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"Long time, no see," a soft voice whispered in Sam's ear. He gave a yelp and whipped around.

Face to face with Holly Landon.

And before he even realized he had opened his mouth, he said exasperatedly, "you just don't give up do you?" He promptly clamped a hand over his mouth to stop from saying anything else stupid.

An unidentifiable emotion flitted across her face, but it was quickly covered up and a creepy grin slid onto the transparent face.

"No, I guess I don't. But you see," she flung out her arm and Sam crashed into the tree behind him. "I always liked to finish what I started." Sam attempted to peel himself off the tree but her hold was strong. "And let me just say," she sent him flying and he crashed into another tree. Definitely gonna feel that in the morning. "that I am so sick," Sam didn't even groan as he collided with another tree, "of trying and failing to kill you."

She suddenly disappeared and Sam slid down the tree to land in a tangled heap at the bottom.

"Sam!" Sam was pretty sure it had started as a shout, but it was barely more than average volume by the time it reached him.

"Dean? Dad?" He shouted. Who else could it be anyway? He looked around trying to figure out which way they were coming from.

He looked back forward and shouted. Holly was less than an inch away from him.

"So now," she said through her teeth, "you will die." Something sparkling caught Sam's eye and he looked down to see a knife hovering inches away from his midsection.

"Holly?" Someone Sam didn't recognize asked. Before he could see who it was, there was a crashing from his left and he turned his head just in time to see his dad and Dean come flying out of a gap in the trees.

"Sam, wha-" Dean stopped when he spotted not one, but two other people.

Or ghosts, really.

Sam turned his view to the unrecognized voice and found himself looking at who he presumed to be Jessie.

At first Sam thought Jessie was staring transfixed at him, but after another second he realized she only had eyes for her dead sister. Of course, who wouldn't if they suddenly saw their dead sister?

"Jessie?" Holly's focused was off of Sam and his bruised and battered body fell to the ground.

Dean took advantage of the ghost's distraction and ran over next to him.

"You good?"

"I'll live," Sam muttered. John came up behind them and they stood there staring at the two shocked spirits.

"Holly, what…what are you doing here?" Holly's face went from confusion to hatred in a second. If the glare had been directed at Sam, he probably would have flinched from its intensity. It was pure hate and no remorse.

But that didn't make any sense. What would Holly be made about?

"What about you? What are you doing here?" Holly screeched.

"She was killed," Sam said when Jessie remained frozen.

"I know!" Holly screamed and Sam could actually feel the energy radiating off her. "I killed her!"

"You?" Dean asked disbelievingly.

"Yes me," Holly spat as she closed the difference between the two sisters.

"But why?" Sam asked.

"Why?" Holly asked disbelievingly, she rounded on Sam, a strange look on her face. "Why? Revenge!"

"For what?" Sam knew he was probably pushing it, but he knew he was not the only curious one here.

"My death." Holly said it slowly and quietly. "This bitch killed me!" She shrieked as she turned back to face Jessie.

None of the Winchesters were actually sure what a spirit could do to another spirit as they were both dead, but none of them really wanted to find out.

"You pushed me to it! You kissed him!"

"A kiss? That's what this is all about?" Dean asked incredulously. Damn, these people took love way too seriously. "You killed each other over a kiss?"

"No, she killed me because of a kiss. I killed her for revenge! She killed me and passed it off as a suicide!"

"Holly," Jessie said slowly, remorse showed on her face for the first time, "I didn't mean to kill you. I got carried away. You made me so mad and then to walk in on you with my boyfriend and I just…"

"Killed me?" Holly asked, nothing but hate showing on her face.

"I was going to confess. I hated that everyone thought you took your own life. But I was so scared. And what about Dad? How would he feel?"

"I guess we'll never know since you didn't confess!"

"It would have destroyed him, Holly. You didn't see how upset he was after you died! He blamed himself so much! I kept telling him it wasn't his fault-"

"No, it wasn't it was yours!"

Sam, Dean and John exchanged glances. Clearly, their presence was forgotten. But they were all far too curious as to everything that had happened to leave and try to burn the bench.

"Holly, you don't understand what our deaths did to him! He died! Of a heart attack the night I died!"

For the first time, something other than hate shown on Holly's face.

"I…I killed Dad too?" she asked quietly.

"I had just as much of a part as you did."

"No, no I killed you and that killed him. It's all my fault!"

"You wouldn't have done it if I hadn't killed you."

"I'm sorry I came back for revenge. I should have just moved on. As much as I think what you did was wrong, I understand not confessing for it. It…makes sense, I guess."

"What do you say we put this behind us and move on? Maybe we'll even get to see Mom and Dad," Jessie said, extending an open hand out to her younger sister as an invitation.

"I'd like that." Slowly Holly's slightly smaller hand slid into Jessie's.

A white light encompassed them both, blinding the Winchesters. There was a deafening roar and the light exploded out.

When Sam managed to open his eyes, he found they were alone in the small clearing.

"Well, that was…odd," Dean said.

"No kidding," John said sounding rather dumbfounded.

"So they killed each other?" Sam asked.

"And I thought our family was fucked up."

"Dean! Watch your language," John scolded, though it held no real heat.

"So, um, what now?"

"I say we gather our stuff and get back to the motel. I for one could use a hot shower," John said.

"You most certainly could," Dean said jokingly as he plugged his noise.

"Is that so? Then I guess you won't mind if I use all the hot water then," John replied as they headed off towards the pond.

"Oh hell no!" Dean shouted. "Hey, Sammy, last one to the bench showers last!" Dean and Sam both took off running, knowing whoever was last wasn't likely to get much hot water.

John laughed at their antics and made his way after them.

Maybe instead of finding another hunt for himself, he'd stay with the boys until the end of the school year. Couldn't hurt, besides, it'd be nice to relax for a change.

"Dean, that's cheating!" Sam's voice could distantly be heard yelling.

Yup, all was right with the world again.

The End

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