"Shh, Francis!" Zoë hissed at me while we were scoping the hallways for Millie," If she hears you, she'll never come out!"

"Well, sorry," I replied," Men aren't suppose to be graceful."

"I didn't ask any men to be graceful," Zoë pointed out," I asked you to be graceful."

"Very funny, let's just find Millie already," I said glumly.

"Maybe she's in there," Zoë pointed to a nearby tower," I think I saw something move."

Zoë and I slowly walked to the tower entrance and protruded inside. We walked the length and width of the room, yet Millie was no where to be found. In fact, the only items in the room was a cabinet that had potion ingredients in it. What it was for, I can't say. But still, the room seemed too quiet.


The door slammed shut with a thud. I raced up to the door in attempts of getting it to open, but had no luck.

"Francis!" Zoë screamed.

"What!" I said very aggravated," What could possibly be going wrong now?"

"Well, the door just slammed shut and can't be opened if that's what you mean!" Zoë replied, she too seemed aggravated at this point.

I sighed. Out of all the times in the world Zoë chose to be comical now. We waited and waited for someone to come, but no one did. Occasionally we would shout and scream kicking the door with all our might, but no difference was made.

"It must be magically sealed," I concluded observing the door.

"Why would someone lock us in here?," Zoë asked sounding confused," And more importantly, who locked us in here?"

The longer we spent in the tower, the more fustraighted Zoë got. I prefer to be a knight rather than a wizard like my father, but I did know a few handy spells.

"Closed, shut, forever more, there can be no escape through this floor, so make my magic unlock this door," I recited. The door creaked a little, but didn't open one bit.

"Maybe try a different spell," Zoë suggested.

"Like what?," I asked puzzled," What am I suppose to say? Open sesame?"

Zoë and I spent the next hour fighting until we realized bickering wouldn't do us any good.

"At least out of all the people in the world I was able to be stuck in here with you," I said as I felt my face flush with embarrassment.

"What are you saying, Francis?," Zoë asked as she too flushed a deep shade of scarlet.

"I'm saying that all these years I've always loved you, Zoe," I admitted.

Zoë tried to speak but I interrupted her.

"Look, just don't say anything," I commanded," We've been friends for a very long time and all, but up in the Icy North, I discovered that I didn't want to be just friends with you. I want to be more."

Zoë turned away obviously shocked.

"I know that you deserve someone much more than a wizard who pretends to be a knight," I continued," But if you'll just-"

Before I could finish Zoë pulled me close and kissed me. Then the door opened alas.