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WARNINGS: Language. And there is a lot of talk of suicide, but there isn't any actual suicide (trust me I know it will seem otherwise later). There's also blood and kinda detailed descriptions in later chapters. Oh, and there is character death, but no one from the show.

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Ages: Sam – 15, Dean - 19

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All These Things I've Done


May 27th, 1998

The clock ticked off two o' clock and continued on.

In Harper High school in northern Vermont, there is a bathroom on the basement floor they say is haunted.

No students dare to venture into except the occasional new student who doesn't know the tales and every once in a while, a poor unfortunate student who has to go right now.

But right now, at 2:03, a lone boy is in this bathroom. He lays on the dingy floor letting out slow, chocked gasps as his life flows out of the long jagged cuts on his arms and pools on the floor.

The fluorescent lights are harsh on his eyes and he longs to cry out, but no sound will come forth from his lips.

He could feel the warm liquid pooling at alarming rates beneath his arms and knew he didn't have long.

A bloody knife glinted a few inches from the tips of his fingers and he had but one regret. His brother, whom he cared about more than anything, would think he had taken his own life. He would think he had failed as a older brother.

But this was not suicide. And no one would ever know the truth behind his death.

And with that, Sam Winchester closed his eyes and let darkness overcome him.


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