So, this is my first crossover, but I love Doctor Who and the Hunger Games. So I did this to kind of test out crossovers. Oh yeah, and I'm American, so I've only seen up to the eleventh doctor, so no spoilers all you lucky British.

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As I trek through the forest I study my surroundings, wondering what horrors they could contain, things in the arena seem so normal at first but then, then they show their true colors.

The color of blood.

I wonder about Peeta, where he's been, who he's been with, how he's managing, or if he's just plain old alive.

It's almost dusk, so I decide to pick a tree and get at the most an hour and a half of sleep. Sure it's the first day, but you could never be too careful.

You call it paranoia, I call it survival.

After quite some time I hear a rustle beneath the tree. No, not a rustle, but some sort of technical sound, like an artificial wind, kind of. I quietly unbuckle my belt and ready a sharp tree branch, sure, pathetic, but it's the best I got. As I descend down the tree, I find something that is totally out of the arena, out of Panem, really. It's too technical for district twelve, but too stone age for the Capital, plus, in the arena, it's just plain random. I doubt this is a gamemaker trick, this is something more.

On the ground rests a blue box, about six inches taller than me. It looks like the doors can open, and open they do.

I grip my stick tightly, I'll probably not swing, whoever this person is, whatever he has with him, and I want him as an ally.

Out of this box steps a man wearing a bowtie and suspenders, I only know the names of these things from Cinna, when I asked him the craziest things he's seen people wear.

Even though this man intrigues me, I still snarl, "What's with the getup?"

And in his charming British accent he winks and tells me, "What the bowtie? I like bowties, bowties are cool."

The Doctor: earlier

I set down my copy of "The Hunger Games" for I have finished. Amy walks up next to me and reads the cover of the books, "Ooh, 'The Hunger Games' what are you doing with a book about killing?"

I stand up and look at Amy, Rory has just appeared behind her, "It's not like that," I answer, "They're forced to do it, and their hands are forced." Rory seems to have interest now, for he speaks up, "Forced how?" I smile, "Ah, Rory, excellent question, in this book our heroine Katniss Everdeen is forced into the arena by lottery, along with her so-called 'star crossed lover' Peeta Mellark. She and Peeta do make it out alive, but the glamorous life of a victor is what will bring doom.

Their ruling dictator are the people of the capital, they force these people, or tributes, into the arena, which can be anything between a frozen wasteland to a boiling dessert, that is where they were do their killing. Can you imagine, being forced to take twenty-two other people's lives at just sixteen?" That's where Rory stops me, "Whoah, woah, whoah. Sixteen? I thought these were adults." Again I smile at Rory and his perfect questions, "Yes Rory, that is the way the capital is even harsher. They take their children and kill them as a punishment for trying to rebel long ago."

Amy's arms are crossed across her chest, not seeing any point, "And you're telling us all this about a book why?" I give a small wink and start up the TARDIS, "Because, my dear Scotlander, this book, is real."

Once the TARDIS gets moving, the questions roll out, "Wait, so we're going to the arena?" I nod, "Why?" Instead of a nod, I answer this, "We have to save Peeta and Katniss, we have to get them out of Panem for good!"

"So what are you going to do?"

"I'm going to take them along for the ride, make them a part of my adventures, maybe when they get tired, drop them off in future England."

Amy and Rory nod at this, seeing it reasonable, "So," asks Rory, "When will we arrive?" I smile and say, "Now." Once the TARDIS comes to a stop, I step outside, but I tell Amy and Rory to stay inside, this is the Hunger Games.

Once I step out, I come face to face with Katniss, who is wielding a large and presumably heavy.

Katniss just snarls at me, "What's with the getup?"

"What?" I say, pretending to be offended, "The bowtie? I like bowties, bowties are cool." I almost laugh, but even I know the dangers of the arena. "Who are you?" Katniss says through clenched teeth.

I straiten my bowtie, "Well, I'm the doctor."

Katniss is now confused, "Doctor who?"

Ha! Sorry, I couldn't resist that last part, so what do you think, do you think the Doctor and Katniss will get along. Review and find out.