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Hikari breathed in, trying to make the pattern of her breaths even. She opened her eyes, and studied the rain before her. Hikari had always hated the rain. It mad her feel sad and empty. She blinked rapidly then ran into the rain, her hands held out, protecting her face from the rain. Finally, she reached the blessed cover of a pavilion on the busy streets. Cars honked, and people talked as the rain poured down. Hikari sighed. She was supposed to be at her house. She checked her watch. She was supposed to be at her house, an hour ago.

She looked around Veilstone City. She wasn't that far from Twinleaf. She rocked on her feet, switching her position of balance from the balls of her feet, to her tip toes.

"What are you doing here, Troublesome?" A gruff voice asked behind her. She whipped around. A young boy with mauve hair glared at her.

"Shinji." Hikari muttered, acknowledging the ambitious trainer. "If you must know, I'm on my way to Twinleaf." She turned back around, wanting so hard to ignore the trainer behind her.

"Of course, you of all people would get stuck here in the rain." Shinji smirked.

"What's that supposed to mean?" Hikari seethed.

"It's that fate really seems to hate you. I mean, you're clumsy, awkward, and get stuck with the things you hate most." Shinji chuckled darkly.

"Oh, you must be right. Because I'm stuck with you!" Hikari whipped around, and found herself perched on her tiptoes, looking right into Shinji's onyx eyes. She blinked rapidly and turned so Shinji couldn't see her cheeks, now tainted with the telltale signs of blush. She swallowed and continued to ignore him.

"Hn." Hikari heard Shinji say in contemplation. But she didn't stay to find out, because the rain had just stopped, and she ran off. Though she did not notice her beloved hat had fallen to the floor at Shinji's feet. She was too busy trying to keep her emotions in check.


"My hat! Mom, I can't find my hat!"Hikari wailed. She searched high and low, left and right, but ended her search with empty hands. She raced down the stairs, her hair a mess. "Mom, have you seen my hat?" She asked frantically.

"No dear." her mother, on the contrary, sayed calmly.

Hikari stopped in contemplation. "I don't think I had it with me when I came to the house. So with my luck it should still be in..."


"Ugh. I can't find it!" Hikari complained. She searched under the small bench, and around people's feet, but she still couldn't find her hat.

"Hey there, Troublesome." A voice chuckled be hind her.

Even before turning around, Hikari knew that was Shinji, the egotistical fool. "Look Shinji, I don't have time. I have to find my hat." She turned around and bent low to the ground, in search of her missing hat.

She felt something land on her head, a familiar object that once felt weightless to her. Her shaky hands reached up to her head, where her beloved hat was sitting. She smiled, and turned around.

She saw the mauve haired trainer walk away from her without another word. Hikari blushed and sends him silent "Thank you."

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