Summary: Sequel to Real Game. Now that Lyle's evil scheme is over, Alice was having a good time... well, not with Joker. Suddenly dimensions change and all the roleholders scatters to different anime world! Seems like only Alice has the power to access through different worlds. Come and join Alice in search of the scattered roleholders and get back to wonderland!

Dashing under the bright sunlight, Alice panted and looked back at the path which she ran away from, "Did I lose them?" Watching every nook of the red heads' figure, the girl finally relaxed and sat down on the ground, "I can't believe this! Every single day either White or Black creeps up to me and bugs me around for God knows what! This is much worse than Peter!"

Just then, Alice heard a faint rustling through the bushes. Normally Alice would assume that it is Joker who followed Alice into the woods, but she already knew the usually rhythm. Whenever she mentions Peter's name, he appears from nowhere. Like a stalker…no maybe a creepy well trained dog? "It's you huh Peter!"

"Gufoo!" Bright shades of blood came into the girl's sight as she did a karate chop on the incubus.

Alice blinked and looked at the half dead man, "…Nightmare? What are you doing over here?"

Holding his handkerchief, Nightmare had eyes full of half tears, "Uh excuse me? Is there anything before you say what I am doing over here?"

Alice gave a short apology as she moved on, "So what are you doing over here? Are you stalking me too?"

The gray haired man sighed, "Why would I want to stalk you? But then well it is definitely better than doing those damn paper works." The statement gave inkling to why Nightmare was here for. He was hiding from Gray.

Nightmare continued on with his excuses, "But no, that is not the reason I came. The reason I am here is because…"

Alice did not want to hear the excuses Nightmare was about to make. She needed to hurry and get out of this place so Jokers would not catch up to her, "Sorry, I should have known that you were in the middle of hiding from Gray. Gee I think I'm getting dumb by the constant exercise. I think I will go to the Hatter Mansion to read some books."

As the girl was ready to turn around and run away, Nightmare pulled her skirt, "Wait Alice, you were talking something about Joker before, but I think you should stick close to them."

Frowning, Alice slapped the incubus' pale hand and set her skirt straight, "I think you are daydreaming too much, Nightmare. Look your head is not working in a right track."

Nightmare yelped and tried to sooth his injured hand, "I am not crazy! Just listen to my advice alright? It doesn't even have to be the Jokers just be with any of the roleholders at all times."


"The Jokers seems like they are trying to protect you, but I'm still worried. It's about the mystery guy."

Alice was still skeptical about the thought of Jokers protecting her; it was even laughable. Moreover, the talk about the mystery guy ended once Alice talked to Lyle. All she found out was that Shimon, the Gryphon's new roleholder was not here and the mystery guy somehow crashed Lyle's whole evil plan of dominating Alice's world. Alice could not find anything after that; it was futile to do anymore investigations who nobody even knows, "What about him?"

Nightmare looked at Alice seriously, "He didn't make any move since that fight, but we are still not sure if he is a friend or foe. Think about it. He can erase the Dealer's power and drag him back to Wonderland. What if he is a foe? What if his target is you?"

"The target is not necessarily me," there are millions of possibilities. You would just get bald if you worry over potentials.

"You're right, but you are the most vulnerable and we don't even know his true motive. It's better safe than sorry," Nightmare stared straight into Alice's eyes. Alice had no choice, but to agree to what Nightmare had said. She hated being the weak, vulnerable girl. If she could travel to another world, she definitely would want a power she can protect herself.

Suddenly Alice's gaze shifted to behind Nightmare, "Uh, Nightmare before trying to act cool you have to know that Gray is right behind you."

Fully knowing what Alice was seeing through his psychometric skill, Nightmare had shiver down to his spine, "Gray! Hahaha…um hi and bye!"

Gray grabbed the incubus' collar as he dragged his boss to the Clover Tower, "Not so fast Nightmare-sama. We still have a lot more paperwork to do."


Alice just watched Nightmare crying and hauled away as she turned around to leave, "For now I will just go to Ha-." Instantaneously a shade of red engulfed the girl's view. Shock and horror merged at the same time.

Black had his usual frown as he grabbed Alice's wrist, "Alright let's go to our place, b****."

Alice desperately tried to break away from the red hair's grasp, "Black? Since when-."

Joker snorted, "Since when you were flirting around with that worm, dork. Now the worm kindly explained you the danger, we should get back to the circus immediately."

"Wait! What the hell? I can go wherever I want! I can't stand to just be staying with you for who knows how long because of this invisible guy!"

Black had his eyes narrow, "You. You hate me that much?"

It was more than hate. Alice just couldn't stand to be with Joker any second. Even Blood seemed like a nice guy when he was standing next to this guy, "And what if I did?"

"I will make you regret that word," Black gripped Alice's waist to make her come closer to him.

Alice flinched as Black nuzzled his face into her white neck, "W-What are you doing?"

"A little favor for you," The sensation of warmth of the breath and the soft red hair tickled her soft cheek. Alice then felt a light pain and became red. The girl knew exactly what he did to her. Alice had a hickie.

The embarrassment escalated as the foreigner swiftly moved her leg and kicked the roleholder's shin, "GYAAA!"

Black widened his eyes and groaned in pain, leaving Alice free to run away, "F***, WHAT THE HECK B****!"


"…How can I be safe with them? I probably should take cover somewhere," after running around, Alice was tired and looked back of any signs of the red haired stalker. Luckily she had some chocolate and few other candies to replenish her energy.

As Alice was about to take a bite, she spotted a man lying on the ground. Since the man was not moving at all, Alice assumed that the man was dead and tried to avoid the body until she heard a moan, "I'm dead tired and hungry. I probably get something to eat, but too lazy~."

Alice could not just leave a collapsed person alone. It was against her moral principle as she sighed and approached the man, "Um…hello? Are you alright?"

"Huh? Oh miss do you have something to eat? I'm suuuper hungry and about to die," it was a mystery that the guy could tell who was approaching when his face was literally shoved to the ground.

Alice grudgingly gave her candies to the starving man, "I have a chocolate."

"SWEETS! Thanks," the man abruptly stood up and grabbed the chocolate and munched it down. Alice raised her eyebrows in awe, his face was covered in dirt, but even filth could not hide the beauty. He had short black hair with hazel eyes along with fur ivory colored coat and long black boots. Everything would have been perfect if not for his odd manner and dirt on his face.

After devouring the last of the food, Alice cringed by the loud burp, "Yup! Sugar is just what I needed. Thanks for saving my life."

"And you are?"

The lad beamed an energetic and genuine smile, "I'm Heath Airwalk. Nice to meet you."

Finally done with first chapter. It was hard to think up an original personality for the new guy. The first impression seems to be bad though xD I should have put this in some kind of crossover, but since there are multiple anime in this story...i didn't know what to do so I posted it as HNKNA. Hope i won't get busted by this :P