluttering about crazily, crying and yelping in fear as she was herded into an ambush, several of the units clustering into a circle and bearing their rifles on her.

"Wait! You don't have the magic to fight them!" Wanda exclaimed, bringing out her hammer to use as a shield. Some of those shots were getting close to her, and she could see that -as wildly as they were firing at her and Anti-Wanda- none of the units attempted to shoot at Cosmo or Anti-Cosmo. 'They're not going for them. Why? Are they like the other units, tracking by DNA?'

And the weight of guilt lifted from her heart, filling it with relief instead. With a yell of renewed purpose, Wanda flew up and over the shots to bring the Heartache Hammer down on one of the black machines. Cosmo was already making short work of the others, slicing through unit after unit with the twin blades and jerking the entire weapon backwards to spear the other end through yet another.

Anti-Cosmo didn't have the amount of power his light counterpart did, but he did what he could by covering his wife with his body as much as he could, flying them both back away from the group still trying to shoot at Anti-Wanda. She'd pop up from behind his back to throw a random object at the devices, then duck back behind him for safety as they fired a shot. They missed her, but the close calls were too many for Anti-Cosmo's liking.

"My dim-witted darling, as much as I enjoy watching your antics, would you mind not baiting the things trying to kill you?" he declared in a growing panic, shifting in place constantly to try to keep the rifles diverted from firing on her.

And then it seemed the things made a decision on the situation, and Anti-Cosmo's eyes widened, heart leaping into his throat, as the units all moved as one and shifted their laser guns to point directly at him. His arms and wings were still spread, still trying to add surface area to hide his dear wife from them, and now he was as much a target as she was. Oh, this Halloween was just getting better and better.

Then several of the machines exploded in front of him, silvery blades catching starlight and glinting as Cosmo dove in and unleashed hell upon the devices, roaring like he was demon-possessed. Frightening to see, but it gave his anti-self some breathing room. Taking that chance, Anti-Cosmo turned his head to give some quick, easy-to-understand commands to his darling wife.

"Go hide!" he barked and poured as much of his own magic as he could into his wand before lashing it downwards before himself like an axe, unleashing a wave of pale blue light that sliced through the air. It impacted a pair of the black units, not destroying them -like he'd hoped would happen- but spinning them away in a tizzy.

"And what was that supposed to do? Make them sick and throw up?" Cosmo asked in that oddly cold tone that did not fit him at all as he flew back to join his anti-self, the Stormreaver held in a ready stance while he watched the movements of those last two units. "You don't have the power to really damage them; I do." The smile he gave to Anti-Cosmo was dry, almost bitter, "That's what all this is about, isn't it? I'm still alive and still this strong, so now Timothy's being targeted."

"We don't know that for certain..." the anti-fairy lied, glancing away so his light self didn't see the truth in his expression.

"We do. We've suspected from the start." Cosmo muttered, sparing him a frosty glance, "It always comes back to us, one way or another." He shot forward, whipping the scythe around and cleaving it through one of the spinning units. As it exploded, he flew back to stay out of its range and wound up in line with the other unit as it fired a burst from its laser rifle.

"No!" Wanda screamed in horror as she watched her husband be struck in the chest by the blast, falling out of the air limply while a rocket soared into the air some distance away, filling the skies with a thunderous roar that drowned out her cry. She flew in, swinging the bladed end of her weapon around and slamming it into that last unit in vengeful fury while Anti-Cosmo dove for his light self. He folded his wings close to his body and let gravity help him catch up to the green-haired fairy. Once he was close, he scooped the other up by the arms and furiously beat his wings to catch the updraft from the streets.

High above them all, the mystery rocket exploded, and Anti-Cosmo fluttered a little in surprise before touching down on the roof of a building, Anti-Wanda and Wanda both flying in to land by him. He stretched his light self out on his back, then began unbuttoning his own jacket as Wanda teared up and carefully touched fingertips to the angry burn stretched over the center of her husband's bare chest.

"I don't care what's in his head that's supposed to be keeping him in his place, if it can't even keep him safe in a skirmish, it doesn't have any business being in there!" the anti-fairy grumbled to himself, pulling off the jacket with a bit more ferocity than was necessary, "Wanda, he's all right, just unconscious and while I realize that burn looks very nasty it is not the end of the world. Trust me, I'd know if he were dead."

"It's going to hurt when he wakes up." Wanda mumbled dazedly, running her fingers through Cosmo's hair, pulling back as Anti-Cosmo hoisted him up and managed to get the jacket onto him.

"Yes, but that can't be helped. His wand isn't in his hand for him to boost his healing." he returned tiredly as he lay his light self back down to rest and looked around at the eerie silence of the city, broken now only by the distant screams of police sirens. He frowned slightly, then turned his gaze back to Wanda as his own wife chose that moment to drape herself against his back and nuzzle him. "We'll look after Cosmo; you may want to go back and check on Timothy. He's going to need someone that can grant wishes to get him away from that lot if the police are heading that way." he told the pink-haired fairy quietly.

Wanda stared at him uncertainly, eyes still teary and lip quivering, before she lunged forward and hugged him, catching Anti-Cosmo by surprise and sending Anti-Wanda fluttering back with a wide smile as she spun herself upside down.

"Thank you." the fairy murmured gratefully, eyes shut tight and streaming tears down her face, "I thought... I thought I couldn't trust you... but then this... and you helped Cosmo... thank you." It was a moment longer before he hugged back, shy and hesitant, as though even more uncertain than she was about this shift in dynamics between them all.

"As much as I hate to admit it," Anti-Cosmo murmured as she pulled away from him and rubbed at her eyes to dry her tears, "we both have the same goals now. Well, we've had them for four years, but we've never actively worked together on them." He waited until she could look at him again before continuing. "We're both trying to protect Timothy and his secret from the rest of fairykind." he added grimly, "It's too late for the pixies, they already know. That's why the Spires exist, and that's why we... we must work together to defeat their plans."

Wanda nodded. "You're right. I'll go see how Timmy's doing. Please look after Cosmo." she murmured and lifted her own wand, poofing away in a cloud of pink smoke.

"He looks cute in yer fancy clothes, but his head looks like a Chia pet." Anti-Wanda remarked suddenly, draping herself onto his back again, giggling at the fact that her husband now wore only his pale blue dress shirt and ruffled cravat. Anti-Cosmo smiled as he stood guard over the unconscious fairy.

"My dear, are you trying to make me jealous? Tut, tut, shame, shame." he teased, reaching back to rub her head affectionately.

~T Minus 1 Minute


Chester felt that cold, hollow rage of someone who suspected they'd been lied to and decided he didn't like the feeling. He stood in the backyard of Buxaplenty Manor with Elmer, Sanjay and A.J. after they had asked what few party-goers still lingered if they'd seen Timothy Neogene around.

None of them did.

He asked if they saw a girl with long brown hair and a shimmery fancy dress. They told him she had thrown herself out of that blown-up room and then run off with a pair of big-headed little kids dressed like vampires.

"Chester, sir? That face you're making? It's starting to scare the witnesses." Elmer pointed out gingerly, snapping him out of his tunnel vision so he could see fine-dressed people shifting around nervously near cops taking down reports and statements.

"We're at a bust. Timantha's gone; Tim... Timothy never showed up; we still have no clue where Tootie and Romi are..." the blonde growled, turning to kick the tire of one of the rented limos, "What the hell are we supposed to do now?"

"I have been trying to get in contact with Timothy by phone." Sanjay reported, cell phone in hand and pressed to his ear. A helpless expression on his face didn't comfort the Leader of the Others at all. "But he has not picked up the last three times I tried. Nor is he picking up now."

"Did something happen to him on the way here that's keeping him from using his phone?" A.J. wondered aloud, gazing skyward out of concern, "We're so close to finding Tootie and destroying the last of the Spires. There's so much left to do, we can't afford to lose him now!"

Chester sighed in aggravation, pacing back and forth near the slightly miffed chauffeur as he thought hard on what he'd learned so far. Timantha was left behind to learn where Tootie and Romi were being held. Timmy left a robot copy of himself behind to go after her, which meant he would be coming here. But Timmy never arrived, and Timantha left the manor with the anti-fairies. Timmy's fairies were missing, and if they also knew that the other Timmy was a fake then they probably poofed off to join the real Timmy first chance they got. So, they should be okay for now, maybe. They needed to focus on where Timantha went; the only reason why she'd ditch the manor would be if she knew where Tootie and Romi were being held.

He headed back to one of the antsy party-goers in their fancy suits and dresses and stood before them, arms folded over his chest like he was the one in charge, not the cops. "Which way did the girl with the vampire kids run?" Chester asked in a calm, even tone, which probably scared the man before him even more. The guy immediately pointed a finger in one direction.

"That way! There was blood on her face and her dress was a wreck, but she ran that way like her life depended on it!" he blubbered. Chester blinked, a look of alarm coming over his face. Blood? On Timantha? That was new, no one told him that before.

Fairies couldn't injure humans, so was that something Remy did to her? And her dress was messed up...?

"If that bastard so much as breathed on her wrong, I am gonna kill him!" Chester raged, whipping back around as he glanced in the direction the other man pointed out. A Dark Spire loomed in that general direction, and he hissed again, lips pulled back as he stalked over to his friends. Before he even had the chance to tell them that they were all going straight to the Dark Spire and check around it for clues, the very tower he had looked at suddenly launched itself into the air.

He stopped in mid-step, staring with open-mouthed shock along with everyone else who noticed. The tower rose higher and higher, like a giant black rocket. People fell silent and watched, heads moving up to keep following the trail of fire and smoke since that was easier to track than the black of the Spire. And then they were nearly blinded by the explosion that went off when the tower-turned-rocket reached the highest it could over Dimmsdale. Some few moments later, they heard the thundering roar of that explosion sweep over them.

The cops got into action, calling in for more forces to head towards the site of that Dark Spire while herding the party-goers to safety, just in case another building decided to become a bottle rocket of ungodly size.

"Well, at least we know where Timmy went." A.J. muttered, one eye twitching.

"So the reason he didn't answer his phone is because he was busy fightin' at the Dark Spire by himself?" Chester exclaimed in a mix of horror and awe. And then managed to turn the freaking tower into an epic missile and launched it for all of Dimmsdale to see... Hell in a hand-basket in the back of a Dodge Viper.

"What do we do, Chester, sir?" Elmer asked quietly, the boy stepping up beside him even as his eyes remained on the cloud of smoke blotting out stars in the sky, "Should we go to that Spire's lot and see if Timmy and his cousin are there?"

Chester weighed his options, taking in what had changed and what would happen now. Police had already called in about the launch; cops would be showing up at that lot soon. If Timmy had his fairies, they'd be with him there and he could wish himself and the girl out of there to safety. Timmy planned the party in the park, so he might think of that as 'safety', or the Ivory Tower, or his own home. It doesn't answer the question of why he or Timantha would go to the Dark Spire.

"Call Timantha. Find out where she is. Once we know where she's standin', we can ask what the hell is goin' on." the blonde finally ordered in frustration, "This is one of the most damn confusin' Halloweens I've ever been in in all my life!" He paced again as Elmer dialed the girl's number and waited. A few minutes later, he was still waiting. "Well?" Chester growled.

"She's not picking up either." Elmer sighed, shaking his head as he ended the call attempt.

"Damn, what else could go wrong tonight?" Chester growled as Sanjay gasped and pointed skyward.

"Look! It's beautiful!" he exclaimed and the boys of the Others followed his outstretched arm to see a glimmering rainbow flow down from high above the clouds, stretching over the city and touching down in the side of Mount Dimmsdale.

"The rainbow bridge to Fairy World." A.J. muttered thoughtfully, rubbing at his chin, "Anti-Cosmo said that the bridge to Fairy World couldn't be reformed until eighty percent of the city was free of the Dark Spires." He lifted his hands and counted backwards from eight in rapid order, then looked around the skyline to be sure of his numbers. "That Spire that Timmy took out just now? It was the last one needed to fall in order to push Dimmsdale past that limit and re-establish the bridge."

"I wonder how that's going to affect us in bringing down the last two Spires." Elmer murmured as they watched the shimmer of color in the sky.

~T Minus 60 Seconds


"Timmy! Wake up!" Wanda's voice seemed to bury into his ears and do its best to drag him back to consciousness.

Screw consciousness, Timmy thought faintly, everything hurt and he just wanted to stay in a coma until the pain ended. But the act of thinking woke him a bit more, then the pain reminded him it was still there and that woke him up more, until finally he just groaned in frustration that he was coming back to awareness and all he had to show for it was a pair of holes in his gut that looked like they were still oozing blood. Well, at least it wasn't gushing, but that just told him his heart had stopped and that was kind of annoying.

Wanda floated above him, frazzled and frantic and wide pink eyes that kept straying to the dark wound revealed by the torn turtleneck. Timmy frowned slightly. Above... why above him? And then he realized that he was lying on his back on the pavement and blood had spilled and seeped all over the place, staining his clothes, his back, possibly his hair too. Great, that was gonna be sticky and smell bad until he bathed. The sounds of police sirens in the distance -and getting closer by the sound of it- also reminded him that the city was very much active tonight and he had just signaled everything alive that he just took out a Dark Spire.

Like this night couldn't get any worse. If not for the fact that it was Halloween, thus an October Thirty-First, Timmy was certain he'd declare it a Friday the Thirteenth and some stupid anti-fairy forgot he was supposed to be immune to bad luck.

He opened his mouth to vent his frustration with a bout of swears, remembered Wanda was there, and decided against it. Instead he exhaled slowly, releasing a long breath before touching fingers to the gash Remy had left in him and twitching at the surge of pain that brought. "Okay." Timmy told Wanda in a soft voice, "I'm just gonna admit you were right; turning myself into a girl for this whole plan to work wasn't the best idea. Neither was attacking the Dark Spire by myself. But at least it's gone."

"Sweetie, we need to go. Can you heal yourself?" Wanda returned worriedly, cupping one tiny hand against his cheek. Could he? He searched inward for any mana reserves and then got tired and gave up.

'No, Wanda,' he wanted to say, 'I used up all the power I had to launch that rocket and shield me and Remy and Juandissimo at the same time and then I sat down to rest and just blacked out.'

Instead he said, "I think I'm going to stop teasing you with the whole 'Mom' thing. Juandissimo kept calling me your name while I was a girl. How stupid can he be to think I looked like you? I didn't even have your curls." Wanda gave him a frail smile as the phone in Timmy's pocket began vibrating and ringing. Timantha's phone... he didn't move to pick it up and neither did his fairy godmother.

"Pretty stupid, huh? Can you move? Can you wish us off this lot?" she pressed, moving to smooth his hair back and ending up dipping her fingertips in drying blood. Timmy moved his gaze from her and up to the sky, where the thick cloud of smoke from the Spire rocket was still mostly hanging in a cluster. A ribbon of color, a rainbow, snaked down from high above the clouds and soared across the sky. Wanda turned her head to watch as well, gasping slightly as they followed its path to Mount Dimmsdale.

"Where's Cosmo?" Timmy asked, suddenly afraid of the brightly colored rainbow attached to the mountain in the distance.

"He's..." Wanda trailed uncertainly, looking back at her godchild, "He got hurt... by one of the black units. A burn of some kind. Anti-Cosmo and Anti-Wanda are keeping watch over him, so we need to go."

"Too tired to move." Timmy mumbled, closing his eyes. He didn't open them again until he felt himself being lifted from the hard ground. Wanda had taken on a taller, more human-sized form, wand and wings and crown still in place. "Halloween. Right. Free day." he murmured as he rested his head against her shoulder, feeling distantly bad that his blood would just stain her clothes and arms as she held him close. Her wings fluttered, humming like insect wings would, and she pushed off from the pavement to hover in the air.

"I think we'll skip a wish for now. Let's get you out of here to rest and heal." the pink-haired fairy whispered, worried eyes spotting the incoming cars, flashing blue and red lights marking them as police cruisers. She hugged her godchild tightly, then pointed her wand at the pool of blood, poofing it into a scattering of pink roses. Evidence now suitably gone, Wanda turned and flew off, back to the rooftop where her husband and the antis were waiting.



A shadowed figure watched from a rooftop as Wanda descended onto another building in the distance, speaking briefly with the antis before they gathered together and winged their way collectively towards Neogene Manor. It turned to watch the rainbow bridge for a moment before standing up.

The night had been long and hard on everyone, but there was still so much left to do. The Others needed to know where to go, a story for Timantha's disappearance needed to be invented, Chip Skylark needed to recover, Timmy Turner needed to heal, Cosmo needed to wake up and reclaim his wand; Tootie needed to let her friends know she was safe, Romi needed to get her wand back, Caleb needed to restore control of himself, Danny Phantom needed to wake up from his coma.

Remy needed to pay for what he'd done, the pixies needed to be put in their place, and justice needed to be served. Most of all, those last two Spires needed to be destroyed.

The shadow sighed and arched their spine backwards, arms flung out as if to encompass the city and the sky. A few pops sounded as kinks were worked out, and the figure sighed again, this time in relief.

It was weakened from all the times it had helped Timmy out, but after that last rejection it just got fed up and abandoned him in disgust. Ah well, it would leave Dimmsdale for now and lick at wounds and grow a bit stronger. Then it would return and see how things were doing. Maybe by then Timmy wouldn't be so opposed to joining forces again? It hoped so. The boy wouldn't be able to survive without its help.

Who knows? The figure spun on one heel and hummed serenely before vanishing from sight and from the city.

The sun peeked over the easternmost edge of Dimmsdale, now bearing just two Dark Spires in its skyline, and the morning known as the Day After Halloween to so many children began.

To Be Concluded...

And this finishes up Act 4 of Burning Black, The Darkest of Secrets. Next Act, we'll go into the aftermath of the Halloween rescue, including the long-awaited return of Danny Phantom, and prepare for the final showdown with Remy, the destruction of the last two Spires, and the confrontation with the Pixies and Crocker to find out once and for all what the hell all this was for. Secret plans are brought to light, truths are revealed, and Dimmsdale will be forever changed in Burning Black Act 5: Night of Revelation!