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"He's waking up."

"Good. That way he can feel everything. Give him the stimulant, get him lucid."

Thor felt a sharp stab in his arm, but he was too weak to move away from it. His cloudy blue eyes blinked open slowly, the pupils retracting painfully away from the harsh examination lights.

"Wakey wakey, we have business to attend to your godlyness, and I'm on a schedule."

Thor's head lolled weakly as the strap across his forehead was released, and he blinked slowly, his vision little more than a blur.

"What's taking him so long? What did they give him?" someone demanded, the footsteps bringing the voice closer to Thor. Harsh hands forced Thor's head up and opened an eye, flooding his vision with the painful white light again. "Geeze Miller, he's half dead! How am I supposed to get any information out of him like this?"

"Give the drug time to kick in Adams."

"I don't have time to wait. I need this SOB to feel what he's got coming to him." The words were punctuated with a hard punch to Thor's jaw. Pain exploded in his vision and he felt blood trickle down his lip. He worked his jaw weakly, the pain starting to bring him more lucidity. He found the strength to lift his head and sneer at his torturer, who stepped back a fraction in surprise before grinning.

"Wooh, does he think he's all that. Look at him struggle." Adams mocked, watching as adrenaline and the stimulant began to do their work. Thor strained against the restraints, his eyes darting around the room, his jaw set and teeth showing some in a feral snarl.

"Let me go!" he bellowed, staring at his captors with a look that burned with blue fire. For a moment it was almost difficult to tell who was locked in the room with who. Thor was exuding a burning anger that carried a very real threat behind it.

His icy eyes fixed on Adams' thin, almost wasted frame, nearly piercing through him with his gaze. Adams stared back at the restrained warrior for a moment with a stunned look on his face, surprised at the ability of this man to appear dangerous even when tied down. Those eyes seemed to see all of his pathetic attempts at being something, all of the times that he'd tortured someone stronger than he was to death just to prove himself better, all of the times he'd taken the wrong turn and ended up an even more twisted, hateful individual than he'd already become, and Adams hated him for it. His lip curled in fury and his bony fingers curled around the scalpel on the tray to his right, making a fist around the sharp steel until his knuckles turned white.

"Let you go?" He said softly, stalking towards Thor like he was a caged animal. "Let you go?" He shouted, plunging the scalpel into Thor's upper chest, the thin blade scraping against the Asgardian's clavicle and narrowly missing the brachial artery. Thor hissed in pain, but clenched his jaw, making sure not to give this shadow of a man the satisfaction he was seeking. "The only place you'll be going, is to hell." Adams spat, his face a fraction of an inch from Thor's own, his crooked teeth revealed under his sneer.

Sleipnir's hooves pounded on the dark crust of the Bifrost as Odin urged him on, the eight legs working furiously. The end of the bridge was fast approaching, and Heimdall's golden armor glinted in the light. He wasn't alone. Several workers surrounded him, powerful builders and alchemists that had been working with the Bifrost to re-build it. They were crowding in on him, and he looked flustered. The moment the thundering hooves of Odin's stallion were heard however, the path cleared and Odin had a free path right up to the guardian. He dismounted, looking around at the confused and concerned faces of the workers.

"What is going on here?" Odin demanded, his voice and presence alone commanding silence and order.

"The production on the Bifrost in connection to Midgard has been halted. The shard has disappeared, and so has your son." Heimdall said heavily, his eyes betraying the worry and emotion he rarely revealed.

Odin nodded slowly, looking around at the workers. "Leave us, go about your work on the other paths." He commanded. The architects immediately dispersed, leaving Odin and Heimdall in peace.

"Can you see- is he dead?" Odin asked.

"I do not know." Heimdall answered quietly. "He is hidden from me as Laufey and his warriors were. The only one I knew to possess that kind of magic was Loki."

Odin nodded, staring out at the stars. "Is there a possibility he still lives?"

Heimdall followed the king's gaze. "Not to my knowledge, but he possessed abilities far beyond what I ever guessed. The only way to know for certain what is going on would be for us to travel to Midgard ourselves. If you wish, I will keep my eyes on the portal that opened before and you can have a few ready to go and search for Thor and his brother when it opens. Until we recover the shard and your son, there is little more we can do."

"Very well, stay watching for that portal. Tell me the moment it opens. I will prepare some of my best to search for him."

An hour later, Sif, Volstagg, Hogun, and Fandral stood before Odin's throne.

Jane paced back and forth in her living room, trying not to look at Thor's discarded armor and hammer every five minutes. She had tried to move the hammer into a concealed area, but one try and it was apparent that she would never be able to lift it. So she left it. And his armor. And continued to wear a trench in the floor. How long was Tony going to take? She checked her watch again. Only a minute had passed since the last time she'd looked. She sighed and sat heavily into a chair at one of her work computers. She scrolled through files of wormhole data, trying to keep her mind occupied. How long did it take a man who was addicted to going fast to get there?

The second she heard the strange whine of small flight machinery she bolted up and raced outside, her hair blowing in the force of the displaced air as Tony landed. He wasted no time in lifting his mask and walking towards her, getting straight to the point. "Where did they take him?"

"To a facility nearby that is impossible to crack." Jane said, pointing to a map she had marked during her pacing. "It's crawling with security on the outside alone."

Tony leaned his armored body against the table, looking down at the map. "Impossible is my specialty." He said, though without his usual bite of sarcasm and humor. He was dead serious. He glanced at Jane. "Why did they need him again? I wasn't sure, but in the helmet com it sounded like you said his name was...Thor?"

She nodded.

"As in Norse mythology god of thunder-"

She nodded again.

Tony whistled. "Wow. No wonder SHIELD nabbed him. If they thought I was a weapon- well. Get themselves a thunder god and I look like a tin can."

"The only thing I don't get, is why they left this." Jane said, motioning to the hammer and armor. "Thor might still be powerful without it, but it seems like most of his abilities come from that hammer. It doesn't make any sense, why would they take him, but not his weapon?"

Tony made a face. "Why indeed." He said, curiously walking over to the hammer and bending to lift it. He couldn't. Puzzled, he pulled harder, trying desperately to lift it, the mechanics in his suit whirring and straining with the effort. He finally gave up, panting. "Maybe that's why." Tony said, astonished. "How big is this guy? And what on earth is this thing made from?" he exclaimed, scanning the suit with his glove and masking temporarily to read the info.

"I don't think the metal's from earth. And he looks like a normal man. Well-" She corrected herself. "A normal six foot four wrestling champion man."

"You're right, it's not from earth. I've never seen something this dense before. No wonder I can't lift it." Tony said, turning back to Jane. "Are you sure they don't have another reason for taking him? Knowing why they want him will give me an idea of the kind of barriers we'll have to get past."

Jane thought for a moment. "The Bifrost!" She exclaimed suddenly.

Tony looked puzzled.

"It's the bridge between Asgard and Earth, it's a worm hole. It was damaged, and part of Thor's reason for being on Earth was so that they can repair it. They needed his DNA to stay with a shard of the Bifrost on Earth so it can signal the rest of the bridge." She showed him her notes on the shard she had made earlier. "His cells are full of wormhole energy, and without him they can't reconnect Asgard to Earth."

Tony looked over her notes, scanning them into his memory system. "Do you think they're trying to get the secret of the hammer out of him? That could be a reason for cutting him off from Asgard. Then his people couldn't stop their research." Tony suggested, his eyes meeting Jane's.

"Then we don't have any time to waste. He was wounded when he got captured. Who knows what they are doing to him now."

Tony nodded gravely. "I wouldn't put it past SHIELD to do anything they have to for a new weapon."

The comment made Jane's stomach churn, even though she had known the implications of Thor's capture and the blood dotting the ground. Secretly she hoped the blood was the kidnappers'. She knew he wouldn't have gone down without a fight.

The implications of Odin's summoning the four friends to him were clear. Thor was in trouble. And he needed them to find him.

"My lord, do we know where Thor is, or even where to look?" Sif asked respectfully, her tone full of worry.

Odin shook his head. "He has disappeared from my sight, and even Heimdall cannot find him. I want you Hogun, Fandral, and Volstagg to be ready. The moment the portal opens once again, you will go to Midgard and you will find him."

Sif nodded gravely, trying hard not to show the deep worry she held for her friend. They all were.

"We will go to Midgard, and we will find him." she said confidently, looking Odin in the eye, her own holding a challenge for anything that would get in the way of her and the prince of Asgard.

Their confidence gave Odin hope.

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