Are you going to Kiss me or Not?

"I don't think I've ever had such an enjoyable day," Hermione replied as she plopped down happily on the blanket she had brought with her. This was a place that she had loved as a child and had come to often when she needed to think. She hadn't been there much while attending Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizarding and she certainly had never brought anyone up to her special place before. Apparently, some things had changed.

"I would have to agree with you," Harry smiled, taking a seat down on the blanket next to the beautiful witch that just so happened to be his best friend. She had grown into her looks over the last few years and Harry couldn't help but notice. Not many red blooded wizards had.

"It's still hard for me to believe that Ginny is no longer a Weasley," Hermione said, shaking her head.

"And that she's now a Zabini!" Harry agreed laughing. If anyone had told him a year earlier that the girl he had fancied for over a year would be marrying someone else, Blaise Zabini at that, he would have hexed them into oblivion. But a lot had changed while he had been on the hunt for Horcruxes.

"I'm really surprised Blaise lived to see today," the witch grinned.

"I thought Ron was protective, but he has nothing on the twins."

"Don't forget Percy, threatening him with the 'whole power of the ministry of Magic'," Hermione laughed, remembering how scared the former Slytherin had actually been with that threat.

"I think that was the same day Charlie brought home that dragon to share with the family," Harry couldn't stop chuckling at the thought of Zabini running for his life when Charlie had spoke a few words on Romanian and pointed towards him.

"But I have to admit that he loves Ginny. I wasn't sure at first, but the look he had on his face as she walked down that isle today could have melted a glacier," Hermione said smiling, remembering how Blaise had been crying as much as Mrs. Weasley.

Harry leaned back on his arms and looked out over the beautiful early evening sky. It was late spring and the flowers had begun blooming everywhere, causing sweet smells of lilacs and honey suckle to be just about everywhere.

"Can you believe that Ron popped the question to Lavender during the reception?" Hermione asked after a few minutes. They had tried dating after the Battle at Hogwarts but the feelings she had held for the red head once were no longer there. Something had changed after he had left her and Harry on their quest for the Horcruxes. It had been difficult for a while to get back to the friendship that they had once had. But with the help of Lavender Brown of all people, they had done it.

"Yeah, he told me," Harry confessed, worried that she would be upset.

"Why didn't you two tell me?" she asked, hurt that her best friends had kept something this important from her.

"It was a spur of the moment decision last night after Zabini's party. He was a little smashed, so I wasn't sure if he would go through with it or not. Please don't be mad at me, 'Mione," he pleaded, using the nickname that he only used when it was the two of them and he was pleading for forgiveness. Or sweets.

She tried to hold back a smile, but it was next to impossible when he looked at her with those gorgeous green eyes.

"Oh alright. You're forgiven," she declared, receiving a big grin from the boy who sat next to her. "Where on earth did you find a ring at that hour through?" Hermione knew it had been a late night, because Mrs. Weasley had been scolding all of the males for their tardiness to the morning brunch she had sat up for them.

"Well, when you're the 'Boy who lived', very little is out of your reach," he replied, smirking.

Hermione rolled her eyes. "Merlin, help us! You've been around those blasted Slytherins too much lately."

Harry laughed along with Hermione for a moment before he stopped short, remembering something he had seen at the reception. "I do believe that I'm not the only one who has been around a Slytherin lately," he replied, frowning.

"What do you mean?" the young witch wondered, confused as to what would cause him to become so upset.

Harry blushed, but answered none the less. "You danced with quite a few of them this evening. Draco Malfoy had his arms around you more than any of them."

Hermione raised an eyebrow. "You danced with several Slytherin as well. If I didn't know better, I would say that Daphne Greengrass was trying to get you around her pretty little finger."

"I only danced with her once," he replied, waving off her observation.

"Maybe, but as you said earlier, being the boy who lived has quite the advantage. I'm sure you could have danced with any of the eligible women that where there and they would confess their undying love for you on the spot!"

"Not any girl," Harry muttered to himself quietly, but not soft enough for Hermione not to hear.

"What did you say?" Hermione asked curiously, wondering who he was referring to.

"Nothing," he declared, standing and walking toward the banister that went all the way around the roof of the Granger family home. Lights were coming on all over town and the stars were beginning to make their appearance in the dark sky above.

"No, you said 'Not any girl'," Hermione teased, walking over to stand next to him. When he didn't reply, she dug further. "Who is she? Who's the girl who can resist the charm of the saviour of the Wizarding world?" she asked, poking his side playfully. He moved away from her, but she followed whispering, "Who is she? Who is she? Who is she?"

"It's you, 'Mione!" He exclaimed, having had enough. "It's you."

Hermione's eyes grew in size, her surprise evident all over her face.

"It's been you for as long as I can remember, but I was too stupid to know it until we were in the forest last year. You stood by me when no one else would. You've always been there, always. You've always been brilliant, beautiful and I find myself lucky to be referred to as your best friend."

"Why didn't you tell me?" she whispered, shocked with his admission.

"Because I would rather have you in my life as just a friend the nothing at all," he answered, finally turning to look her in the eye. "If I told you how I truly felt and you didn't feel the same way, I didn't want things to be weird. Your friendship is the most important thing in my life. I'm terrified now that you know that I will lose you as my best friend," he confessed.

They stood in front of one another, the tension on the roof almost tangible. After a moment, Harry couldn't take it any longer.

"Hermione, please. Say something," he begged.

Hermione looked her best friend in the eye, wondering how in the world she could be so lucky. "What took you so long?"

"What?" the stunned wizard asked.

"I said, what took you so long. I've been flirting with you like mad for months and you did nothing about it. There for a bit, I wondered if you were gay!"

"Gay! But of course I'm not! How..."

"Well, I figured that you weren't after I saw you reaction to the little lap dance you got at the engagement party last month for Neville and Hannah," she replied, remembering how a drunk Parvati Patil had rubbed up against Harry's middle, causing hi pants to become smaller then they had been only moments before.

"I told Parvati to move along," Harry started, but was once more cut off by the agitated witch.

"Oh, I'm quite aware. I was standing there, watching the whole thing," she agreed, waving his statement off.

"How was I supposed to know that you fancied me at all?" he finally asked, after waiting a moment to see if she would have anything else to say.

"Harry, you said that I danced with many Slytherin at the wedding, right?" she asked, blushing now that the anger she had felt earlier was subsiding.

"Yes," he agreed.

"But who did I always seek out after every dance I had with one of them?"

Harry thought for a moment and then raised his eyebrows, as the realization made it known. "Me."

"Yes, Harry. It was you," Hermione whispered, stepping forward shyly. "It's always been you."

"So what now?" he asked stupidly, shocked that the feelings he had toward Hermione were returned.

"You could kiss me," she suggested quietly, slightly embarrassed that she had said her though aloud.

"I'm sorry, what?" the raven haired man asked, sure that he had heard wrong.

"I said you could kiss me," Hermione replied more boldly, grinning as she watched Harry grow for flustered by each passing moment.

"You want me to kiss you?" he wondered.

"Yes, I believe that's what I said."

"Why?" he asked quite stupidly. It seemed that the intelligent boy who had managed to defeat Lord Voldemort could not figure out exactly what Hermione was trying to convey to him.

Hermione sighed and threw her arms in the air, completely frustrated. "I don't' know, Harry. Maybe because you just told me that you've liked me for over a year. Or maybe because I just confessed that I've felt the same way for a while now, as well. Since we already know one another so well, I just figured it would be the progression of things, to see where things could go between us. Now are you going to kiss me, or not?" she exclaimed.

Harry, having finally figured out exactly what was going on, decided that she would not have to ask a fourth time. He placed his hands on either side of her face and gently kissed her lips for only a moment, not wanting to assume she wanted more than that.

He beamed back and asked down at the beautiful witch that stood before him. Her cheeks were a gorgeous shade of red and her eyes were still tightly closed.

"Hermione?" he asked worriedly, wondering why she stood there frozen. Had he not done it correctly? Had she decided that she would rather just be friends?

"Harry, stop thinking," she replied, throwing her arms around his neck, pulling him down and kissing him soundly, causing Harry to forget everything other then the beautiful woman before him