Part II of Friday 13th

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Yep. Definitely Friday 13th wasn't exactly an ordinary day after all…

…was it?

"Wait a sec… come to think of it: Raphael… that's 7 letters and Hamato… that's 6 letters, equals… uh oh! Now that's scary!" Leo said to himself.

"What?" Don asked coming from the lab.

"Raph's name" Leo answered.

"O…k?" Don said a little confused.

"His name has 13 letters, Don" Leo explained.

"So?" Don shrugged.

"Well… it's kinda creepy" Leo said rubbing the back of his neck nervously.

"Leo, do you really believe that stuff?" Don said crossing his arms.

"N-no but…" Leo lied.

"Leo?" Don raised a brow.

"Ok, ok! Maybe I believe just a liiiittle bit?" Leo said sheepishly. Don just sighed.

"Never mind. But maybe you're right; that could explain why he acts like a psycho sometimes" Don chuckled.

"Who's a psycho?" Mikey said joining the scene.

"Leo discovered Raph's name has 13 letters" Don explained.

"DID YOU SAY 13?" Mikey screamed.

"Oh man, here we go again" Leo slapped his forehead.

"Hey guys, have you seen my…" Raph asked coming from the dojo.

"YOU! STAY AWAY! LEAVE THIS LAIR!" Mikey yelled in fear, hugging a three leaf clover close to him.

"Whazzup with him?" Raph asked in confusion.

"YOU'RE CURSED LIKE LEO!" Mikey screamed. Raph was now more confused.

"O…k? Who let him eat all the sugar again?" Raph looked at his other brothers.

"Mikey is scared of Friday 13th, that's it" Don explained.

"And I realized your name has 13 letters" Leo added.

"Meaning?" Raph asked.

"According to people's beliefs, you have the devil's luck like Jack the Ripper, Charles Manson, etc…but that's just a myth" Don commented.

"Devil's luck huh? Cool!" Raph chuckled.

"SO NOT COOL, RAPH! Now, you and Leo stay away from me!" Mikey stayed away from his "cursed" brothers.

"And what about Leo?" Raph asked.

"I broke a mirror and walked under a ladder. Now he thinks I'm cursed" Leo shrugged.

"Oh really?" Raph rubbed his chin thoughtfully and then looked at Mikey with an evil gaze.

"Mikey… my dear bro… how about a hug?" Raph walked closer to his young brother.

"Oh no! Nononono!" Mikey walked backwards trying to stay as far as possible from his red masked brother.

"C'mon… just a little one?" Raph grinned evilly and followed Mikey.

"STAY AWAY!" Mikey started to run for his life while Raph chased him.

"C'mon Mikey! Don't make me beg!" Raph teased.

"AHHHH! DON! DO SOMETHING!" Mikey screamed.

"I JUST LOVE FRIDAY 13TH!" Raph laughed.

"There's gonna be another Friday 13th on January 2012. It's gonna be fun now Raph knows a little about the subject" Don chuckled taking a sit on the living room.

"Isn't the world gonna be "destroyed" on that year?" Leo commented.

"And here comes the superstitions again" Don rolled eyes.

"That's not a superstition. It's based on…" Leo started before Don interrupted him.

"Leo, I've had enough of creepy stuff for today. Let's drop the subject for now" Don said.

"Ok, ok" Leo chuckled. They both stared at his two brothers: one of them scared to death and the other laughing like a crazy.

"You don't think I'm cursed, do you?" Leo asked. Don bursted into laughter being followed by Leo.

Friday 13th… not an ordinary day after all.