The guard's breath heaved in his chest, his heart pounded, and his feet slipped on the polished floors as he ran, his purpose driving him on to his destination. As he rounded a corner he caught himself on a piller and kept running, the door he was headed for just ahead of him, just in reach. He broke through, panting as he tried to catch his breath so he could relay his message. The occupant of the room sat up in bed, startled, a dagger held ready in front of his bare torso, crimson sheets pooled around his waist.

"Sire." The guard gasped, leaning in the doorframe. "We found it."

Thor threw the sheets off of his legs and lept up, grabbing his underarmor as he headed for the guard, pulling it over his head. "Where?" He demanded, his blue eyes full of fire.

"West end of the Bifrost, but it's fluctuating. It won't last for long."

Thor grabbed his hammer from its place by the door and with a flash of lightning he was clothed fully in his armor, the hammer soon resting in the loop at his side. "Show me."

The eight-legged horses of Asgard galloped at speeds only achieved by creatures of fantasy on Midgard, bearing the guard and Thor back to the swirling spiral of a dying wormhole that was Thor's only chance at returning to Midgard. It had been six months since he had returned to Asgard and battled with his brother, shattering the rainbow bridge to save an entire species from his brother's insane actions. Ever since he had been searching for a way back to Midgard.

As the horses reached their destination Thor lept off mid gallop, landing hard on the shattered remains of the rainbow bridge and stumbling to join his father at the edge of the bridge. Odin turned to see his son approaching. His single eye glowed with excitement. "It just opened and will not last for long." He said.

Thor moved towards it, eager to go, but Odin caught his shoulder. "Wait. Before you go, take this." He said, placing a crystal around Thor's neck. It was a shard of the rainbow bridge. "We will re-build the bifrost, but we cannot without a connection between the realms. All of the realms but midgard have a connection already, keep the crystal with you and we will be able to use your presence and the shard to re-build the bifrost. While you are there, do not forget your purpose and your home when you are with her. You are still a warrior and hold the throne of Asgard in your future. Do not forget your destiny when you gaze into her eyes." Odin warned, his eye kind but his voice full of warning.

Thor nodded, his heart racing in fear that he wouldn't be able to get through the wormhole in time, fear that his father's warning would keep him from seeing Jane again. "I will remember father." He said, restraining his panic as best he could. Odin smiled.


Thor grinned, taking up his hammer and launching himself into the spiraling purple, just as it swallowed the darkness around it and dissappeared.

"Be safe, my son." Odin prayed, bowing his head and then turning and mounting Thor's horse, galloping back to the palace.

The wormhole, un-regulated by the gatekeeper, a wild anomomly in space, was extremely rough compared to the Bifrost that Thor was used to. He held onto Mjolnir tightly, trying to keep control- even though there was no control to be had. With a mighty crack of lightning and a shaking boom of thunder he hit. Thor lay on the ground for several minutes, too stunned to move at first. "They'll have heard that..." He muttered to himself, remembering the massive facility that had been built up around his hammer. He gripped the firm handle of Mjolnir for reassurance, lifting it to his belt as he sat up gingerly. He didn't seem to be injured, but he was sore to an extent. Carefully he got to his feet, the dark clouds still swirling in the sky and teasing his hair, whipping it into his face and eyes. A strong smell of ozone filled the air, and lightning crackled in the clouds above him. He had landed in much the same kind of place as before- but he couldn't know for certian unless he found the original bifrost site. Thor began to climb out of the crator, walking across the dry ground, the brooding clouds not letting up. He could feel the rush of electricity in his blood, and his body tingled with the build-up of a coming rain. He had arrived just in the midst of a mounting thunderstorm.

It was almost as if Midgard had missed him.

Jane sat curled up on her couch, a blanket draped over her legs and a cup of coffee on her livingroom table. She was flipping through her notes again, her mind elsewhere. Another clap of thunder rumbled through the clouds and she closed her eyes, trying to focus on her work. She couldn't. She used to love thunderstorms- she still did- but they were an aching reminder of the man that she had lost six months ago. The lightning lit the sky and she remembered the way it had brought him back to life, filling him and surrounding him with a god-like aurora, the winds whipping his blood-red cape. She stared out her window as the rain built, the clouds swirling in a chaotic show of power, strips of sheet lightning filling the sky with an electric blue that reminded her of his eyes. She had never seen eyes so full of life and emotion and power. She sighed heavily and got up, walking to the slider and then outside, standing under the threatening clouds, unafraid. She had fallen in love with the god of Thunder, how could she be afraid of it?

An especially loud rumble of thunder hit and she had to steady herself. It was so powerful she could hear the windows shake and feel her ribs vibrate with the sound. She looked in the direction of the noise, seeing a huge funnel cloud, laced with lightning and sucking up the dry ground. She felt her breath catch as the wind tore at her hair. Could it be...?

She bolted for her truck.

Thor knelt at the Bifrost site, now almost completely worn away from months of rain and wind. The only reason he could still find it was because the shard of rainbow bridge that he wore around his neck was glowing brightly, giving off a small amount of Bifrost energy in reaction to the same energy lingering in the tissues of the earth at his feet. The new wormhole had only dropped him a short way from the old site, which meant that he was about thrity miles away from Jane's research center. He started walking.

Jane drove far above the speed limit, her mind and heart racing. The thrill of the storm chase filled her again, and she couldn't help but be overcome with awe at the majestic and dangerous weather surrounding her. She always felt so small, and so amazed by the violent and destructive abilities of a thunderstorm. It never ceased to make her wonder too how thunderstorms had so much potential for destruction, and for the most part they were beneficial instead of damaging. So much power, and yet controlled...a pair of stormy blue eyes watched her through her memories, and she realized that was part of her attraction to Thor. His power was apparent, even in his human form, but he chose to control it. He didn't have a soul, he was the soul of a storm.

No wonder the vikings had worshiped him and his kind as gods.

She squinted through the dust that was rapidly coating her windshield, trying to see some kind of human figure through the haze. At first she could see nothing and she tried not to panic, but after a few more minutes of searching she saw someone making their way away from the funnel sight. By that time the funnel had dissappeared, but it was obvious now that it, or whatever had come with it, had left a crater behind. Not caring much about the crater at the moment, Jane swerved her car in the direction of the figure as it knelt a ways away from the sight, the back of her mind warning her not to hit him...again.

Thor looked up as he heard the sound of an approaching engine in-between the growlings of thunder. At first he gripped Mjolnir defensively, but as soon as he saw the vehicle his grip relaxed and he grinned.


As she reached him she lept out of the car, running towards him, the biggest smile on her face that he had ever seen. "Thor!" She called to him, and he laughed deep in his chest.

"Jane!" He said, catching her in his arms and hugging her to him. Their lips met and she wrapped her arms around his neck.

"I picked up the Bifrost loosing energy on my instruments, what happened?" She finally gasped, looking into his eyes, her hands in his hair.

"I was forced to destroy the rainbow bridge Jane, I am sorry I broke yet another promise. Please forgive me."

Jane had to smile, her memories had not done his voice or way of speech justice. "Of course I forgive you, I'm proud of you. I know you wouldn't have done it if it wasn't nessesary. I was just worried, I had no way of knowing what had happened or if you were alright- or if I would ever see you again." She said, almost stumbling over her words as she let out every emotion that had haunted her over the last several months.

"Shhh." He hushed her. "I am well Jane. My father and his workers are finding a way to re-build the bifrost now, so soon all will be right again."

Jane's brow furrowed. "But, if you didn't use the bifrost, how did you get here?" She asked.

"There are other ways to travel between the realms, and we found one. But it was only temporary and-" He cringed "Crude."

Jane noticed the scrapes on his armor. "Rough ride, huh?" She said, somewhat amused.


She smiled, but suddenly something occured to her. "Wait, how are you going to get home again? Can you open up the new worm hole like you did the bifrost before?"

Thor shook his head. "No, we are unable to control it. We do not even know how it came to be open in the first place. I will be able to return home when the Bifrost is re-built. Until then, they need a shard of the rainbow bridge and Asgardian blood on Midgard in order to re connect our realms, so I will remain here with you and be their becon."

Jane felt her heart swell. He was staying. "So you are the Asgardian blood, where is the shard?" She asked curiously, another clap of thunder reminding her that she should head for the truck again soon.

"Here." He said, holding up the shard that was still glowing with energy. Jane's interest immediately sparked in her eyes and he smiled, taking the shard from around his neck and handing the silver chain to her.

She fingered it gingerly, facinated by the strange stubstance. "Would it be damaging if I tested the shard with my instruments?" She asked, holding it up to what little light she had.

"As long as you do not split it into smaller pieces it should be fine. But it must stay with me, or the shard will not be able to signal the builders."

Jane nodded, her eyes still fixed on the shard. Without warning, Jane felt a heavy weight on her shoulders and she looked up, puzzled. Thor was draping his cape over her shoulders, and before she could question he looked up at the sky with a smile, just as the rain began to pelt down.

Jane looked up as the rain fell, letting it stream over her face and soak her hair, the rest of her staying dry under Thor's cape.

Thor watched her, happy beyond words to be in her presence again. He had missed her so... he had been starting to doubt his ability to get back to Midgard. As he watched the rain and lightning caress her skin he grinned, looking up at the sky himself, closing his eyes in thanks. He was worshiped as a god, sure, but he was certian that someone eles out there had helped him and Jane to find one-another again, and if he ever met that being he would owe him everything.

Loki sat cross-legged in the dark, his eyes closed and his hands held up, a light hovering between them. In the light Thor and Jane embraced and the rain fell. Loki smiled, bringing his hands together and steifiling the light between them. It had worked. He got to his feet, walking through the halls of the underground chambers of SHIELD, amused at the nievity of the workers who walked around and past him without having a clue he was there. The first part of his plan had been made easy by Thor's longing, now all he had was to wait. His emerald eyes reflected one of the data screens as he looked over a SHIELD worker's shoulder who was monitering spacial activity globally. The screen was flashing wormhole activity right near where Jane lived, and Loki gave a crooked smile. He lay his hand on the soldier's shoulder. "Maybe I should keep this from Fury for now, he is very busy. General Carter would be much more interested in this situation." He whispered, his eyes flaring a bright green.

The soldier squinted at the screen for a moment before muttering to himself. "Maybe I should keep this from Fury for now, he is very busy. General Carter would be much more interested in this situation."

Loki smirked and dissolved into the shadows.