"How Moolah Beach SHOULD'VE Ended"


Felice Roybal

Disclaimer: I do not own the people, they were just on the show, and the show MOOLAH BEACH belongs to Fox…err…ABC Family. Although I do have the pleasure of knowing 1 of the hotties, Kyle Searles, who you'll later hear about. Ooooh if I had it my way, he'd be mine, all mine!! HeHe(

It was the last day of the taping of MB, and all that was left were 2 teams: Purple and Green. Kyle sat on his bed, which was now much more spacious then a couple weeks ago. So much had happened on this…experience. It had made him turn into this…thing, a monster that only cared about winning the money that had been the motive to join this "Survivor" rip-off at all. He had stabbed people in the back, lied, cheated, he didn't even recognize himself. But at least, after this afternoon it'd all be over. He could leave this stupid island and go home…home. Wow that'd be weird, going and having a nice hot shower, a hot meal…and seeing his family again!! And his girlfriend…well she would most definitely dump him, after Summer had kissed him like that! Damn that girl…she hung all over him night and day, it made him sick. The girl was a walking Britney Spears wanna-be, who she certainly was NOT. She was conceited and rude, and a major snorer! And earlier that day, he heard her telling the cameras that they made a deal that whoever won, they would take the other to dinner. Since when did he say THAT? Whatever, he couldn't think of all that now. He had to pack, get ready to go home. That's all he cared about right now. Tonight the "Big Kahuna" would choose who'd win the money, and then they'd wave goodbye and go back to a hotel, and go home the next day. He and Nancy had taken all the cool stuff, in exchange for some idols, but that was no big deal. He had a sea doo now! Not that he could really use it though; after all he DID live in TX. He might go up to a lake or something, but most likely he'd sell it.

After a while, Kyle stuffed the last bit of stuff in his bag and laid on his bed, staring up at the bamboo ceiling. Soon enough, Clark came in and muttered a "Hi" before grabbing his trunks, and walking back out. He and Clark hadn't really been buddy buddy the whole time, considering Clark worshipped the ground Summer walked on, while she was madly in love w/Kyle, who couldn't give a care less about her. It was an unfortunate love triangle, 1 Kyle couldn't wait to get out of. But he couldn't help but wonder what evry1 else thought about the last few weeks…


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